The lateral flow test kits are still in short supply today due to unprecedented demand. Britons were scrambling for Covid-19 information and the system had to re-evaluate its capabilities.

This was the fourth consecutive day that the Government had to halt online orders for lateral flow devices. However, it happened amid an effort to distribute 900,000.00 test kits every day.

There will soon be twice as many test every day, and approximately 400,000 tests sent each day after the rapid-growing Omicron variant.

However, today’s order was rejected by the Government because it displayed a message that stated: “Sorry! We don’t have any home delivery slots available for quick lateral flow testing right now.”

You can still order rapid lateral flow tests today from your local pharmacy. You should not pick up any tests if symptoms are absent.

Also, the message stated that the service 119 ‘doesn’t have more home delivery slots currently’ and said: ‘You cannot order test from NHS 111/999.

Website also suggests that you could use tests you already have at home (including ones your children brought home from school) instead.

Britons were frustrated by the lack of supply. One Brit from Bexhill-on-Sea, East Sussex tweeted: “Feeling hopeless today. There was no booster prior to Christmas and there were not any lateral flow testing in my region. I’m fed up.

Today was the fourth day in a row that the Government has paused lateral flow test orders

Today marked the fourth consecutive day that the Government had halted all lateral flow tests orders

Britons can pick up lateral flow tests for free from a pharmacy listed on the NHS website

Britons may get lateral flow tests free of charge from any NHS-listed pharmacy

Another Twitter user, referring to vaccine passports, said: ‘No lateral flow tests available again… so unvaxxed are already now barred from events.’

The warning comes as Ministers scramble to expand testing capabilities.

How do you obtain a lateral flow study? 

How do I get a lateral flow tester?

Tests can be picked up at no cost from any pharmacy or collection point. This is for the majority of people.

Click here to visit the NHS site. There you will find information about your nearest location. Click on “Get a Collect Code” to receive a code that you can give to the centre.

Where can I get a lateral flow analysis?

Click here to order your lateral flow test kit. However, the NHS requires that you only place an order online if you are unable to pick it up. 

What time should I conduct a lateral flow testing?

According to the NHS, you should have lateral flow testing done on “days when it’s more likely that you catch or spread Covid-19”, such as before mixing with others in indoor spaces or visiting someone at greater risk for becoming severely ill.

If they are in contact with anyone with Covid-19, double-jabbed adults will be asked to complete a lateral flow exam every day for seven consecutive days. 

Where can I get a test for PCR?

Click here to order a free PCR kit or to book an appointment at a drive-in/walk-in test site. 

If you experience any of these symptoms, you should seek one.

If you don’t have any symptoms, the government says you can get a kit for PCR testing if:

  • If you have been in contact or come into direct contact with someone who has tested positive, you will need to self-isolate.
  • A local council has asked you to have a test or from NHS Test and Trace.
  • A doctor or another health professional asks you for a test
  • Participating in an official pilot program
  • To confirm positive results, you have been requested to undergo a blood test
  • You received an unreliable result, and you were instructed to take a second testing.
  • It is important to test your partner if you have symptoms.
  • You’re a member of the National Tactical Response Group

Is it necessary to isolate at all? 

The new guidelines, which were published yesterday, state that all persons who have been in direct contact with someone with confirmed Covid-19 should undergo a quick lateral flow test for at least a week. It will slow down spread. 

Individuals who develop symptoms or test positive for the disease are required to be isolated.  

The Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (Sage), which is a Cambridge University academic, has been warned by one of its members.

Professor Sir David Spiegelhalter told Times Radio that it is clear that many people will be able to get this. It is quite possible that laboratories will become overwhelmed, and that individuals won’t have their PCRs at the right time.

The Daily Telegraph reports that the Daily Telegraph has reported an average daily PCR capacity of 794 778 for January, while it was 790 693 for December.

Officials stopped issuing new orders Monday. This was due to distribution problems, not a dearth of test.

They have reached an agreement with Royal Mail to increase their home-testing kit delivery capacity by 900,000. Daily deliveries will begin on Saturday.

High street chemists will now be able order 10.5million tests per week. This is almost twice the limit of 5.5 million currently.

Fears that Covid patients’ close friends would have to leave due to test shortages arose. They can now take daily tests and not be isolated under new regulations.

In addition to the increase in home testing, there will also be more availability for PCR tests at walkin locations. 

Due to the high demand, there was no room in England for spare seats at any stage of Tuesday.

Last night, appointments were hard to find in London as well as across the rest of south-east England.

Sajid Javid, Health Secretary said last night that Royal Mail was expanding its distribution service. This will result in more than 900,000. PCR and LFD. [lateral flow device]Every day, test kits are delivered to households across the nation.

“It is vital that we all contribute to the national effort against Omicron. We should get tested for symptoms if possible and use LFDs every day if we are close contacts of cases.

Chief executive at the UK Health Security Agency Dr Jenny Harries stated that nearly one million people would benefit by having Covid-19 tested delivered to their home every day.

“I would like to express my gratitude to everyone at Royal Mail for helping me deliver this huge effort during their busiest season of the year.

This comes just as Chris Whitty calls for limits on socializing last night, despite Johnson’s insistence that festive plans shouldn’t be cancelled due to Omicron.

The chief medical officer, in a clear sign of the differences between scientists and No 10 gave a negative assessment of Covid variants. He warned of an increase in the number of cases.

Omicron is a milder strain. He warned against the false reports and said that there was an increase in hospitalizations.

Professor Whitty made a very clear statement about Christmas socialising. It suggested people should focus on their priorities and stay away from friends who are not interested in seeing their families. He stated, “Don’t mix with people that you don’t have to.”

Prime Minister Boris Johnson during a media briefing at Downing Street in London yesterday

Yesterday, Prime Minister Boris Johnson attended a briefing on media at Downing Street in London.

However, the Prime Minister spoke at a tension-filled press conference in Downing Street and struck an even more positive tone. He praised record boost jab figures for a “great national fightback” against Omicron.

He said that third dose rates in Europe were twice as high, and that they would continue to increase. Let’s keep giving Omicron both doses. We must slow down its spread, and allow the vaccines to work for longer periods of time.

He urged care when seeing loved ones and friends – including taking a test before meeting anyone vulnerable – but insisted there was no need to limit Christmas activities.

He said, “We’re not closing the doors or cancelling events.” “We’re not going to cancel people’s party or restrict their ability to mix. We are urging you to think twice before you decide what type of event it should be.

“Are you most likely to encounter vulnerable people? Take a test and make sure you have ventilation. Also, don’t forget to wear a mask when traveling.

Downing Street said Johnson will not hesitate to place additional restrictions, even though he was rocked Tuesday night by 100 Tory MPs protesting the introduction Plan B measures like Covid passports.

No 10 stated that MPs leaving for Christmas tomorrow will be summoned to help create new restrictions if required. Downing Street is hopeful that the country will be able to get through Christmas without needing further restrictive measures.

But Dr Jenny Harries, head of the UK Health Security Agency, told MPs that Omicron was ‘probably the most significant threat’ since the start of the pandemic – and warned that case numbers were likely to hit ‘staggering’ levels.

Graham Medley is one of the Government’s most respected modelling experts. He said that there was a “very real chance” the NHS will be overloaded next month.

Dr Nikki Kanani is the director of primary healthcare for NHS. She advised that football fans avoid visiting stadiums this weekend except to get a ‘jab’ at a temporary site.