One prominent British TV host called Australia a ‘wasteland.’ He called Australia a ‘wasteland.  

Heydon Prowse is best-known for his environmental activism, and as a writer in the BBC’s series “The Revolution Will Be Televised”. He took aim at the country with a viral video.  

“It’s a cultural desert and a physical desert,” Mr Prowse stated during an interview with Political Joe, referring to social media publisher. 

“They are quite good at brunch. Their main exports are brunch and casual racism.

Prowse criticised the lack of action by the government to cut carbon emissions and close down the coal industry, as well as the inability to address climate change.

Heydon Prowse took aim at the country and compared it to a wasteland before declaring he wanted to 'get rid of Australia'

Heydon Prowse attacked the country, comparing it to a desert before declaring that he would ‘get rid’ of Australia

'It's a cultural and physical desert,' Mr Prowse said during an interview with Political Joe

In an interview with Political Joe, Mr Prowse stated that ‘it’s a culture and physical desert’.

Scott Morrison, the prime minister of Australia, committed to net zero carbon emissions for Australia by 2050 in October. However there are still many calls for more. 

Morrison stated that the nation can achieve the goal by using technology like solar energy and green hydrogen, and not introducing taxes. 

Australia has the highest greenhouse gas emissions per capita in the world. Australia will continue to build more coal-fired power plants, a decision that disappointed the UK. 

Prowse stated that Australia still contributes a lot to carbon emission during their interview. 

“Isn’t their per capita carbon emission level comparable to that of the US?” He stated. He said, “They only drive around in SUVs.”

Mr Prowse criticised deputy prime minister Barnaby Joyce after he mocked the British chair of the Glasgow climate summit Alok Sharma.

'They're quite good at brunch. Brunch and casual racism are their two main exports,' Mr Prowse said (pictured, Sydneysiders at Opera Bar)

“They are quite good at brunch. According to Mr Prowse, Brunch and Casual Racism are the main exports of their culture (photo: Sydneysiders in Opera Bar)

Mr Prowse (right) has worked as a writer and performed for hit BBC series 'The Revolution Will Be Televised' (left, co-writer Jolyon Rubinstein)

Right, Mr Prowse has been a writer for the BBC’s hit series “The Revolution Will Be Televised” (left, Jolyon Rubinstein co-writer).

Sharma got visibly emotional when last minute modifications were made to climate pact language during Cop26 at Glasgow in Nov.

China and India insisted that the coal ‘phase out’ commitment be reduced to a ‘phase down.

“May I apologize for the manner this has been conducted and that I’m deeply sorry,” Mr Sharma stated.

“I can understand your sadness but, like you’ve noted, I believe it’s vital to protect the package. 

Ms Joyce charged Mr Sharma with trying to close down the industries of “other countries”.

‘You know, it annoys me … what’s the guy’s name? Joyce asked the ABC if it was the Chairman Sharma of Glasgow. 

Mr Prowse (pictured) has also staged several prank calls to high-profile figures in the past

In the past, Mr Prowse (pictured above) also made a number of prank calls on high-profile people.

Mr Morrison said the country can reach the target by relying on technology such as solar power and green hydrogen and without introducing any taxes - but he did not announce any new initiatives or funding

Morrison stated that the nation can achieve the goal by using technology like solar power or green hydrogen, and not introducing taxes. However, he didn’t announce any funding. 

“He was with his camel, and, oh!, I’m nearly crying. I just can’t handle this.” 

Mr Prowse was critical of the deputy prime minister for ‘taking the p***’ out of Mr Sharma before warning Australia needed to take stock of its own commitment to tackling climate change.

“I’m not sure what Australia has to offer the world at this time.” He said. 

After a TikTok clip of Mr Prowse’s interview, Australians found his comments to be very popular.

Users of social media were quick to defend their country.

One person said, “Tell me that you don’t know anything about Australia.”

One more: ‘Umm Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander cultures. This is the oldest known culture. 

Nuclear power is off the table but Mr Morrison did not rule out building more coal-fired power stations in a move that will disappoint allies such as the UK who want to phase out coal around the world

Although nuclear power is not an option, Morrison said that he would consider building more coal-fired electricity stations. A move which will be disappointing allies such the UK, who are keen to reduce the use of coal in the world. 

British comedian Heydon Prowse 

Heydon Prowse is a famous British activist, journalist, satirist, director and comedian.

He was a journalist and performed in the hit BBC series, “The Revolution Will Be Televised”.

His BBC Radio 4 documentary, ‘Green Inc.’ has been presented. 

This series examines the industry of fashion and their efforts to be more sustainable.

Prowse also has staged a number of prank calls for high-profile people.

2017: He phoned Number 10 Downing Street, claiming that the then-president Donald Trump would like to send Theresa May a bouquet.