Boris Johnson condemned BBC’s coverage of No. 10’s ‘Partygate” row as “shamefully frivolous”, vengeful, and partisan.”

In his anger at the Corporation, the Prime Minister vented out against it believing that the Corporation had failed to fulfill its “primary duty” of publicizing the need for booster shots to fight the Omicron version of Covid.

Mr Johnson – who is facing a Commons revolt, a crunch by-election and rumours of a vote of no confidence in his leadership – angrily told friends that the BBC’s exhaustive coverage of the party scandal has ‘wasted’ too much ‘public time and attention’ when it should be concentrating on urging the public to get their jabs now that ‘Omicron is starting to rip’.

Ministers were rattled by new data that shows those who received two doses AstraZeneca vaccines several months back have very little protection against Omicron strain. However, they are advised to get a booster jab which increases the protection up to 70%.

After the UK Health Security Agency’s analysis, there has been intense debate in the Government about whether the booster campaign could be increased quickly enough to get around the new Covid restrictions.

An embattled Boris Johnson turned his fury on the Corporation in the belief it has neglected its 'primary duty' of publicising the need for booster jabs to combat the new Omicron variant of Covid

Boris Johnson, a frustrated man of the Corporation, vented his fury at the Corporation believing it had neglected to fulfill its “primary duty” of publicizing the need for booster shots to fight the Omicron version of Covid.

Mr Johnson angrily told friends that the BBC's exhaustive coverage of the party scandal has 'wasted' too much 'public time and attention' when it should be concentrating on urging the public to get their jabs now that 'Omicron is starting to rip'. Pictured: The details behind the 'partygate' coverage which has dogged No10

Johnson swore at his friends, claiming that too much of the BBC’s coverage on the scandal surrounding the party has “wasted” too much public attention and time. Instead, the BBC should have been urging people to stop ignoring the fact that Omicron was’starting to rip”. Pictured are the details of No10’s coverage on ‘partygate.

Ministers have been rattled by data which shows people who had two doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine several months ago have almost no protection against the Omicron strain, but are encouraged that a booster jab takes the protection above 70 per cent

Ministers are disturbed by the data that shows those who have had 2 doses of AstraZeneca in the past month have little to no protection from the Omicron strain. They should be encouraged, however, to have a booster jab increase the protection up above 70%.

Tomorrow, an additional 7.5 million individuals aged between 39 and 40 will be eligible for a booster. This brings the total number of people who can book a booster to 10 million.

In another move, ministers plan to eliminate the controversial “traffic light” system used to allow travellers into the UK. It means that those coming from red list countries won’t have to stay in quarantine for 10 days.

The move – which is expected to be introduced in time to spare anyone from having to spend Christmas in a hotel room – comes in response to the speed at which the Omicron variant is spreading and the expectation that there will soon be limited differences in infection rates between countries.

Last week, the ‘Partygate’ row was rekindled when ITV News received footage of Downing Street employees laughing about an upcoming ‘cheese-and-wine’ party on December 18. This was despite many days of denies that such an event took place during prohibitions against indoor gatherings.

While Mr Johnson had to apologize profusely to the Commons, Allegra Stratton was tearfully captured on video as the spokesperson.

Mr Johnson laments the BBC. Cabinet Secretary Simon Case launched an investigation into the Downing Street party, as well as the other reported gatherings on November 27th and at the Department for Education December 10th.

Mr Case – who will examine the purpose of the events, who attended and whether rules were followed – is expected to report back within days.             

Some 663 new cases of the strain were detected across the UK, the UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) said, up from the 448 recorded yesterday. It takes the country's total to 1,898, although experts suggest the true number is much higher

The UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA), which reported 663 cases, said that the number of new strains was up by the 448 yesterday. Experts believe the actual number may be much higher. 

This story was featured in BBC Bulletins, and it dominated Radio 4’s Today Programme. Much of this coverage was led by Laura Kuenssberg (Political Editor). Yesterday, she said in an article online that “Planet Boris” might finally collapse.

Ms Kuensberg riled No. 10, by saying, “There was a lot concern in the building about the PM” and quoting Downing Street.

Whitehall was enraged by her report and strongly denied that she was the ‘chattypig’ who briefed the meeting.

On Tuesday, more than 50 Conservative MPs will rebel against Johnson as the Commons votes to approve new Plan B Covid restrictions. This includes vaccine passports.

Tory officials fear losing the North Shropshire election two days after they have been accused of being sleazed, amid a tsunami of allegations.

Meanwhile, a growing number of Tory rebels – some linked to former Prime Minister Theresa May – are discussing sending letters to Sir Graham Brady, chairman of the backbench 1922 Committee, calling for a leadership contest.

An Opinium opinion poll last night showed Labour leading by nine points. This is the largest lead they have reported since March 2014. This poll places Labour at 41% and 32 respectively, with the Tories at 32 percent. Mr Johnson’s approval ratings are now at an all time low of minus 35.

You can also find other developments here:

  • Scientists at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine said the UK was facing a substantial wave of Omicron infections in January, with an estimated 25,000 to 75,000 dying from the variant by April – although they noted there was uncertainty around the modelling;
  • New cases of Omicron rose by 50 per cent yesterday – from 448 to 663 – taking the total to 1,898, with the variant now predicted to be the dominant form of the virus in England by the end of the year
  • The latest figures showed 54,073 positive tests over the previous 24-hour period, up 12.6 per cent on the same day last week – while hospital admissions rose almost four per cent to 839 and deaths were up 1.1 per cent week- on-week to 132;
  • David Davis, former Cabinet Minister uses Sunday’s Mail article to criticize Plan B. He describes it as an ‘extremely economic harm for very little gain’.
  • Downing Street will resist a Michael Gove push to introduce harsher measures, such as “pub passports”, but it is not allowing this to happen.
  • Furious holidaymakers accused Covid, a government-approved provider of Covid testing, for failing to issue them certificates that were fit-to-fly in time for departure.
  • Study found that parents who work from home are having negative effects on their family’s life, as they struggle to manage childcare and other commitments.
  • Data shows that Christmas shoppers prefer to shop locally than shopping in cities, despite growing concern about the Omicron version.
  • Durham Cathedral requires worshippers who attend Christmas services that they show proof of vaccination, have been tested positive within 48 hours and have not contracted the virus in the past 48 hours to be able to enter the cathedral.
  • Two boys died in the span of days after being infected with Covid, according to post-mortem results. Mohammed Habib (14 years old) and Harry Towers (15 years old), both died at St John Fisher Catholic College, Newcastle-under-Lyme in October. 

Anyone aged 30-39 can open the national booking portal tomorrow. They will be able to make a request for a third dose three months later. Two months following their last dose, the booking process can be completed.

Dr Emily Lawson is the head of NHS Covid-19’s vaccination program. She said that with the development of the new variant, and rising numbers of cases, it has never been more crucial to boost your immunity. Book in when you are ready.

According to the latest statistics, more than 409 000 boosters were given on Friday. This means that almost half of all people over 12 years old have had an additional jab.

Last night, a spokesperson for BBC declined to comment.