Brazilian girls gang members who operated a Deliveroo-style drug transport service around London were sentenced to more than 40 year imprisonment

The all-female group of drug couriers wore uniforms in an attempt to blend in and even wore co-ordinated pink rucksacks with a ‘team’ number written on, and a different coloured wallet inside with the driver’s name on.

At a series hearing held at Southwark Crown Court in January, the five women admitted to a number of drug charges. The four male gang leaders and the female gang leader were also locked up for 37 years.

Larissy Nacimento Dos Resis, the bookkeeper of the gang, has been sentenced to two-years and three-months in prison. This brings an end to the Met’s special investigation. 

Dos Reis managed the finances of the gang, whose members were Nayara Roberteiro, 33, Andressa Santas, 24 and Nayene Florandez-Silva 24, who used mopeds for deliveries in the capital. 

Judge Gregory Perrins described the organization as “professionally organised and highly organized” criminal group that supplied a “vast arrays of controlled drugs on an enormous scale.”

A Brazilian girl gang who ran a Deliveroo-style service to ferry drugs round London have been jailed for more than 40 years after police discovered drugs and cash worth more than £1million

A Brazilian girl gang who ran a Deliveroo-style service to ferry drugs round London have been jailed for more than 40 years after police discovered drugs and cash worth more than £1million

Tiago Thomaz De-Lima, 31, of Liberty Court, W10 received 18 years

Nayene Fernandez-Silva, 25, of St Marys Road received four and a half years

De-Lima, the Gang Leader (left), was sentenced to 18 years imprisonment for his part in the crime. Nayene Fernandez-Silva received four years and a quarter years respectively after both of them admitted to a series of drug offenses.

This service was available in London from 1 – 10 p.m. Monday through Saturday. It was so popular that they were able to afford Sundays.

Even their hearts were shaped by them!

The customer was given a list of more than 90 drugs, which included prescription pills and class A drugs.

Tiago, a 30-year-old man, was responsible for hiring the beautiful women hired to carry the drugs about London. 

Met Police claimed he was the leader of the gang and used Encrochat, a highly encrypted chat platform to make wholesale deals for multiple kilograms of Class A drugs such as cocaine, MDMA, and crystal meth. 

De-Lima also managed the wholesale business, which involved large amounts of drug sales to dealers.

De-Lima told other users that they can sell anything he touches and shared prices lists and photos of drugs. 

The police raided several addresses during this operation, including a storage unit located in north London as well as two distribution centers in Cromwell Road (and South Kensington).

As well as more than £1million of drugs, police also recovered £54,000 in cash and weapons

As well as more than £1million of drugs, police also recovered £54,000 in cash and weapons

Police seized totals of 4kg cocaine, 8kg MDMA and 7kg Methamphetamine across the three sites. They also seized 3kg Amphetamine, 3kg Methamphetamine and 1kg each of 4-CMC stimulants.

Also seized was 2,493 doses of LSD, multiple bags of Magic Mushrooms, sacks of cannabis sweets, prescriptions drugs, and £54,000 cash.

Evidence of their commercial operation came in the form of a cash counter, commercial pill press, and documented supply lists which valued their stock at nearly £2million. 

Three firearms and ammunition, as well as clothing belonging to women were confiscated from the court facilities. 

A computer seized as evidence demonstrated that the retail side of the business made around £90,000 profit per month.

WhatsApp encrypted messages showed that most transactions were between 10-15kg cocaine, but one transaction saw 50kg cocaine change hands.

Nayara Robeiro, 33, of Boileau Road W5 received four and a half years

Andressa Santos, 25, of Marcia Road SE1, received four and a half years

Pictured: Nayara (33), as well Asressa (25), were sentenced last month to four and a quarter years imprisonment after they admitted to a number of drug-dealing offences

Other criminal activity was also documented, including the sale of fake IDs and moving people by helicopter out of country. 

Three counts each of conspiracy and supply of class A drugs were admitted by the Gang members, along with four of conspiracy and supply of class B drugs. There was also one conspiracy charge to acquire criminal property.

De-Lima was given an 18 year sentence, and four others were sent to prison for four and half years and six years respectively at the hearing last month. 

Dos Reis, of Canning Town, was jailed for two years and three months at a hearing on Friday.

Speaking of the investigation last month, Det Con James Hughes from the Specialist Crime Unit said: ‘We know that violence we see in London’s streets is inextricably linked to drugs such as the ones that De-Lima and his colleagues were distributing across London.

“The Met has demonstrated its detective skills and our dedication to removing controlled substances from London’s streets through the meticulous investigations of my team.

“We hope that today’s result will send a clear message that the Met is not welcoming this type of activity in London. Our Specialist Crime Units are determined to destroy organised crime groups.