The reindeer ‘shot for sport’ on £2,000 Icelandic safari: British hunters share gruesome pictures online of slaughtered reindeer on a pre-Christmas trip

  • Ian Farrington, 59, organises  £2,000 ‘Icelandic Safari’ trips for British hunters 
  • Devon deer stalker posted online photos of killed reindeer 
  • Current Icelandic regulations allow for a 1800 reindeer annual cull

Pre-Christmas, bloodthirsty British hunters killed reindeer during a shooting trip to Iceland.

The £2,000 ‘Icelandic Safari’ was organised by Ian Farrington, a deer stalker from Devon.

He posted gruesome pictures online of slaughtered reindeer and boasted on a forum for hunters: ‘We have returned from another trip to Iceland with 100 per cent success – all hunters taking reindeer bulls on the first day of their hunt.’

A hunter from the UK poses with the reindeer he killed at a hunt in Iceland last month

The UK hunter poses with the reindeer that he shot during a Iceland hunt last month

According to Mr Farrington (59), the trip brought his results up to twelve hunts, and all hunters took their animal on day one.

After being shot by British hunters, photos from an earlier hunt in the year show the bodies of dead reindeer bulls laying on the ground with their antlers.

Another photo showed three or more dead reindeer tied to the backs of an all-terrain vehicle, after they had hunted in the rock plains of Iceland’s Eastern Fjords.

Critics believe that reindeer hunting amounts to a bloodsport, while its proponents claim it is vital for the survival of their herd. Iceland allows an annual cull to 1,800 reindeer.

For next year, Mr Farrington listed prices for a three-day Iceland trip. It will cost hunters £2,165 to kill a reindeer bull or £1,890 to kill a reindeer cow.

His name is known in the trophy hunting community and he has organized hunting around the globe through Farrington Deer Services.

A slaughtered reindeer from a hunt in Iceland last month. British hunters have been killing reindeer on a pre-Christmas shooting trip

Last month, a Icelandic hunter killed a reindeer. British hunters were killing reindeer in Iceland during their pre-Christmas hunting trip 

Website advertises African safari hunts “for the ultimate game variety, terrain”, as well as trips in Scandinavia, Italy Japan, the US, Canada, and Japan.

Recently, the British government announced new legislation that prohibits hunters from returning trophies from their hunts.

This is set to include reindeer trophies – much to Mr Farrington’s disdain.

He posted the following message on the Stalking directory forum: “The latest bill form our [government] is suggesting that the import of reindeer trophies will be banned – a concern if you wish to bring back trophies to the UK.’

Eduardo Goncalves was the founder and president of Campaign to Ban Trophy Hunting.

The extinction of reindeer is on the horizon. Researchers believe that reindeer are at risk from hunting.

The Mail approached Mr Farrington on Sunday to inquire about the issue. He stated: “I prefer not talk.”