After testing negative for Covid by all employees, the KFC is still available for sale at the Omicron centre.

One customer was positive for Omicron shortly after visiting KFC Brentwood, Essex. It prompted an immediate rush to test others who had visited the restaurant on November 19, between 1pm-5pm.

The staff did not know if the customer infected had eaten in, or ordered take-out when he came in. All workers were tested.  

A team member who requested anonymity has confirmed that Covid was not tested on all employees and that it’s ‘business as normal’ at the KFC location.   

Anyone who visited the KFC outlet on Brentwood High Street (pictured) between 1pm and 5pm on November 19 has been told to get tested

Everyone who went to Brentwood High Street KFC (pictured above) on November 19 between the hours of 1 and 5 p.m. was asked to be tested

Essex County Council confirmed that contract tracers were focusing on individuals who attended Brentwood High Street's KFC restaurant and Trinity Church and Larchwood Primary School in Pilgrim's Hatch

Essex County Council confirmed contract tracers would be focusing on Brentwood High Street’s KFC restaurant, Trinity Church, and Larchwood Primary School in Pilgrim’s Hach.


Contact tracers also targeted anyone visiting Trinity Church, Pilgrim’s Hatch, on November 21. 

After someone was connected to the incident, Larchwood Primary School staff and pupils are being re-inspected. 

One class has switched to remote learning after a link to the ‘rapidly spreading’ variant. 

The Brentwood KFC staff member, who asked not to be named, said: ‘The gentleman who had the new variant was a customer.

“We are unsure if he had eaten in, or ordered takeout because of the volume of transactions we saw that day.

“Then, he went to a test because Covid came and informed us.

“All of our employees are fine, and it’s business-as-usual here, as can be seen.

“They’ve been all tested and they’ve come back negative.

“We clean everything every day, and we take every precaution.”

The KFC is still open but only a handful of tables are occupied yesterday afternoon. Businesses in the vicinity say that the High Street already looks quieter.

Thomas Bristow, 30, who runs Tides Homes & Garden next door to KFC, said: ‘It’s a major worry for us and for the public who come out shopping.

The high street looks quiet even with yesterday’s news. The high street is usually busy every day of the week.

Trinity Church in Pilgrim's Hatch (pictured) said they were working with NHS Test & Trace to support their efforts in regards to this new variant

Trinity Church in Pilgrim’s Hatch (pictured) said they were working with NHS Test & Trace to support their efforts in regards to this new variant

Pupils and staff at Larchwood Primary School are also being tested for the new Covid-19 strain and one class has switched to remote learning

Larchwood Primary School staff and pupils are currently being tested to see if they can handle the Covid-19 strain. 

“Masks or social distancing can be acceptable, but more is not good for businesses.

“I doubt that any business will turn a profit this year. Instead, they’ll be recouping their losses.”

It has been connected to another confirmed Nottingham case. This has allowed the case to be traced back South Africa to where it originated.

To drop test kits off to KFC staff, a Mobile Testing Unit was sent to the KFC branch. People who regularly attend KFC and the Church were urged to go to Brentwood to do testing. 

Larchwood Primary School was also mentioned in a joint statement by Essex County Council.

“The UK Health and Security Agency and Department of Health and Social Care, Larchwood Elementary School, Brentwood Council and other colleagues have come together to prevent this spread. 

“This means making special testing accessible to all students and school staff, and agreeing arrangements for remote learning in one class.

“We understand that it is distressing for both parents and pupils, but we remind everybody that this precautionary measure is in place.

In a statement, Trinity Church said: ‘Since the news emerged of a person in Brentwood testing positive for the new variant of Covid, we have been working with NHS Test & Trace within the past 24 hours to support their efforts in regards to this new variant.

‘Whilst the person identified did not actually attend Trinity on November 21st, someone connected with them did attend and so we have encouraged all members to follow NHS Test & Trace requests and be tested at the identified testing sites.

“Trinity was fully supportive during the pandemic efforts to save the community through our onsite procedures as well as continuing to offer online services to the vulnerable.

“We will continue supporting efforts to fight the spread of this variant wherever necessary.”

Omicron is a variant of the Omicron strain. However, it has been suggested by health professionals that this variety could prove to be more infectious and resistant than other strains.

KFC spokesperson said that all restaurant employees have agreed to undergo PCR testing as part of targeted testing.

“Operating responsibly is our number one priority. We will continue to adhere to all guidance in order to provide a safe and clean environment for guests and employees.” 

The director of public Health at Essex County Council, Dr Mike Gogarty encouraged residents to work remotely if possible to “prevent this thing from getting a hold and spreading this side” of Christmas. 

According to him, Heart News East said that he would recommend working from home. It’s not worth going to work even if it’s unnecessary.

“Every little will help reduce the amount of spread that is happening.” It’s important to do everything we can to stop this from spreading and spread like Christmas.

According to the scientist, they have a ‘one completely confirmed case’ Omicron variant of Brentwood and that the individual was currently isolating from their family.

He continued: ‘We’ve had one absolutely confirmed case of the Omicron  variant in the Brentwood area.

“The individual is unable to be with their loved ones and has been isolated since the onset of symptoms.

“Although they are sick, I’m happy to report that they aren’t seriously ill and that everyone hopes that they make a complete recovery. I believe that this will happen.

Health Minister Gillian Keegan today insisted it is better for the UK to 'overreact than underreact' to the new Omicron coronavirus varian

Gillian Keegan, Health Minister of the UK, said today that it was better to overreact rather than underreact to Omicron coronavirus varian.

Vaccine-makers Moderna and Pfizer are already working on Covid vaccines that could tackle the Omicron strain, if it poses a problem for the current crop of vaccines, but they won't be ready until mid-2022

Moderna and Pfizer have been working together on Covid vaccines for Omicron, which could be used to treat the problem. But they will not be available until around mid-2022.

The Botswana variant has around 50 mutations and more than 30 of them are on the spike protein. The current crop of vaccines trigger the body to recognise the version of the spike protein from older versions of the virus. But the mutations may make the spike protein look so different that the body's immune system struggles to recognise it and fight it off. And three of the spike mutations (H665Y, N679K, P681H) help it enter the body's cells more easily. Meanwhile, it is missing a membrane protein (NSP6) which was seen in earlier iterations of the virus, which experts think could make it more infectious. And it has two mutations (R203K and G204R) that have been present in all variants of concern so far and have been linked with infectiousness

Botswana has approximately 50 variants. More than 30 mutations are on spike protein. The body recognizes the current vaccines as the same version of the spike protein in older viruses. The mutations could make spike proteins look different, which may cause the immune system to struggle to recognize it and attack it. Three of its spike mutations, H665Y and N679K (P681H), allow it to enter cells faster. Experts believe it could be more contagious because it lacks a membrane protein (NSP6), as was the case in previous iterations. It also has two mutations, R203K (or G204R), that were present in every variant of the virus and have been associated with infectiousness. 

“Following conversations with them, we identified three areas that we believe we should really step up contact trace and testing. They are Brentwood High Street’s KFC and a faith-group setting. People who are part of this faith group will be advised to test and that primary school is also involved.

They will take all of today’s tests with them. One class at the school has close contact with us. We have requested that they self-isolate for ten days to protect themselves and asked them to undergo testing.

He stated that the problems were the unknowns. People are constantly worried about unknowns so it is important to remain cautious and to wear masks. When you’re invited, get the booster.

“Also, think of social distancing in a different way. Stay two meters away from people and don’t touch them. These are just a few of the important things. 

“I expect that we’ll be much clearer about the issues in the next two-three weeks. First, does it make you very ill. It’s a concern if the thing makes you extremely ill. If not, it is probably not as serious.

“It is equally crucial that the vaccine works with the drug because it can make people sick. We want the vaccine’s to be effective.” 

Because of the concerns about Omicron, the supermutant Omicron that has been threatening Britain’s health and safety, today’s head of NHS Test and Trace advised Britons not to socialize prior to Christmas.  

From this morning at 4 AM, the Government has introduced new regulations regarding face masks as well as self-isolation in order to reduce the spread of the variant.

For public transport and shops, you must use face masks. Every traveller returning to the UK should now undergo a PCR test at or before two days after they arrive. Once they receive a negative test, they are allowed to leave the isolation.  

Omicron-infected close relatives must be isolated at home for 10 days, regardless of their vaccination status. This will prevent the spread of the ‘pingdemic’. 

Following the announcement by Scotland of three additional Omicron cases, 14 Omicron cases have been identified in the UK. England, however, has only discovered five.

Britain has extended its booster rollout to all 18-year-olds yesterday. Omicron vaccines will be weaker than expected, but it’s hoped that boosting immunity levels to extremely high levels for everyone will provide an additional line of defense against this upcoming wave.