Moment boy, chasing after a cat, crashes through the pharmacy ceiling before he is caught by an amused shop assistant.

  • China footage shows the boy crashing through the ceiling at the pharmacy.
  • After hanging onto the light fixture, he falls to the ground.
  • A shop worker is just a few feet away from the boy in security camera footage
  • The boy is seen leaving the shop nonchalantly after he has reached the ground.

This is the shocking moment a boy fell through the ceiling of a shop in China while chasing after a cat. 

The incident was captured by a security camera at the pharmacy in Baise, southern China on the 27th of November.

The footage begins with a pharmacist assistant walking towards the camera carrying a cup. 

Her attention is drawn to something, so she begins looking up at it.

The boy in Baise, China came crashing through the ceiling of a pharmacy after reportedly 'chasing a cat'

The boy in Baise, China came crashing through the ceiling of a pharmacy after reportedly ‘chasing a cat’

The boy clung to a lighting fixture as he fell which prevented him from hitting the counter at full force

As he fell, the boy held on to a light fixture which kept him from striking the counter with full force.

The boy suddenly falls through the ceiling immediately above her. She clings onto a light fixture to keep him from hitting the ground.

A couple of seconds later the hanging light falls from the ceiling, and the boy along with other debris crashes to the concrete floor.

The boy stands up unassisted. He walks calmly to the center of the shop, where one of his slippers is. 

After the fall, the boy went to retrieve his slipper which had fallen off during the incident

Following the fall, the boy returned to his slipper after it had become loose during the incident.

The man slips his feet into the shoes and walks calmly out of the shop at the front door. 

Remarkably the assistant at the shop appears to be uninjured. 

According to media reports in the area, the boy reached the ceiling cavity from the cat’s perspective.

Incapable of supporting the boy’s weight the ceiling gave way, sending strip lighting, wiring, and ceiling tiles into the shop below.