Bride Frustrated after sister attempted to ruin wedding with shared secret information.

  • A bride from Australia shared the story of how her sister, jealous, ruined her wedding
  • Abby was told by her sister during her wedding that her long-kept secret had been revealed to her husband.
  • Abby had just two weeks earlier slept in bed with her husband’s bestie. 
  • The best friend she had at the time was married so she had to keep the affair secret. 

After her sister, ‘jealous’, ruined her big day and revealed a long-kept truth to her, a woman shared her horror story. 

Abby, the bride said that Cherie, her sister, had revealed to her her relationship with Cherie’s husband just weeks before they began dating.

9Honey received an anonymous letter from Abby in New South Wales stating that she’s still working to repair her relationships with her sister, after her’sabotage’ of her special day.  

A bride has told of how her sister 'sabotaged' her wedding day by telling her new husband a long-kept secret after her toast at the reception

The bride told how her sister “sabotage” her wedding by telling her boyfriend a long-kept truth after the toast.

Abby (37), said that two weeks prior to meeting her husband Jamie, she was in an alcohol-fueled one-night stand with Nick, his cousin. He vowed not to speak publicly as he was already married.

“And then, shortly after, when I began dating Jamie, Nick said to me that he wouldn’t let him know that we had had a one-night stand. She wrote that she thought her secret was secure.  

Abby claimed that her ‘one stupid’ thing was confiding in her sister about her one-night fling, who promised to keep it quiet. 

Abby's sister, Cherie, told her husband, Jamie, she has slept with his then-married best friend Nick two weeks before they met and kept it a secret ever since

Cherie Abby, Abby’s sister told Jamie that she had slept with Nick, his best friend and then married, two weeks prior to their meeting. She kept the secret a secret since.

‘She was always quite jealous of me and though we were quite close, I often found it was like walking on eggshells around her — she was never really happy when I had any kind of success,’ she said. 

Jamie and Abby wanted to be quiet as both had been married before.

It was a surprise that Cherie, the maid-of-honor, asked her to speak a few lines at the reception.  

Abby stated that their wedding in the NSW Southern Highlands was “perfect” until Cherie took the stage. 

The toast went without any problems, but Abby was able to see Cherie lean over and whisper something about her husband.

Her toast went off without a hitch however Abby saw Cherie lean in and whisper something to her husband.

The toast went without any problems, but Abby was able to see Cherie lean in the corner and whisper something about her husband.

“I could see Jamie turn practically white, and I didn’t know what Cherie might have said.” She said that he looked at her and expressed horror.

“I lean over and kissed him. He smiled, so it was all I could think about.

Abby couldn’t understand why Jamie was so silent and barely speaking as they made their way towards the hotel from the reception. 

He said that he slept with Nick before they met. My shock was overwhelming. So that’s what Cherie must have told him! Why? But why?’ she asked.

“I just broke down and then I confessed.

The couple talked it through 'for what seemed like hours' and resolved to out the past behind them and focus on their marriage but Abbey is 'finding it difficult' to forgive her sister

They talked about it for hours and decided to forget the past and concentrate on their marriage. Abbey, however, is having difficulty forgiven her sister

They talked about it for hours and decided to put the past behind them so that they could focus on their relationship.   

‘As for my sister, I dealt with her by sending her a long email saying how disgusted I was with her for ruining my special day and for making Jamie feel like rubbish on a day we’d both been looking forward to,’ Abby wrote. 

Cherie apologized to Abby, blaming her indiscretion for a little too much alcohol. However she stated that she finds it difficult to forgive her. 

If she had felt the need tell my husband my past affair, then why did she pick the most important day in my life? Abby agreed. 

“I won’t understand her but I’m trying to forgive her.” 

All names were changed.