Jha'lil Dunbar, 3, died as he took shelter in his mother's arms when a twister struck their Mayfield, Kentucky home on Saturday

Jha’lil DUBAR, 3 years old, died after he sought refuge in the arms of his mother when a tornado struck their Mayfield Kentucky house on Saturday.

A heartbroken Kentucky mother is mourning after her three-year-old son died in her arms when a tornado obliterated their Mayfield home on Saturday, pinning the family under the rubble. 

Huda Alubahi stated that she sought shelter in a closet together with her two sons Jha’lil Dunbar (3 years old) and Julius Dunbar (1 year old) when the sirens rang.

As she was trapped beneath a toilet or bathroom sink, she held the boys in her arms.

Alubahi said that she never saw her 3-year old child because of the way my face turned. I did manage to see him, but he was crying and then stopped. At that moment, I believed he had disappeared. He wasn’t.

Julius’s screams led rescuers towards their location. The family was then taken to the hospital, where William Dunbar, her sons’ father informed Alubahi of their son’s death in her arms.

Holding back tears, she stated, “I wish that I could have saved him,” 

This three-year old boy was among the at least 88 victims of the tornado swarm that decimated five states last weekend. There are still more than 100 missing.

Kentucky, which was worst hit by the storms of last weekend, had at most 74 confirmed deaths. This included a number of children. 

One street in Bowling Green was the scene of 11 deaths – Moss Creek Avenue. Seven children were among those who died, with two being infants. 

Gov. Gov. 

As another powerful system passes through the middle of the United States, including Kentucky, wind alerts are still in effect for 92 million Americans. 

The President Joe Biden issued an emergency declaration earlier in the week, and nearly 450 National Guard personnel were mobilized. Ninety-five are currently searching for the missing. 

He flew over Kentucky on Wednesday to see the worst-hit areas. According to the White House, officials will do everything possible to provide assistance as soon as possible to affected areas. 

Huda Alubahi (right) said she held Jha'lil (left) and his one-year-old brother in her arms as she remained trapped under either a bathroom sink or toilet

Huda alubahi (right), said that Jha’lil and his 1-year-old brother were held in her arms by Huda, as they remained under a sink or toilet.

The three-year-old boy is among at least 88 people who were killed in the swarm of tornadoes that ripped through five states and caused widespread devastation to entire regions last weekend (Pictured: Huda Alubahi's Mayfield home after it collapsed on Saturday)

The three-year-old boy is among at least 88 people who were killed in the swarm of tornadoes that ripped through five states and caused widespread devastation to entire regions last weekend (Pictured: Huda Alubahi’s Mayfield home after it collapsed on Saturday)

Jha'lil and Julius' father told Alubahi at the hospital that their three-year-old son had died (Pictured: Jha'lil on left, Julius on right)

Alubahi, Julius’ father, told Jha’lil at the hospital about their 3-year old son’s death.

Alubahi claimed that she was in her living room, with Jha’lil and Julius, when the tornado sirens rang. Although she wanted to shelter in the basement with her family, she didn’t have enough time.

“I heard an alert, and then the power went off.” My three-year old son said, “Mommy I’m scared,”‘ she remembered. 

“I heard something that sounded a lot like train sounds, so I grabbed them both and jumped in the toilet closet. It was like everything had fallen on us.

Alubahi, her children and the Mayfield home’s upper floors were destroyed in the tornado that decimated their house. 

As they waited, she held Jha’lil and Julius tightly in her arms. 

Alubahi claimed that her brother who was in search of them found them following the sound of her baby son’s crying. 

‘He ended up seeing my hand — that’s all he could see,’ she said.

To pull the family from the debris, it took many people including their father. Julius was rescued first and untouched by the debris.   

Alubahi stated, “He was unaffected, literally nothing.” 

Alubahi, who suffered a black eye from the falling debris, said Jha'lil died in her arms as they laid trapped under the rubble. Julius was untouched by the debris

Alubahi was left with a severe black eye after falling debris. Jha’lil, however, died in Alubahi’s arms while they were trapped beneath the rubble. Julius was unaffected by the falling debris

The storm left a trail of wreckage in its wake that stretched from Arkansas to Illinois

It left behind a trail that ran from Arkansas to Illinois of destruction.

Alubahi said her brother, who was searching for them, found them by following followed the sounds of her infant son's cries. It took numerous people to pull the family out of the rubble

Alubahi claimed that her brother was looking for the family and found them following her son’s cry. To pull them out of the rubble, it took many people.

Alubahi suffered from a blackeye due to the debris that fell on her forehead and was taken to nearby hospitals for treatment. Jha’lil did not survive. 

She said, “I didn’t realize until then,” He was something very special.

Jha’lil can be “a handful”, but his mother said that he was “perfect”. 

The Courier reports that Jha’lil’s loved ones described him as loving, caring, and excited about going to daycare. 

He enjoyed Paw Patrol, playing with Nerf guns, doing flips and playing with his older siblings, Damarion and Javion Noonan, Khaliyah Garnett and his one-year-old brother, Julius Dunbar. 

The storm hit a different area than expected, but the three oldest children were still at home with their father.

Alubahi said that the collapse was not fatal for her dogs.