‘Britain’s most disgusting home’ filled with clutter and rubbish including cider bottles filled with URINE sells for £145,000 after bidding war breaks out at auction

  • After being bid by proxy, a three-bed Stoke house is sold
  • After photos showed the floors of Camperdown Street covered with rubbish, it was headline news.
  • PHotos showed off cider bottles stuffed with urine, and a kitchen littered with milk cartons, carrier bags and other food packaging.
  • After the deaths of its owners, their house fell into ruin and their son became unable to maintain it.


A house branded Britain’s most disgusting home has sold for £145,000 – £35,000 higher than expected – after a bidding war broke out at auction.

The three bedroom property in Stoke, Plymouth had a moderate guide price of £110,000 but a bidding war driven by a proxy bidder ballooned the price to £145,000 when it was sold at Auction House Devon and Cornwall on November 18.

Bidding began at £110,000 and bidders placed offers in £5,000 increments before the proxy bidder took the house. Proximate bids refer to buyers who advise auctioneers their maximum bid. The auctioneer then bids in increments of PS5,000.

The semi-detached home in Camperdown Street made headlines last month as pictures emerged of the kitchen floor completely covered with carrier bags, milk cartons and old food packaging.

The front room had a floor which was strewn with urine-filled cider bottles, empty plastic bages and also saw ivy coming through the walls from the outside

In the front room, there was an entire floor that had urine-filled bottles and empty bags. I also noticed ivy growing through the walls. 

The house sold for £35,000 higher than the £110,000 guide price and was then professionally cleaned to remove the rubbish

The house sold for £35,000 higher than the £110,000 guide price and was then professionally cleaned to remove the rubbish

There were many things to see in the house, including pizza boxes with egg and tomato sauces. However, the most remarkable sight was the strewn floor of urine-filled cider bottles.

The floor could be seen newspapers from 2008 and earlier.

Outside, there were nettles and vines that made access difficult to the blue front doors. The ivy was out of control, covering the roof, windows and side of house.   

The house had fallen into disrepair after its owners had died and their son was unable to cope with the upkeep of the property

After the deaths of its owners, the house was in disrepair and the son who owned it couldn’t take care of it.

The blue front door of the house was barely accessible due to the ivy and nettles which were overgrowing in the front garden

Because of the dense growth of nettles in front gardens, it was hard to get the blue front door open.

The agents will do everything possible to ensure that the property is secured at the highest bid price.

After a small battle between two interested parties the property sold for £145,000.

Before the auction, Wedump4u took care of it by giving it a thorough clean.

A property company purchased the house after its owners passed away and their son became unable to manage it.