A boy who at age 10 was “one of the youngest people to obtain an ASBO” is now in prison eight years later. After stealing drugs form county lines gangs to create his own operation, and being stabbed 27x with machete revenge,” he was sentenced to 8 years imprisonment.

  • Alfie Hodgin, now 18, found with £1,220 of heroin and £1,100 of crack cocaine
  • Four machete-wielding gangsters attacked him in July of this year.
  • Police arrest the victim after he is airlifted to hospital with 27 stab wounds 
  • Hodgin, who was just ten years old, was “one of the youngest persons to receive an ASBO”.
  • After admitting to intent to supply drugs, he was sentenced to two-and-half years in prison

After trying to be a boss of a drug gang, a 10-year-old boy was attacked with a machete 27 times. 

Alfie Hodgin, 18, was locked up yesterday after he was caught with £2,320 of heroin and crack cocaine while ‘slumped on the floor covered in blood’ in Ellesmere Port, Cheshire. 

A teenager in Liscard (Merseyside) was trying to repay debts he had accrued. Instead, he stole the phone of an organized crime group and took drugs from them as he tried to start his own business.

Liverpool Crown Court heard that Hodgin was left by a group of machete-wielding men on July 14, with 27 stab wounds. 

At the time, reports claimed that there had been dozens responding police vehicles to the incident and Hodgin was attacked by the attackers from his grey SUV.

Due to his severe injuries, he spent 2 weeks in hospital. He was rescued by an aircraft ambulance and was able to return home within two days. Derek Jones, the prosecution’s attorney for Hodgin stated that he had been ‘clearly assaulted with weaponry which is believed to be machetes’.

But he would be arrested by officers who found him in the possession of £1,220 of heroin, £1,100 of crack cocaine and a £1,208 ‘graft’ phone. 

Hodgin was sentenced for two-and-a half years after admitting to possessing heroin and crack cocaine. 

Alfie Hodgin, pictured aged ten in 2014, after becoming one of the youngest people to receive an ASBO

Hodgin was jailed aged 18 (right) after being caught with more than £2,000 of heroin and crack cocaine while

Alfie, aged ten (left), is the youngest person to be awarded an ASBO. He has now been jailed aged 18 (right) after being caught with more than £2,000 of heroin and crack cocaine while ‘slumped on the floor covered in blood’ following a revenge attack.

Hodgin started his criminal life in December 2014 when he received an ASBO from Wirral Magistrates’ Court, Merseyside after “terrorizing the communities”. According to the Liverpool Echo,

The two-year order banned him from ‘causing harassment, alarm or distress to members the public’ and prevented the schoolboyfrom associating with a group of friends in public.

As he received his first conviction for criminal offense at 13 years old, the banning order did not stop him from following the law. 

After being found with a knife in public, he was sentenced to prison in 2019. He had been convicted for a wide range of crimes, including criminal damage and assault. 

Hodgin, at the time, and John, his younger brother, were thought to have been part of a gang that was involved in several incidents in Birkenhead on Merseyside.

John was also awarded an ASBO one month before, after he had been accused of being part ‘of a gang which threw missiles towards vehicles and hurled abuse at people’.

Hodgin will serve another sentence in February 2021, after he was caught with drugs and weapons in his cell.

Before the horrifying revenge attack that left him in a pool, the schoolboy was involved in selling Class A drugs.

Liverpool Crown Court (pictured) heard on Wednesday how a gang of four machete-wielding men left Hodgin lying on a street in Ellesmere Port town centre on July 14, with 27 stab wounds

Liverpool Crown Court (pictured), heard that Hodgin was left by a machete-wielding gang on Wednesday, July 14th. He had 27 stab injuries and lay on the street of Ellesmere Port centre.

John Weate, the defence counsel, told Wednesday’s court that he had been exposed to a criminal and violent environment since he was a young child. He has a mistrust of adults and anyone who might appear to be trying to help him.

“Everything was disrupted because of this life experience which, thankfully, the vast majority don’t have. Bad behaviour, as well as other problems in his past life caused him to be completely disrupted.

He believes that the glimmer is an indication of his desire to make changes. His determination to take control of his life is evident and he will do everything he can to avoid being in that same situation again.

John’s brother John also serves a 2 year, 7 month sentence. He was also chased down in a stolen automobile by a helicopter police officer.