Bride feels humiliated after admitting she did not invite her trans sister to the wedding, in an effort to placate her transphobic parents.

  • Reddit user u/Ill-Yoghurt-482 shared her story on the ‘Am I the A**hole’ forum 
  • Although she explained to me that her transphobic parents had cut her off after her revelations about being transgender one year ago, she said she was ‘pretty supportive’.
  • After her fiancé proposed, they offered to pay for her wedding, but when she mentioned inviting her sister, they gave her an ultimatum
  • According to her parents, she can have her own wedding and have it paid for or her sisters will. 
  • The Redditor admitted that her fiancé pressured her to take her parents’ offer
  • Many commenters agreed she was in the wrong, insisting she and her fiancé were as transphobic as her parents 

An online backlash has erupted after an uninvited transgender bride to her wedding revealed that her parents are transphobic. 

Reddit user u/Ill-Yoghurt-482 shared her story on the ‘Am I the A**hole’ forum, explaining that her conservative parents refuse to pay for her wedding if her sibling is invited. 

“I am a trans brother” [who]She came to us about a year ago, but she was on hormones longer, and she kept it from us until her move into her own home. This is probably due to the fact that our parents are conservative and transphobic. 

“There was an argument and lots of people (including my parents) ended up cutting her off. They don’t even talk to her now.

Reddit user u/Ill-Yoghurt-482 revealed that she had to uninvite her trans sister to her wedding to appease her transphobic parents who are paying for it (stock photo)

Reddit user U/IllYoghurt-482 stated that her trans sibling was not invited to her wedding in order to please her parents (stock photo).

Many commenters agreed she was in the wrong, insisting she and her fiancé were as transphobic as her parents

Many commenters agreed she was in the wrong, insisting she and her fiancé were as transphobic as her parents

Redditor said she was supportive and noted that her sister has used correct pronouns for her new name, despite family disapproval.  

“I make it a point of visiting her every now and then, even though she hasn’t seen many of our family members since last year,” she said. “I promised her she would still be invited to my wedding if I get married.”

The woman went on to explain that her parents adore her fiancé and see him ‘as a substitute son.’ 

“Almost as a consequence, he is definitely more on the side of them in this situation, and has made it very clear that he does not really like my sister, or agree with her all that much,” she said.  

Her parents ‘orchestrated’ her fiancé’s ‘very elaborate’ proposal and offered to pay for the entire wedding — until she brought up her sister.  

She said, “I had mentioned that I would like to invite my sis, but they stopped the conversation immediately. “They gave me an ultimatum. Either have my wedding plan and pay for them, or have mine and my sister there. They didn’t respond at all. 

The criticism was so harsh that the woman returned to her post to say she was turning off the notifications because people are 'misconstruing' and 'ignoring' the difficult position she is in

It was so severe that the woman was forced to return to her job to explain she turned off all notifications due to people’misinterpreting’ and ‘ignoring’ her difficult situation.

‘I took my parents’ offer, because I can’t really afford to pay for an entire wedding and because my fiancé pressured me to accept it.’

Redditor Alicia admitted her sister was “very understandably upset”, but noted that she is still inviting her to Zoom’s smaller afterparty.

She asked others if they thought she was wrong. Many accused her of being just as transphobic as her parents and fiancé. 

“If I were you, I would DIY it all to make them mad.” A**holes like that don’t need enabling,’ one person wrote. ‘In ten years, what are you going to remember more — that you had nice centerpieces paid for by your parents, or your sister was banned from the wedding?’

Someone else said, “One day she will look back and be horrified at everything that happened to her wedding, including her transphobic spouse.” 

‘Either you support your sister or you don’t. Using her pronouns and “even visiting her every so often” (what a saint! /s) isn’t the incredible work you think it is,’ another noted. ‘It’s truly the bare minimum. Your parents will give you a check and strings to prove that they can buy you off. 

It was such harsh criticism that she returned to her position to tell people she had turned off all notifications as they were’misinterpreting’ and ‘ignoring” the hard situation she finds herself in. 

She said, “I hope that you are all happy,”