Un drunken barber called a bouncer the N-word. A victim of this incident has stated that her imprisonment is a valuable lesson to all other racists. 

Sharna Walker (25), flew into an angry rage, and began screaming at Tristan Price (26) when he kicked Sharna out of a Birmingham bar.

The tirade was caught on camera as she pushed the security guard and called him a ‘black c***’ and a ‘f***ing n*****’ in front of shocked onlookers.

Walker of Worcester then spat on him in front of Wetherspoon’s Figure of Eight on Birmingham’s busy Broad Street earlier this year, May 22.

Walker was sent to prison this week for pleading guilty to criminal damage and racially-aggravated common assault in relation to her smashing of the pub’s doors.

Sharna Walker (pictured at an earlier hearing), 25, who went viral online in May after the incident in Birmingham's Broad Street leisure district, was jailed for 14 weeks at court on Monday

Sharna (pictured at an earlier court hearing), 25. After the incident in Birmingham’s Broad Street leisure District, which went viral in May, Sharna was sent to jail for 14 weeks.

The clip, which accumulated over 2.5million views, caused outrage after it was posted online. It captured the moment Walker was booted out of the pub and began yelling at Mr Price

After it was uploaded online, the clip had over 2.5 million views. It caused outrage. This video captured Walker being chased from the pub by his accomplice and shouting at him.

Tristan Price stated to the Mirror that he has never been racistally abused by a doorman, and that her words were ‘hurtful.

He explained that being racistally abused was worse than having to be threatened with violence because you are prepared for violence at work.

“People tried to punch and fight me, and even pulled knives out of me. But those instances have quickly left me with no memory. She said it has not.

“But, I must move on because I cannot let these hurtful words drag my down. I will not be held back and become like a chain and ball.”

Price is still a bouncer, but not at Wetherspoons. He added that the sentence she received was a valuable lesson and demonstrated you won’t be able to get away with racism anymore.

Tristan Price (above), a power lifting champion and machine operative by day, and doorman by night, said he was left shocked and 'cut up' by the incident

Tristan Price, a powerlifting champion, machine operator, and doorman, stated that he was shocked by the event and was ‘cut up.

Walker had been previously warned in 2014 about being drunk and disorderly, and in 2016 again for using threatening language and behavior.

In response to the video she posted this on Instagram: “I just want to publicly apologize for the circumstances at the nightclub. I also want everyone to know I’m not racist.”

“I love my coworkers of color and I have dated many black men.”

After insisting she was not racist, she said that everyone has the right to free speech and shouldn’t have to be punished for it.

Price claimed that he was shocked by the event and was ‘cut up.

Sharna Walker, 25, ( pictured in black) was today jailed for 14 weeks after she admitted racially aggravated common assault and criminal damage

Sharna, 25 (pictured), was sent to jail after she confessed to racially aggrieved common assault at Birmingham Magistrates Court and criminal damage

He stated that he had been robbed of a knife while working, and it was quite shocking. This was even worse. It was more severe because it was so brutal.

“Too often, when we talk up about racism in this way it is dismissed. However, it is a serious issue and it needs to be addressed.

After it was uploaded to social media, the clip had accumulated more than 2.5 million views. This caused outrage.

Walker was 24 years old at the time and was thrown out of the pub. She began shouting at Price about her bag.

She tries to shout at one of her friends inside the venue, before storming towards the entrance shouting: ‘Where the f*** is my bag moron, where is my bag.

Walker was banned from Birmingham following her arrest two days after ranting at doorman Tristan Price (still from footage above) outside the Figure of Eight Wetherspoons branch

Walker was removed from Birmingham two days following her arrest for swearing at Tristan Price the doorman (still from footage of Walker’s incident outside Figure of Eight Wetherspoons).

‘Get my f****** bag then, get my f****** bag.’

While Mr Price remains calm throughout the altercation, Walker appears to push him and calls him a ‘black c****’.

She then repeatedly shouts ‘f****** n*****’ before spitting in full view of fellow revellers as she walks away.

The incident was confirmed by West Midlands Police. A 24-year-old female suspect was taken into custody and later released under bail.

Price is a powerlifting champion, machine operator and doorman.

He said, “I don’t wish to cause trouble to her door, but this behavior needs to be called out.”

“It’s completely unacceptable. People have committed suicide as a result of the racial abuse that they are subject to, and it is unacceptable.