Boris Johnson has published a five-point plan for stopping cross-Channel traffickers following the deaths of 27 migrants. He also urges President Macron, to return migrants who made it across.

  • Prime Minister Boris Johnson has published a five-point plan to stop cross-Channel people traffickers 
  • He has also urged Emmanuel Macron to take back migrants who make it across to England from France 
  • After a deflated dinghy off France’s coast, 27 people lost their lives in Channel on Wednesday, it is the latest tragedy.
  • As 50 migrants crossed the Channel, police did not stop them, migrants said that they were determined to get to UK.


Mr Johnson published a five-point plan to prevent another tragedy after 27 people died while crossing the Channel

After 27 deaths crossing the Channel, Johnson published a 5-point plan that would prevent more tragedies.

Boris Johnson, Emmanuel Macron and others have been urged to adopt a five point plan by Boris Johnson to combat cross-Channel human traffickers.

Prime Minister, 57 years old, today announced that he called for the French President (43), to return migrants who crossed the Channel. This was in protest at the incentives people have to give up their lives to traffickers.

This comes just days after 27 people were killed in Channel after their doomed dinghy burst off the French coast. Smugglers had slashed 500 euro off the cost of one-way travel to Kent. France has arrested five people over these deaths.

But migrants in Calais told MailOnline today that they are more determined than ever to reach the UK as French police again failed to stop 50 migrants crossing the Channel to Britain today.

Following the tragedy, Mr Johnson published an urgent five-point plan to prevent another tragedy, which included measures such as starting joint patrols with France to stop boats leaving French beaches, deploying sensors and radar technology and using airborne surveillance.

He also claimed that France agreeing with Britain to return migrants who cross the Channel via dinghies will have a significant impact on the current migrant crisis. This would reduce the threat posed from people traffickers.

His five-point plan was laid out by him in a tweet: ‘Tonight, President Macron has written me offering to do more to stop Channel crossings. We can avoid another tragedy like yesterday which resulted in the deaths of 27.

“I am grateful to emergency personnel for their help in this difficult situation. 

“Following our last night conversation, I know President Macron understands as well the urgency of this situation that we both face.

Today’s announcement by the Prime Minister, 57, was that he called for the French President (43), to take back migrants crossing the Channel. After 27 migrants were killed while trying the crossing,

Setting out his five-point plan, he added: ‘I have set out five steps we should take as soon as possible:

  • French coast guards have joined forces to stop more boats leaving the French shores.
  • More advanced technologies, such as radar and sensors are being deployed.
  • Reciprocal maritime surveillance and patrols of each other’s territory waters. 
  • Our Joint Intelligence Cell is enhancing its work, with improved intelligence-sharing in real time to increase arrests and prosecutions across both the Channel. 
  • Work is underway on a bilateral agreement with France regarding returns. Also, talks are ongoing to create a UK-EU return agreement. 

“An agreement between France and Italy to return migrants who have crossed the Channel by this unsafe route would have a profound impact on our lives.”

“If people who arrive in this country are quickly returned, the incentives for them to give their lives to traffickers will be greatly reduced.

‘This would be our single largest step together in reducing the draw to Northern France. It will also break the business model criminal gangs.

“I believe that these actions and our ongoing cooperation will allow us to address illegal migration, prevent further families from suffering the terrible loss experienced yesterday and reduce its impact on future generations.”  

Home Secretary Priti Patel will meet French Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin over the weekend to discuss the migrant crisis following the deaths of 27 people in the Channel on Wednesday

Priti Patel, the Home Secretary of India will be in conversation with Gerald Darmanin (French Interior Minister) over the weekend about the crisis surrounding migrants following Wednesday’s death of 27 Channel staff members.

Elsewhere, Home Secretary Priti Patel will meet French Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin over the weekend to discuss the migrant crisis following the deaths of 27 people in the Channel on Wednesday.

Home Office officials and law enforcement officers will also travel to Paris on Friday ‘to intensify joint co-operation and intelligence-sharing’, according to the Government.

The Home Secretary had spoken to her counterpart via phone to discuss plans for increased collaboration and innovation to prevent these fatal crossings.

According to the Government, ministers “underlined the necessity for deeper cooperation on stopping Channel crossings as well as the need for close collaboration with European partners”.