Two-year old boy died from choking on a piece of banana. His shocked uncle, a police officer, answered his mother’s 911 call, but could not revive him. Inquest hearings

  • Dylan John James Greig (2 years old) was served a piece of banana just before he went to bed. 
  • According to Inquest, his mother discovered him choked after he left the room for thirty seconds
  • Danielle Butterly attempted to remove food from the body and dialed 999.
  • Inadvertently, the uncle of the toddler responded to an emergency call and became a cop
  • Dylan, who died from Choking in the hospital, was declared accidental of death by the coroner 

An inquest heard that a toddler was killed when he choked on banana just before his bedtime.

Dylan John James Greig (two years old) was gifted a slice of banana by his mother instead of a nighttime bottle.

Danielle Butterley left her room for “no longer than 30 seconds” and returned to discover that her son was lying on his stomach.

A coroner heard that Dylan’s 30-year-old mom fought for her life. Dylan’s family phoned 999 to get help.

A coroner ruled the death of two-year-old Dylan John James Greig (pictured) was accidental after he choked on a slice of banana given to him before bed and became lodged in his throat

The death of Dylan John James Greig, two years old (pictured), was ruled accidental by a coroner. He had choked on a banana slice he received before going to bed. It became lodged in the back of his throat.

The court learned that PC Brian Williams her brother in law was at duty. He raced over to the 911 call, not realizing it was his nephew who was suffering from choking.

Danielle explained to the Ruthin, Noth Welsh inquest that she had given the banana piece to him just before bedtime, instead of giving him his bottle.

She stated that she had patted him on the back and was ‘trying anything’ to revive his health at their St Asaph (North Wales) home in July.

I quickly realized something was amiss. “He was flapping around his arms, and I could see that he was struggling to breathe,” she stated in a statement.

“I tried everything.” He made a sound I cannot describe.

Danielle dialed 999 to get advice from the ambulance control team on how she could help Dylan.

An inquest heard mother Danielle Butterley tried anything she could to revive her son Dylan after he began choking on a banana which was 'completely stuck fast and wasn't moving'

Inquest revealed that Dylan’s mother Danielle Butterley attempted to save him after he choked on a banana. The banana was stuck hard and didn’t move.

She claimed that a small piece of banana was stuck in her son’s throat.

Although paramedics were summoned along with police officers, PC Williams was the one who realized that the child was actually his nephew.

PC Williams, the husband of Ms Butterley’s sibling, claimed he was “incredibly shocked” to discover his sister in law performing chest compressions on her nephew, aged two years old, upon entering the home.

While paramedics attempted to revive Dylan, he led Danielle out of the room. He was later pronounced dead at Ysbyty Glan Clwyd in Bodelwyddan.

PC Williams said, “I will never forget that night,”

John Gittins was the senior coroner and he read Ms Butterley’s statements. He said: ‘I don’t know how difficult that must’ve been.

The Ruthin inquest recorded that a result of accidental death was caused by hypoxic heart arrest after choking on a banana.

Mr Gittings stated that Dylan was presented the banana in a normal, appropriate and regular manner.

He explained that it was an unfortunate set of circumstances which eventually led to the death and dismemberment of the two-year-old.