After making her emotional vows to her step-son, a bride wept as she tied the knot with her father.

The footage captures Vanessa Lynch and Henry crying as they promise to be the best stepmum she can at their Cambridge wedding.

Vanessa (30) wanted Henry, nine years old, to know how much she loved him and that they were a family.

After making her vows to Craig Lynch (also 30, Vanessa also made special promises to her step-son. 

“Henry! I’m sorry, but I didn’t see you the day that you were born,” Vanessa said, her voice shaking as Henry starts to weep.

Bride Vanessa Lynch left her wedding guests in tears after making emotional vows to her new stepson Henry as she married his dad Craig at their wedding in Cambridge, Minnesota

Husband Craig and his nine-year-old son Henry are seen in tears

Following her emotional vows made to Henry by bride Vanessa Lynch, she left tears behind for her guests at her Cambridge wedding.

Vanessa, 30, had wanted to make sure that nine-year-old Henry Lynch knew how much she appreciated him as they became a new family

Vanessa (age 30, wanted Henry Lynch, nine years old), to know how much she loved her and that Vanessa was there for him when they started a family.

Although I wasn’t present for your very first steps and your very first words, I guarantee that I will be there for every one of yours.

“I swear to love you like my son, and lastly, I pledge that I will make your father proud. I also promise to be the most loving wife I can and to be the best mom I can for you.

Henry next walks over to hug Vanessa, then hugs his father while he is going to exchanging rings with Vanessa. 

One of the guests at the wedding captured this special moment.

Vanessa, a Minneapolis nurse, said that she wanted Henry to understand that I was not just going to marry his father.

'I promise to love you as if you were my own, and lastly I promise I will be the best wife for your dad, and I promise to be the best stepmum I can be for you,' Vanessa tells a teary-eyed Henry

Henry then walks over to hug his new stepmum, before hugging his father as he goes to exchange rings with Vanessa

 After making her solemn vows to his father Craig Lynch, 30, Vanessa made a series of special promises to her new stepson. “Henry! I’m sorry, but I was there when you were born,” Vanessa said. Her voice began to tremble as Henry started crying.

Vanessa, a nurse from Minneapolis, Minnesota said: 'I wanted Henry to know that I wasn't just going to be a woman his dad was married to'

Vanessa, a Minneapolis-based nurse said, “I wanted Henry know that I was not just going to marry to his father.”

The special moment was caught on camera by a guest at the wedding

One of the guests at the wedding caught this moment on film

“I was anxious at the beginning, because I did not know how Henry would respond.

“I did not want to place him on the spot before everyone, because he is shy. He gets nervous around people.

“But, something just felt right. So, when Craig was finished with Craig’s vows I motioned to Craig for him to move over so that I could see Henry.

“That’s when the emotions started to flood, and I was looking at Henry that instant.

“I am glad that I did it, because Henry said that they mean a lot and that he is closer than ever to me.

Craig was Craig’s roommate and nurse Vanessa met Craig for the first time when they were in their second year of Augsburg College.

Henry was the first to introduce her to her after she started dating.

She said that she wanted Henry to be comfortable for as long as possible. “I had planned for our first trip together. We went to Monster Trucks together. It was a great time.

Nurse Vanessa first met underwriter Craig when they were both in their second year at Augsburg College and she was dating his roommate. Pictured: Vanessa with Craig and Henry

Craig, an underwriter who was in his second year at Augsburg College with Vanessa as nurse, first met Vanessa when he was still dating Vanessa. Photo: Vanessa and Henry

They were engaged to each other in August 2019, and after the COVID hits, they were finally allowed to wed on December 11, 2019 at a Cambridge venue.

Vanessa had the brilliant idea to say some words to Henry during her ceremony to prepare for Craig’s vows.

She added that Henry plays an important role in Craig’s daily life. “I wanted Henry to understand how important my relationship was to me.

“It was simple for me writing them but difficult for me say them loudly -example: in the video, I began crying which I don’t do.

Craig’s mother, the bridesmaids, and Craig’s mom were aware of her plans as she practiced them. But they wanted it surprise Henry and Craig.

The couple got engaged in August 2019 but, after COVID hit, they finally planned their wedding for December 11 this year at a venue in Cambridge

After getting engaged in August 2019, COVID was implemented and the couple finally planned to have their wedding in December at a Cambridge location.

Vanessa commented, “The guest’s reactions in the moment that I could’t see because I was too focused on Henry and getting out my words.

“But I could see so many people sniffling about me while I was speaking them!”

“We showed Henry the video and Henry cried, which was very sweet.

“I am from a mixed family so my decision to vow to Henry stemmed really from what I experienced as a child. It is how stepparents ought to treat stepchildren like their own children.

Vanessa even chose arm-in-arm to walk the aisle with her biological father as well as her stepdad.

She added that despite not sharing blood with anyone, it does not rule out the possibility of being a member of a large family.

“It all starts from the love that you have for someone and your commitment to each other.”