A driver for Uber in Australia shares how much he makes each week and his tips to get the most from his gig.

  • Callan Double (22 years old) earns close to $2,000 per week Uber driving.
  • The TikTok videos of his monthly earnings, including the fuel costs, show how much he has made.
  • He stated that he enjoys Uber driving freedom and encourages others to try it.

One Uber driver from Australia revealed that he can make close to $2,000 per work week, all while driving his car.

Callan Double is a Brisbane 22-year old known for his work as The Uber Driver. He has shared several videos showing how he earned it and encouraging other people to take up ridesharing.

When he began picking up passengers, he said he had earned over $1,800 the first week. 

Double also earned $2980 for another week of driving, spending 63 hours at the wheel. Double was 22 years old when he took his time, earning $8,500 in one month.

Callan Double, a 22-year-old from Brisbane has revealed just how much money he earns in a week from Uber driving

The young man managed to pocket $1,800 for just one week's worth of work

Callan Double from Brisbane, aged 22 has just revealed how much Uber driving makes him in a single week.

Many people are curious to see how much an Uber driver makes. His TikToks received close to 200k views.

Double claimed he loves the job as it lets him be his own boss without any formal qualifications.

Many pointed out that part of his weekly pay would be required to fund fuel and taxes. However, the driver stated that he sets aside about 15-30% for these expenses.

Mr Double said he likes the gig because it allows him to be his own boss and requires no qualifications

Mr Double stated that he enjoys his job because he can be his boss, and it doesn’t require any qualifications.

With a weekly income of $1,888, 22-year-old had just $250 to spend on petrol. 

He stated, “I do have lots of tax write offs so I do bring the majority home with myself.”

Fuel is exempt from tax and can be claimed GST credit.

Another tip from Mr Callan was to drive at 4am, when there aren’t any other drivers. He also sticks to peak hours.

The 22-year-old made $8,500 in one month driving people around Brisbane

In one month, the 22-year old drove people all around Brisbane and earned $8,500