After the groom demanded that his parents pay all of their wedding expenses, the bride is furious.

  • The fury of a bride-to be at her future husband’s demands for a wedding has been revealed by the woman who will soon marry him
  • Her parents must pay all wedding expenses.
  • They cannot afford to have the expensive wedding, so she said that they will pay the cost.

After her father’s repeated demands that her family pay her entire household to “keep with tradition”, a young woman is furious at her future husband.

According to the bride, her parents offered financial assistance where possible but they aren’t able to pay the full wedding bill.

After explaining that she couldn’t afford it, the woman claimed her partner kept talking about it.

A young woman has been left furious with her husband-to-be after his continued demands her parents pay for their entire women to 'keep with tradition' - stock image

One young woman was furious after her man demanded that she pay her parents for her whole family to keep with tradition.

The dilemma of the bride-tobe was posted on a Facebook group for weddings. This prompted many women to offer their advice and advise her to get out of that relationship.

One woman suggested that she would just throw the man out and start over with a new guy.

‘I would say, if you are already having issues like this, walk away…. He’s obviously not understanding and doesn’t want to enter a marriage we’re it’s an equal partnership,’ another advised. 

Some others did not recommend a split, but they were close.

Premarital counselling may be worth considering. The woman said that both of you need to discuss your values in relation to money, and their gender roles.

He will ask if the man expects the woman to pay for the expenses of having children, ‘because she gave birth to them.

How much do the parents of the groom pay? 

Traditionally, the groom spends a minimum of three months on his engagement ring.

The following is what his family will pay: 

 The rehearsal 


Groomsmen’s attire 

Licence for Marriage

Transport for ‘Just Married’ 

 The bride’s ring

The bouquet 

Groomsmen gifts

Honorarium for Officiants 

Some even asked him if he did his part to preserve archaic traditions.

One woman stated, “I hope he paid you your parents a greatdowry,”

“Did he pay three months wages for your engagement ring?” You can’t ask your parents to uphold traditions if he didn’t.

One woman stated that if the bride truly wanted to be married to the man, she should comply with his requests.

She said, “But then, just get married and invite only your parents. Get them to finance that.” 

Another person said that the costs of a wedding are much lower than the cost for divorce. This would suggest that the couple might have to bargain that.

Others suggested the couple shouldn’t have to pay more than they can afford for their wedding.

The decision to get married was made together, and it is not up to anyone to make.

One woman pointed out that traditionally, the wedding’s parents don’t have to cover all costs.

The bride’s rings and groomsmen’s dresses and gifts. Officiant fees. Honeymoon, rehearsal dinner. Bridal bouquet. Transport from the party.

After showing her the list she asked him if he wants to continue doing things traditional.

Other people said “tradition is null” if the couple lives together after the wedding. 

Many women shared their opinions on this controversial issue, with many telling young brides to “notice” the red flag and “run”.