Boris Johnson takes on the task of tackling school rebellion, as many headteachers still enforce masks within classrooms

  • Schools across England insist on using masks for lessons, according to families
  • PM urges secondary staff to follow new rules on no masks within the classroom
  • Schools to be made aware by officials that they are not expected to wear masks

Boris Johnson yesterday attempted to quell a growing school rebellion as hundreds of headmasters continue to enforce classroom mask wearing.

According to the Prime Minister, secondary employees should follow new rules. No longer are state-face coverings required for lessons.

His belief is that it’s vital for children to receive face-to-face education so they can have a regular experience in school.

The spokesperson for Mr Johnson added that “The Prime Minister believes schools should adhere to the most recent guidance.”

The Prime Minister urged secondary staff to follow new rules that state face coverings are no longer required in lessons. Pupils are pictured wearing them on January 4th after the Government announced pupils must wear masks

Primary staff should follow the new guidelines that no longer require facecovers in lessons, according to Prime Minister. They were worn by pupils on January 4, after the government declared that they must be worn by all students. 

“We made it very clear that the face-masking requirement was removed from classrooms. We will also remove any advice regarding face-masking in communal spaces starting January 27, 

As families protest that English schools insist on using masks in lessons to protect against Covid, his intervention is timely.

Nadhim Zhawi Education Secretary has warned that Department for Education officials would be in contact with schools who refuse to take off their masks. He will personally inspect any plan to return masks to schools affected by the Covid epidemics.

A letter addressed to MPs by Mr Zahawi stated that he has kept his promise of not keeping masks “for a day longer then was necessary”.

But, he agreed that in the unlikely event of “extraordinary” Covid spikes within their locality, they would consult him first before suggesting the reintroduction face-coverings to schools. 

Zahawi stated that children would be able to have a “normal experience” in school if they were rid of masks.

Education Secretary Nadhim Zahawi has warned that Department for Education officials will be in touch with schools that refuse to ditch face coverings

Nadhim Zhawi Education Secretary, has warned that Department for Education officials would be in touch to schools who refuse to get rid of face coverings

Because the DfE has no legal means to make secondaries follow the new guidance, it does not have the ability to do so. However, it expects schools adhere to the new guidelines unless they have ‘truly exceptional grounds’.

According to a DfE source, officials will make it clear that schools do not require pupils to wear masks.

According to the source, “It’s just a friendly talk if you need.” Although we do not want our children wearing masks, any school that is out of the norm will be able to receive that message. Yesterday’s campaign group UsForThem said that hundreds of parents had contacted it about their children’s school decision to allow them to wear masks.

According to a spokesperson, the Department for Education should mandate that children choose their masks. This cannot be forced, required or strongly encouraged at school.

The National Education Union, however, yesterday said that any head who chooses to keep coverings on will use ‘professional judgment. Dr Mary Bousted (joint general secretary) said Whitehall micromanagement was “utterly unnecessary, if it is not bizarre”.

The Association of School and College Leaders stated that the new guidance placed schools in a “potentially dangerous” position.