Local media reported that a British father who was arrested in Crete, Greece for rape and accusation of having raped his daughter is now free after DNA testing proved that he didn’t do so. 

Tammi Forsythe, who gave up her anonymity for MailOnline to speak out on police failures in this case, told officers that she was attacked at a beach abandoned in Malia in June 9.

Detectives examined CCTV evidence from a bar where the 33-year-old had been drinking with father Philip, 62, the same night, then sensationally arrested him and accused him of carrying out the attack.

But DNA samples taken from Tammi as evidence do not match samples supplied by Mr Forsythe, according to Greek news site Protothema.

Tammi said that this was the case. This amazing development means that Mr Forsythe will be released from prison and allowed to go back to the UK.

Tammi, her father, maintained through the entire investigation that he couldn’t have attacked Tammi. They also slammed the police for handling the case.

After a Briton was accused by a group of Greek men of gang-raping her, a Briton case is the latest to go stale. A woman arrested for prosecuting police officers and wasting their time.

Tammie Forsythe has waived her right to anonymity to say that she was raped on a night out in Crete - but insisted that her father is innocent of the sickening attack

Tammi's father Philip Forsythe (pictured together) has been arrested on suspicion of the attack and he currently languishes in a Greek jail awaiting DNA test results

Tammi Forsythe (33) bravely waived her anonymity and said that she was taken from an alleyway into a bush, where she was assaulted while she was on vacation in Crete. She insisted her father Philip Forsythe was not the one who did it.  

Police in Crete arrested Mr Forsythe, 62, on June 12 after officers studied CCTV (above) from the Help bar that allegedly showed that he indulged in 'inappropriate sexual activity' with Tammi in the hours leading up to the attack

After officers examined the CCTV from Help, which allegedly revealed that Forsythe had engaged in “inappropriate sexual behavior” with Tammi, police in Crete took Mr Forsythe into custody on June 12.

Tammi states that Tammi was just trying to assist her with getting up from Help bar. He wanted me to be able to move again so that I could go back to my hotel.

Tammi, a mother-of-four, previously told MailOnline: ‘It’s not an easy thing for me to come out publicly as a rape victim but the world needs to know how me, and my father are suffering.

“He is innocent and he didn’t rape me. We were treated horribly by the Greek police. 

“They are not concerned. This is just the case of a Brit drunk on holiday who gets raped.” We wouldn’t have been treated as this if we had been Greek citizens.

Elle added that the police had made up their mind from the very beginning about my father’s guilt and did not do anything to locate the real rapist. It is now that I am able to stand up for justice.

On June 11, Mr. Forsythe, Tammi’s victim of a rape while out on a wild night with him in Malia was arrested. The main street is filled with bars and clubs that are popular among Brits.

He currently resides in Tripoli, a Greek city prison.

According to Greek prosecutors, Mr Forsythe denied that he committed the rape. He will be facing trial in 18 months and could be freed depending on how the investigation turns out. According to Greek law, the offense has not been officially charged.

Tammi lives in Hull with her dad. She revealed she’s still living in Crete and has been talking to him every day on the telephone.

She was overcome with emotion and cried, “I only get to talk to him for few minutes.” His psychological state is terrible and he doesn’t know why it happened.

“My father has diabetes. He also suffers from a host of other medical problems. He is nearing a complete breakdown and has not eaten right for the past five days. It’s really worrying that this entire thing could lead to his death.

Tammi said that she is afraid she will become pregnant after the attack. Tammi is the mother to three boys, aged 10, 10 and 5, and one daughter, 15, and she is currently separated from her father.

Tammi commented, “This holiday has become a horror story.” My anxiety and stress levels are very high. I am usually quite regular, but it isn’t like me.

‘I’m 60% positive that I am pregnant. The British Consulate has told me that I must go to the medical clinic for a blood test. However, I have been experiencing panic attacks and need someone to help. But, I’m alone and there’s no one who can help me.

Tammi and her father were on holiday to celebrate Tammi’s birthday. This was their first trip abroad since the removal of Covid travel restrictions. They would be returning to the UK by June 19.

Tammi referred to DNA testing and said that she was promised this would be a priority. However, it has not been proven to be true. No information has been provided about the date of our results. They don’t seem care. Their man is safe and they can let my father rot in prison.

Tammi (pictured) revealed that she is still in Crete, where she has been speaking to her father on the phone each day

Tammi says Mr Forsythe is 'the best dad in the world' who would never carrying out such a disturbing attack on her. One of four sisters from Hull, Tammi said 'My dad's very protective over his girls and we're all very close to him.'

Tammi (pictured), revealed that Tammi is still on Crete and has been talking to her father every day by phone.

Tammi told MailOnline that her dream holiday to Crete (pictured) has turned into a nightmare and she is using up her family's savings to stay there and support her father until she can  go home and finally see her own four children again

Tammi told MailOnline that her dream holiday to Crete (pictured) has turned into a nightmare and she is using up her family’s savings to stay there and support her father until she can  go home and finally see her own four children again  

After footage of Mr. Forsythe being seen at the Help bar, Greek officials claim that they had arrested him.

The CCTV footage has been obtained by MailOnline and Tammi denies her father did anything wrong, hitting back: ‘I was drunk out of my head; I could barely move. He just wanted to lift me and take me back home to my hotel to put me down.

“I was angry and drunk, so I lashed out at him. He bit my hand at one point. This is all that the CCTV footage shows. A father trying to help his daughter who was very drunk. We had nothing sexually between us. This is a ridiculous and disgusting thing to do.

Tammi recalled the night of the attack and said that her father and she arrived at the Help Bar on Malia’s main street at 1.30am and then left around 4.55am. While he sipped pints, she spent the majority of her night sipping Sambuca shots.

Tammi confessed that she was drunk and could not stand. I was able to walk out of the bar but continued to fight with Tammi. Because I wanted to sleep, I became angry.

“We went outside, and we sat down on the concrete wall. My father put his arms around me, but I pushed him away and told him to f*** off. I was so drunk that I had no idea what I was talking or doing. He should leave me alone.

Tammi said that her father left to walk back to their hotel. Tammi then revealed that Tammi stumbled down a dirt road, and then she crashed into an alleyway. Tammi was too drunk at the time to stand up.

“It was about 7.15am, and I saw someone standing over me,” she said. I was grabbed by the legs and pulled into a bush where he raped my body. It was a shock to me and I was unable to move for around 15 minutes due my fear.

Although she admitted to being too drunk to be able to describe her attacker to Greek police, she could not remember what it looked like.

Tammi, following the attack, revealed she had returned to her hotel around 8:20 am, fallen asleep for several hours, and then woke up recalling the rape. She rang the British Consulate on Crete and was told to immediately report the incident to police.

The Crete resort town of Malia (above) is a popular holiday destination with Brit tourists flocking to the island every summer

Brits flock to Crete every summer for the popular resort of Malia, which is located in Crete. 

“I told the police what happened that night. My father had been drinking, and my mother was also there.

They thought I was extremely drunk. However, they were wrong after they saw the CCTV footage. They misunderstood all I said. Although I stated that my father was wearing white clothing, they assumed that it meant that the attacker was also wearing white.

“I was treated like I was a criminal, not a victim. After suffering such a horrible crime, my pain is intensified by what they are doing to me father.

Praising the British Consulate for their support, she said: ‘I don’t think I could have got through this without their help. I have had them by my side every step of this journey. They are truly amazing.

Tammi, a former nail technie but currently not working said she plans to continue living in Greece until her father returns. She described her father as the “best dad” and one of her four sisters.

She wept: “My dad is very protective of his daughters and we all are very close to him. The holiday was intended to be between father and daughter, but instead it has turned out to be hell.

Tammi estimates that she has already spent close to £4,000 as she remains in Crete waiting for the case to be resolved.

She said, “Fortunately, father saved me some money, which I have used.” He is my only hope and I will not be returning to Hull.