Bouncer, 50 years old, was jailed for six-years after she raped an unconscious woman in panic attack. He lured her to a restaurant under the pretense of helping her.

  • Neil Brown, 50 was working as a waiter at Quayside in Cambridge. 
  • The victim was found in the restaurant by his victim on August 2018.
  • The man lured her to the office, took her clothes off and raped him.
  • Today, Brown is in Cambridge Crown Court jail for six years and eight month. 

A “predatory” bouncer was jailed today for the rape of a woman who suffered panic attack and had been lured into a restaurant to help her.

Neil Brown (50) was employed at Quayside restaurant, Cambridge.

In August 2018, his victim arrived at the restaurant and discovered that she was suffering from panic attacks.

On the pretense of helping her, he lured her to the office and forced her clothes off. He then raped her.

Brown was sentenced to six-years and eight months in prison today at the Cambridge Crown Court  

Neil Brown, 50, (pictured) was working at a restaurant in Quayside, Cambridge, on 4 August 2018 when he raped his victim

Neil Brown (50), was working in a Quayside restaurant, Cambridge on the 4th of August 2018, when he attacked his victim. 

Later, he was arrested. He stated that he never had met the victim.   

Although a complete DNA match was found, Brown of Ronald Avenue in Stratford (London) continued to protest his innocence. 

Brown was convicted of sexual assault and rape after a trial at Cambridge Crown Court. 

 DC Faye Patterson, who investigated, said: ‘Brown was a predator who saw opportunity in a vulnerable woman and took full advantage of her helplessness.

“He showed absolutely no remorse during the investigation and in court.

“This case has shown the importance of forensic evidence, and shows how serious both the police force and the justice system treat sexual offenses.”

After a trial at Cambridge Crown Court (pictured), Brown was found guilty of rape and sexual assault by a jury and jailed for six years and eight months

A trial was held at Cambridge Crown Court. Brown was convicted of rape, and assault.