After being attacked by a crocodile 10ft in height, a British student fled with her “foot hanging loose” from Zambia. She told how her mind went crazy as she fought the beast.

Amelie Smith (18) was white water rafting near Victoria Falls on the Zambezi Rover when she was attacked and killed by a huge crocodile.

After the incident, her nightmares have returned and she is now experiencing flashbacks and flashbacks.

Brent Osborn Smith, a former Army Major, said that the teenager had previously been lying on her back over the sides of the boat, when Brent Osborn Smith, her father, grabbed her by the throat and pulled her underneath the water.

Amelie, who was lying in hospital, revealed that instinct overtook her and she went into “overdrive” as her fight for her life continued.

Amelie, 18, has said she plans to return to Zambia once she has made a full recovery from her injuries

Amelie (age 18) stated she would return to Zambia after a full recovery following her accident.

Victoria Falls, one of the world's largest waterfalls, is located on the border of Zambia and Zimbabwe

Victoria Falls is one of the most famous waterfalls in the world and it’s located at the border between Zimbabwe and Zambia.

Amelie Osborn-Smith, from Andover in Hampshire, pictured in a hospital bed after suffering serious leg injuries and a dislocated hip when she was attacked by a crocodile

Amelie Osborn Smith, an Andover, Hampshire resident, is pictured lying in bed in hospital after she suffered serious leg injuries, and a dislocated pelvis when she was attacked with a crocodile.

A map showing the location of the Victoria Falls on the Zambia and Zimbabwe border, where the shocking incident took place

Map showing where the Victoria Falls are located on the Zimbabwe-Zimbabwe border. This is the scene of the horrifying incident.

She told The Sun: ‘You don’t really think in that situation. People say you see your life flash before your eyes, but you don’t.

“You only think about how you can get out from this mess.

“Your mind goes into overload and all you can think of is how to escape. “I was extremely, very lucky.”

The teenager, who hails from Andover, Hampshire, said that despite suffering horrific injuries she would return to Zambia after she is fully healed. She also stated that she does not think one accident should hold her back.

Elle continued, “I have seen your life end so fast.”

‘If you live thinking you’re going to regret everything you’re never going to have a fulfilled life.

‘I always think don’t let one incident hold you back.’

Amelie was backpacking after finishing her A-levels at the £22,000-a-year St Swithun’s School, an all-girls boarding school in Winchester, and was only saved by a quick-thinking male friend who punched the animal on the nose until it let go.  

Her leg was badly damaged and she needed to be airlifted from Lusaka to life-saving surgery.

Amelie (pictured right), whose mother Veronika Osborn-Smith is a German Baroness, 52, was white water rafting with Bundu Rafting based in Livingstone, Zambia

Amelie, whose mother Veronika Obsborn-Smith, is a German Baroness (pictured right), was 52 when she went whitewater rafting with Bundu Rafting, based in Livingstone.

Amelie said she will return to Zambia once she has made a full recovery and does not believe one incident should 'hold you back'

Amelie said she will return to Zambia once she has made a full recovery and does not believe one incident should ‘hold you back’

The teenager spoke from a hospital bed as she recovers from the gruesome crocodile attack

As she was recovering from the horrific crocodile attack, the teenager talked from her hospital bed

Amelie's father Brent Osborn-Smith (above) told MailOnline of the horrific croc attack

Amelie’s father Brent Osborn-Smith (above) told MailOnline of the horrific croc attack

Brent, her father, is an osteopath. He said that his daughter suffers from frequent flashbacks but she remains positive. 

After the chaos of Saturday’s attack which left “blood and people thrashing all over the river”, she was due to fly home to the UK.

Amelie’s father said Amelie was a fighter and didn’t give up. She resisted being subjugated and taken under by the crocodile until the group freed her.

He claimed that Amelie, despite suffering serious injuries to her legs as well as a dislocated shoulder, did not lose consciousness or cry during the attack. 

Amelie’s friend said that he was adamant: “As soon it happened, the male friend dived beneath the water and began punching the Crocodile furiously.

“Then, others joined in and helped. The chaos was overwhelming. The scene was chaos.

“She is fortunate to live.”

In an effort to save the woman, guides and other rafters also jumped into the river.

“Eventually, the croc quit and they pulled her back in the boat,” said the friend. 

“She was quite in a terrible place. She was treated as quickly and properly, then a medical evacuation was arranged. 

Amelie (whose mother Veronika Obsborn-Smith, is a German Baroness) was white water rafting at Bundu Rafting in Livingstone.

The firm’s spokesperson confirmed Amelie was with them on the trip, but did not provide further information.

Livingstone-based company says safety is the most important thing when engaging in adrenaline-filled adventure activities. Since 1996, this company has been in operation at Victoria Falls.

With turbulent rapids interspersed by tranquil pools, the Victoria Falls whitewater rafting area is regarded as the most exciting in the entire world.