Yesterday’s unexpected scenes were all over Britain as Britain prepared to welcome 2022 with a warm reception.

Temperatures this New Year’s Eve could hit a record 15C (59F) – compared with the average of 7-8C (44-46F).

It is amazing that many Americans believe December 31 to be more warm than Midsummer’s Day (June 21), when it was unseasonably cold at 57F (14C).

Yesterday’s warm weather made it tempting for day-trippers from as far as Tynemouth where kids built sandcastles at the beach and Cambridge where they enjoyed traditional summer activities like punting on The Cam.

Joshua, 6, and Anna, 4,  Spedding enjoyed the unseasonable temperatures on Tynemouth beach in North Tyneside

Joshua, 6, and Anna, 4,  Spedding enjoyed the unseasonable temperatures on Tynemouth beach in North Tyneside

On the River Cam, in Cambridge, people took to the water in punts as a result of the rather clement weather situation

Because of the rather unfavorable weather, many people went to water on the River Cam (in Cambridge) in punts 

Britain will bathe in warmer than normal weather during the next couple of days although rain is expected on Sunday across much of the south and Wales

Britain will be able to enjoy warm weather for the next two days. However, rain is likely on Sunday in parts of South Wales and the South. 

Bournemouth was a popular spot for surfers, and London saw jugglers wearing shirtsleeves riding unicycles at Covent Garden. Both places had temperatures of 14C (57F)


Even with record-breaking temperatures in December, it is expected that the month of December will have the driest winter ever, with only 27 hours of sun, or 14 more than the usual.

The national average monthly sunshine level has dropped by 38% compared to other years, making 2021 the worst year since records started.

Carole Snell is a meteorologist who told The Telegraph that “if the weather doesn’t improve, it could be as dull and boring as any other December in Britain.”

There were just 19.5 hours of sun in 1956. In 2001, it was 64.  

Due to the sunshine in the afternoon, and less wind than previous days, the capital may also host today’s record-breaking temperature.

The temperatures are far from those of 1962, which saw London and much of the UK experience a Great Freeze. It was as severe as the freezing days that followed, in which the temperature plummeted to below 20C. Even a ski-riding milkman was seen in Earls Court during the coldest winter Britain has experienced since 1740.

Today’s expected warmer weather will follow one of the dullest months on record, which saw the UK receive less than 27 hours of sunshine – 38 per cent less than the December national average and the lowest December sunlight total since 1956.

Current temperature for New Year’s Eve is 14.8C (58.6F). It was recorded in Colwyn Bay, north Wales, ten years ago.

Greg Dewhurst, Met Office meteorologist said that temperatures across the nation will be above the average for the time of the year.

“We are looking at temperatures of 12-14C (53-60F), and possibly 15C in a few spots so it will be significantly above the average.

Mild temperatures may have contributed to the persisting dullness, however.

Craig Snell from the Met Office stated that the mild weather has contributed to the lackluster forecast. We are drawing in the Atlantic’s south-westerly wind and it is also bringing in lots of moisture.

Following a white Christmas in southern England, there was a big freeze that caused snowdrifts to reach 20ft high during the Big Freeze.

Photographers were up early in the morning to capture the sunrise over Bamburgh Castle in Northumberland

Photography crews were awake early to catch the sunrise from Northumberland’s Bamburgh Castle.

In Bristol, a couple took an opportunity to spend some time together overlooking the Clifton Suspension Bridge

A couple spent some time in Bristol looking out at the Clifton Suspension Bridge. 

In Alderly Edge in Cheshire, roads were flooded following a downpour which caused some inconvenience for motorists

After a heavy downpour, roads in Alderly edge in Cheshire became flooded. This caused some problems for motorists.

Dozens of people walked along the beach in Tynemouth, North Tyneside enjoying the weather in the final hours of 2021

Many people enjoyed the last hours of the 2021 weather as they walked the Tynemouth beach, North Tyneside.

Forecaster Craig Snell of the Met Office said: ‘One of the reasons we’re getting the dull weather is the fact that it’s been so mild. We’re drawing in south-westerly wind from the Atlantic and it’s also drawing in a lot of moisture’

Craig Snell, Met Office forecaster said that the reason we are getting dull weather was because it has been mild. We are getting south-westerly wind off the Atlantic, and some moisture.

Even with the warm weather, heavy rain has caused flood chaos in the north of England.s.

There is one flood warning for Lostock in Greater Manchester and 43 flood alerts across the country. The Met Office has issued flood alerts all over the country, predicting rain showers tonight in many areas and very mild conditions.

The weather service has this to say about its flood prediction for the next five day:Flooding from surface waters and rivers is possible today in Wales, the north of England and parts of Wales. It will also be possible tomorrow due to heavy rainfall.  

December’s record in England was 17.7C (63.9F), in 1985. It was 18.7C (65.7F), in 2019, for the whole of Britain. 

Flooded fields surround the A1101 in Welnet, Norfolk, this morning after the River Delph burst its banks following the heavy rain. The river levels are expected to rise over the next few days, making the road impassable

The A1101, Welnet, Norfolk was flooded this morning as the River Delph burst from its banks after heavy rain. Over the coming days the river levels will rise, rendering the road unpassable.

Cambridgeshire underwater yesterday as river levels continued to rise and the Environment Agency issued flood alerts for the area. Meanwhile, those ringing in 2022 will see temperatures between 9C (48F) and 14C (57F) at midnight tomorrow

Yesterday saw the flooding of Cambridgeshire as the river level rose and Environment Agency issued flood warnings. People ringing in 2022 can expect temperatures of 9C (48F), 14C (57F), at midnight tomorrow.

Flooding around Earith in Cambridgeshire on Wednesday morning after the River Great Ouse burst its banks following the recent heavy rain

After the River Great Ouse burst into its banks after heavy rainfall, flood waters erupted around Earith in Cambridgeshire Wednesday morning

Parts of Cambridgeshire underwater as river levels continue to rise. In its flood forecast for the next five days, the Met Office says: ' Local flooding from rivers and surface water is possible in parts of Wales and the north of England today (Thursday) and tomorrow (Friday) due to heavy rain'

As river levels rise, parts of Cambridgeshire are now underwater. The Met Office has released its flood prediction for next five days. It states: “Local flooding from rivers or surface water in parts of Wales today (Thursday), and tomorrow (Friday) because of heavy rain.”

On Monday and Tuesday however, it could bring’some wintry showers to high ground’, such as the North Pennines, and even rain elsewhere.

But the change is also predicted to finally clear some of the cloud, bringing a chance of sunshine – which has been in short supply.

Daytime temperatures will likely take a dramatic plunge – falling to single figures by Tuesday, with highs of 8C (46F) in southern England and just 5C (41F) in the North East.