Brazen Ram raiders with an Audi or Range Rover broke into London jewellers within half a mile of a police station, before officers ran to arrest them

  • The gang targeted Kenya Jewellers, in Ealing Road, Wembley on Sunday morning
  • Video footage shows the 4×4 being placed in the window, before it is taken by thieves.
  • An Audi blue is chosen to be the Range Rover’s getaway vehicle and it arrives in Range Rover.
  • Police arrive at the scene minutes after smashing the shop windows. 

Dramatic footage of brazen thugs using a 4×4 for smashing the window of a jewellers, before they steal items from the inside.

In the wee hours of Sunday morning, a group of four men in two cars targeted Kenya Jewellers in Ealing Road in Wembley.

The footage of the heist was captured by the camera at the Wembley Central Mosque. It shows the use of a Range Rover black to break the glass front. Other thugs then ransack the shop which is just half a block from Wembley Police Station.

Two police cars arrived on the scene in blue Audis, and they flee the car.

Since the incident, the jewellers have been closed. 

Dramatic footage shows the moment brazen thugs use a 4x4 to ram the front window of Kenya Jewellers, in Ealing Road, Wembley, before stealing items from inside the shop

Dramatic footage captures the moment brazen thieves use a 4×4 vehicle to smash the front of Kenya Jewellers in Ealing Road. They then steal items inside the shop.

The footage shows a blue Audi and black Range Rover being seen on Chaplin Road. Two people are holding large buckets and get out of their vehicles to stand at the intersection with Ealing Road outside Kenya Jewellers.

Both vehicles then turn left onto Ealing Road. The Audi pulls up in front of the Range Rover and places it back on the road to let another vehicle pass.

After parking the car on the street outside the shop and clearing the area with two cars and vans, the driver parks the 4×4 and drives onto the road. He then reverses at high speed and enters the front window. 

Even though the shutters are down, the front of shop is totally destroyed when the car that has been lodged is forced through protective screens and the glass windows behind.

Even with the shutters down, the front of the shop is completely destroyed by the 4x4 when it is reversed at speed at the shop before two members of the gang run inside

The shop’s front is destroyed even with shutters closed. However, it is reversible at high speed by the 4×4 just before the two gang members run in.

In the footage, a blue Audi and a black Range Rover are seen in Chaplin Road where two people, holding what appear to be large buckets, get out of one of the vehicles and stand on the corner at the junction with Ealing Road, outside Kenya Jewellers. The Audi was later used as the getaway vehicle

The footage shows a blue Audi and black Range Rover being seen on Chaplin Road. Two people are holding large buckets and get out of their vehicles to stand at the intersection with Ealing Road outside Kenya Jewellers. Later the Audi was used to escape from police.

Two people, who were in the car earlier, ran into the shop immediately as the Range Rover was driven to the front and parked directly outside.

Dressed in a black hoodie and trousers and a blue jacket, the driver jumps out the car and sprints to the shop.

Reflection on the remaining glass windows reveals that the Audi is reversing towards the shop. The driver then joins the other members of the group inside and assists with the return of items to the car.

Another car appears to be turning left out of Chaplin Road after a while, but it doesn’t stop.

The thieves eventually run out of the now-smoking jewellers and jump into the blue car, leaving the Range Rover at the scene with its driver-side door still wide open and the windscreen wipers operating

They eventually ran out of the now-smoking jewellers, and jumped into the blue car. The Range Rover was left at the scene with the driver’s side door open and its windscreen wipers activated.

They don’t seem to be bothered by passing vehicles and continue looting jewellers.

One point, the man can be seen on the other side of the road. He appears to have filmed the gang and then walked on.

The thieves ran away from the now-smoking jewellers. They jumped in the Audi and left the Range Rover on the road with its driver-side doors open and windscreen wipers active.

It takes about one minute for two police officers – unmarked cars and marked cars – to arrive on the scene.

For comment, the Metropolitan Police was contacted. 

Kenya Jewellers website notes that the shop “will remain temporarily shut due to an incident”.