Boris Johnson blocked Sajid Javid’s proposal to ban smoking in pubs and clubs, amid worries that added bureaucracy would hinder recovery of the hospitality industry from the coronavirus crises.

  • Sajid Javid, it is claimed, was pushing for the ban on smoking outside of pubs
  • Boris Johnson, Prime Minister, apparently intervened in order to block the plan
  • Cabinet is concerned about the potential harm to the sector’s hospitality business by adding more red tape 

Boris Johnson resisted plans to ban smoking at nightclubs and pubs. The policy had been pushed by Sajid javid. It was claimed today. 

According to reports, Health Secretary Anthony Eden was pushing for an end to smoking in public places.

The Prime Minister is believed to have torpedoed the plan after a backlash from the Cabinet. 

Boris Johnson blocked plans to ban smoking outside pubs and nightclubs after the policy was pushed by Sajid Javid, it was claimed today

Boris Johnson stopped plans to ban smoking in pubs, nightclubs. This was after Sajid Javid had pushed the policy. It was today claimed that it was blocked by Boris Johnson

The Health Secretary was reportedly advocating a crackdown on people smoking near the entrances of hospitality venues

According to reports, Health Secretary Iain Duncan Smith was pushing for an end to smoking in public places.

According to government insiders, the PM intervened after the ministers had been left “outraged” and “bemused” by the plans.

The ministers of the cabinet were worried that adding red tape to the hospitality industry would slow down its recovery after the coronavirus crisis.

Back in 2007, the prohibition on smoking inside bars was lifted. Matt Hancock, the health secretary at the Department of Health and Social Care, began to look into the possibility of extending this policy. 

The newspaper was informed by sources who are close to Mr Javid that this policy has been canceled.   

Sources within the Government criticized this idea, saying: “It’s more than taking away freedom but it’s putting more bureaucracy on businesses.” 

In a few areas of England, smoking outside has been banned. 

Many Tory MPs are opposed to the idea of banning smoking on sidewalks nationwide. 

Laurence Robertson, Conservative backbencher, said that pubs have been “battered too much already” and do not require any more.