The Met Police stated that the brightly-colored ale cans of Brewery were appealing to children as they are reminiscent of Minecraft.

  • Danish brewery Mikkeller was forced to change the label of an ale can 
  • Met Police officers said that the colorful illustration was appealing to children.  
  • Two brightly-coloured cartoon characters were featured on the faces of pale ales.

Scotland Yard said that the design of beer cans was too appealing for children and was “reminiscent” of Minecraft.

Metropolitan Police officers voiced concern when they saw Side Eyes, a can by Danish brewery Mikkeller that features cartoon faces in Sainsbury’s.

An investigation was launched by the regulators, and the brewery argued that the colorful packaging was meant to draw female drinkers rather than children.

Officers complained after they spotted the 'coke-sized' cans of pale ale Side Eyes by Danish brewery Mikkeller at a supermarket in Surrey

After spotting the cans of Side Eyes pale ale by Danish brewery Mikkeller in a Surrey supermarket, officers complained.

After spotting the cans in a supermarket in Surrey, officers complained.

Keith Shore created the pale ale can that featured two colorful cartoon characters set against a turquoise background.

Beer makers claimed that the beer’s illustrations can be enjoyed by all ages and are not inspired by characters from children but instead by pop art.

Portman Group, the regulator of alcohol labelling, dismissed the allegation that the can wasn’t clearly marked as such.

However, it acknowledged that the cans were not designed to appeal to children and accepted the part of the complaint.

Mikkeller has been working closely with advisors, and the spokesperson for the brewery said that they had redesigned the label. 

Portman Group decided: “The Panel discussed the artwork on front of cans and observed that it was cartoonish and reminded them of Minecraft, which is very popular among under-18s.

“The panel observed that bold lines were used with primary colours in bright contrast to make the artwork more appealing to children younger than usual.

Minecraft is an immensely popular game that children love. Players can create and build their own characters and worlds, using cubed bricks. 

The beer makers said the illustrations were not inspired by children's characters but rather by 'pop art'

Beer makers claimed that the beer’s illustrations weren’t inspired by kids’ characters, but by pop art. 

Met Police complained that the can appealed to children and was 'reminiscent' of video game Minecraft

Met Police complained that the can appealed to children and was ‘reminiscent’ of video game Minecraft

The panel report by Portman Group stated that: “The product’s appeal was primarily due to its bold lines, high contrast colors and multiple cartoonish characters.

The brewery spokesperson stated that Side Eyes was never intended to appeal to children under 18. Side Eyes is not targeted at minors. The label has been redesigned to make it clearer for everyone. 

MailOnline reached out to Mikkeller and Metropolitan Police for comments.