Boxing Day revelers looked stunning as they ignored the cold temperatures and Omicron threats to continue their Christmas festivities.

People were seen getting into the holiday spirit by going to Wigan’s city center bars to dance the night away in fancy dresses, an annual Lancashire tradition.

Last year, Coronavirus regulations prevented the Boxing Day celebration, in which clubbers wear costumes and go to bars around King Street, an English city, from going ahead. 

The best costumes of the evening were the ones that partygoers wore to represent characters. Some dressed up as Super Mario gang members, others as Wally from Where’s Wally.

The Revellers were seen heading out in large numbers to bars, clubs and other venues ahead of today’s government discussions. This could impact New Year’s Eve festivities if further curbs are introduced to prevent the Omicron variant from spreading.

In an attempt to stop Covid cases from spreading rapidly, restrictions were imposed in Wales and Northern Ireland yesterday and today.

Talks will be held between the Prime Minister and advisers in order to determine if legal restrictions are necessary to address Omicron’s threat.

Downing Street is understood to be leaning towards new guidance urging people in England to be careful and limit contacts – rather than imposing new legally binding restrictions such as table service in pubs or limits on household mixing.

This could all change, however, if the data regarding hospitalizations indicates that there could be a surge in coronavirus-related infections to overwhelm the NHS.

The PM has considered possible restrictions over the last few days, including closing bars and restaurants indoors.

Revellers braved cold temperatures and the Omicron threat to pack out clubs and bars in England on Boxing Day Pictured: People in fancy dress are seen outside clubs and bars in Wigan in a tradition which couldn't go ahead last year due to Covid

Boxing Day was a cold day for Revellers who braved freezing temperatures and Omicron threats in order to crowd out bars and clubs across England. Pictured is a group of people dressed up in fancy clothes seen at bars and clubs in Wigan. It’s a tradition that couldn’t continue last year because Covid prevented it.

Pictured: revellers enjoying fancy dress night in Wigan. Restrictions in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland mandate that clubs in those devolved regions must close, in an effort to counter the rapid spread of the rising Covid Omicron cases

Pictured: Wigan revellers in fancy dress at a night out. In order to stop Covid Omicron’s rapid growth, there are restrictions in Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland that require clubs to close in these devolved countries.

Pictured: A group of party-goers enjoy the annual traditional fancy dress night in King Street, Wigan, on Boxing Day

Pictured: Party-goers enjoying the annual fancy dress event in King Street Wigan on Boxing Day

Dressed to the nines: A group of ladies don fancy dress golf gear as part of the tradition outside Revolution in Wigan, Lancs

Fancy dress: This group of women dressed up in fancy golf attire as part of Revolution, Wigan, Lancs.

A few brave revellers head out on the town in Leeds city centre on Boxing Day but the crowds were not at their usual level

Some brave revellers venture out into the streets of Leeds City Centre on Boxing Day, but there were not enough people to support them.

The Prime Minister will hold talks with advisers to discuss whether legal curbs are needed to deal with the threat of Omicron. Pictured: crowds begin to gather for the Boxing Day celebrations as revellers party before discussions are held over NYE

Talks will be held between the Prime Minister and advisers in order to determine if legal restrictions are necessary to address Omicron’s threat. Pictured: Boxing Day revellers gather as people begin to arrive for festivities. Discussions will be held about NYE.

Revellers out in Newcastle city centre on Boxing Day evening enjoying the bars and clubs being open for business as usual

Boxing Day, Revellers are out enjoying Newcastle’s bars and clubs as usual.

Despite the poor weather, party-goers were keen to continue festivities in Newcastle ahead of potential new curbs this week

Even with the bad weather, revelers in Newcastle were eager to keep having fun despite it.

Pictured: Revellers make the most of Boxing Day in Liverpool city centre but many stayed away amid rising Omicron cases

Pictured: Liverpool’s Boxing Day is celebrated by Revellers, but most people remained away due to rising Omicron counts

It all got a bit much for some party-goers in Wigan, dressed up as basketballers as part of the annual fancy dress tradition

Wigan’s annual fancy dress tradition saw some revellers dressed up in basketballers to make it more complicated

While clubs in other parts of the UK were forced to close, revellers in England could continue the festivities. Pictured: Wigan

Clubs across the UK had to close while revellers could keep the party going in England. Wigan

Pictured: People in fancy dress are seen outside clubs on King Street in Wigan celebrating Boxing Day last night

Pictured: A group of people dressed up in fancy clothes are seen in Wigan’s King Street celebrating Boxing Day.

Tuck in: A couple of party-goers enjoy a kebab after celebrating Boxing Day festivities in King Street, Wigan, last night

After celebrating Boxing Day in King Street in Wigan last night, a couple enjoys a kebab.

Pictured: In Leeds, revellers dressed up and hit the bars and clubs in the city centre on the night of Boxing Day

Pictured here: Leeds revellers dressed up for Boxing Day and hit the bars in the city’s centre.

Road block: One clubber needs a hand after finding herself on the road in front a police van in Wigan on Boxing Day

Roadblock: A clubber is in need of help after she was caught on Boxing Day on the street in front of a Wigan police van

Revellers brave the cold temperatures and Covid threat to head out on the town in Leeds city centre

People in fancy dress are seen outside clubs on King Street in Wigan

The cold weather and Covid threats are not a problem for Revellers as they bravely head out to attack the city of Leeds (left) or Wigan (right).

Clubbers are pictured outside venues in Wigan in fancy dress, part of a Boxing Day tradition which was cancelled last year

Wigan clubbers dressed up in fancy attire are seen outside venues. This is part of the Boxing Day tradition, which was cancelled last season.

Party goers were pictured in their droves outside a club in Leeds city centre last night as part of the Boxing Day festivities

Last night, revellers were photographed in droves at a Leeds City Centre club as part of Boxing Day festivities