British Gas customers who pay as-you-go are left in the dust after a technical problem prevented them from topping-up

British Gas’ technical problem caused Smart Pay As You Go customers to be unable yesterday to top-up their electricity and gas meters due to a technical error.

Customer fury at being left without heating, and incapable of contacting the call center were expressed via social media.

British Gas’s Smart Pay As You Go service allows its customers to top up electricity and gas balances online, via the app or by using a Payzone outlet or the Post Office.

Payment glitch: British Gas customers took to social media to vent their frustration after they were left without heating and unable to contact the call centre

British Gas payment glitch: British Gas customers vented their anger on social media after being left without heat and not able to reach the call center.

However, customers claimed payments did not go through despite the fact that some had their money taken out of bank accounts. 

One father, with a newborn baby in his house, wrote on Twitter: ‘British Gas, I am without electric and your call centre staff keep hanging up on me.’

British Gas said ‘friendly emergency credit’ would have been activated because yesterday was a bank holiday. According to British Gas, the problem has been resolved.