Britain will be rocked this weekend by gales of 80 mph as the Met Office issues yellow warnings about wind and forecasts snowflares as the temperatures plummet.

  • Later in the week, wind speeds will reach 80 mph in northern England and Scotland
  • Weather warnings have been issued by the Met Office for Saturday and Friday in Scotland. 
  • Met Office stated that snow will fall on higher ground and wintry showers will occur. 
  • Most temperatures will remain above freezing throughout the country with mercury reaching 7C average


As the Met Office issues yellow forecasts for the UK on Saturday, snowfall and gales as high as 80mph will rock the country this weekend. 

Later this week, the UK will see snowfall and wintry showers as temperatures plummet and gusts can reach speeds of up to 80 mph in Scotland. 

Today’s weather will be mostly dry with some cloudiness, but there may be an occasional shower. The weekend is likely to bring more severe weather.

Met Office warned that the wind can cause damage later in the week due to the presence of leaves. 

While temperatures in the majority of the country will remain above freezing with an average of 7C, it will still be below zero overnight for Scotland. BBC says that rain will’sink southwards over northern regions’, before clearing up.

The Met Office confirmed that there would be some hill snow later in the week, and it stated that the rains will make the ground ‘wintry’. 

MailOnline was told by a spokesperson that snow could be falling on higher ground in Scotland. In northern and western Scotland, it will be windy. This cold front lasts through the night and delivers cold temperatures to the rest of UK, with widespread frost. 

Winds could reach speeds of up to 46mph in Stornoway, Scotland, on Thursday before showers and 'occasional longer spells of rain' drench the UK at the end of the week. Pictured, the sun rises over Dunsden, Oxfordshire this morning

On Thursday, winds could gust up to 46 mph in Stornoway (Scotland), before rain showers and “occasional longer periods of rain” hammer the UK towards the end of this week. Pictured: The sun rises above Dunsden, Oxfordshire, this morning

Showers will turn 'wintry over high ground', with the Met Office agreeing there will be 'some hill snow at times' later this week. Pictured, frost covered leaves in Dunsden, Oxfordshire

The Met Office has confirmed that there will be some hill snow later in the week, and showers could turn “wintry over high land” into a winter storm. Pictured: Frost-covered leaves, Dunsden in Oxfordshire

He added: ‘The cold front is just lingering over the south at this point. It will shower in Scotland with a possibility of snow on the highlands, but this will likely not settle. 

It’s mostly dry in other places. The rain will move into the northwest in the evening. Although there may be some snow at the edges of the cold, it will soon turn to rain when it moves towards Scotland.

According to him, there would be an increase in precipitation on Friday. At 9.51 am weather advisories were issued for strong winds and high winds. ‘A low pressure area brings strong winds and heavy rains to northern parts of the UK and spreads to a wider area of the UK through Saturday.’

‘Along with wind, we’ve got heavier rainfall in north England and South Scotland. It is possible that snow could fall over the Highlands later in the week, as this is quite common at the end November. 

Later in the evening, wet and windy conditions spread south. It’s possible to see a snowflurry from the south, but this is unlikely to last. The UK is experiencing an increase in wind and rain. It is blowing at 80 mph with the highest gusts. This is after November’s mild. It is possible for disruption to occur because there are still leaves on the trees. 

Good Morning Britain forecast also stated that the weather would be clear, cold, and frosty with “Scotland’s clouding over” and “return to snow later in this week”.

Met Office forecaster stated Friday’s weather would be “cold and unsettled” with showers, sometimes longer-lasting rains, and windy. There is also the potential for gales to hit Friday and Saturday. 

BBC November Monthly Forecast: A surge of Icelandic cooler air is expected to sweep the UK in the last 10 Days of November, and could continue through December. 

Forecasters state that “a secondary push of Icelandic air colder than normal is anticipated late next week. Which will further reduce temperatures.” They also add that “sharp frosts might occur in some evenings later in the week.”

Temperatures dropping will bring a few rain showers or even some snow showers to the UK. This is primarily in Scotland. Winds are also on the rise as the week goes by.  

The temperatures in November have been higher than average, especially in eastern Scotland. This trend is expected to continue through the weekend. 

The calm conditions have been cited as one of the reasons why so many migrants are successfully crossing the English Channel from northern France. 

BBC forecasters stated that while snow could be accumulated from some rain showers on high ground in Scotland, there is no reason to believe any major accumulations.

According to forecasters, the conditions that snow will fall in Britain are “quite particular” and it is likely to happen closer to time.