The Blackburn terrorist who held up a synagogue ranted about ‘f***ing jews’ and urged more British Muslims to launch jihad in the United States in a disturbing final phone call to his family minutes before he was shot dead, it was revealed today.

Malik Faisal Akram, 44, said his decision to kidnap a rabbi and three others at the Congregation Beth Israel in Colleyville on Saturday was his own declaration of war on America, claiming: ‘I’ve come to die’.   

After being in America for two weeks, the father-of-6 said that he had bought his Texas gun “off the street” in Texas. Do not cry at my funeral. For this, I have been praying for Allah for over two years. “I’m returning home with a bag of body.”

In a recording of his last phone call to his brother Gulbar, 43, Akram said he had promised their younger sibling Gulzameer, who died of Covid last year, ‘that I’d go down a martyr’.

The extraordinary rant, leaked to the Jewish Chronicle, he said: ‘I’m opening the doors for every youngster in England to enter America and f*** with them’. And in a message for fellow jihadists he said: ‘Live your f***ing life bro, you f***ing coward. We’re coming to f***ing America. F*** them if they want to f*** with us. We’ll give them f***ing war.’

The 44-year-old from Blackburn arrived in the US at New York's JFK airport on a tourist visa in late December. But new details show that despite having been investigated by MI5, no red flags were raised and he was allowed to enter the country

Blackburn, 44 years old, arrived in America on December 31st with a tourist visa. However, new information shows that the 44-year-old Blackburn man arrived in America on a tourist visa.

Police are piecing together the terrorist's final movements after arriving at JFK airport by January 2 before staying in a homeless hostel run by a Christian charity in Dallas before launching the attack on January 15

After arriving at JFK on January 2, the terrorist stayed for two nights in Dallas, Texas. He then went to a homeless shelter run by the Christian charity Dallas. The attack was launched by the terrorist on January 15, 2007. 

Gulbar Akram explained to him that he was doing a sin and encouraged him to surrender. He claimed he could do a bit of time in prison before returning to Blackburn.

Faisal raged and shouted, “I’d rather die one day as a lion than as a jackal.” Faisal exploded with rage, screaming: ‘I’d rather live one day as a lion than 100 years as a jackal. [police]They can even shoot me. I’m coming home in a body bag.

‘I’m bombed up, I’ve got f***ing every ammunition’, raving: ‘I’ve asked Allah for this death, Allah is with me, I’m not worried in the slightest’.

Turning on America’s involvement in Afghanistan he yelled: ‘Why do these f***ing motherf***ers come to our countries, rape our women and f*** our kids? “I’m creating a precedent.”

Aafia Siddiqui, a female terrorist who tried to kill US soldiers in Afghanistan was also released by him. He demanded that they both be brought together to the synagogue to ‘die together.

He declared: “She is in” [prison] for 84 years, they f***ing framed her’, adding: ‘We’ll go toe to toe with them (police) in the yard. Shoot me dead. Shoot her dead’.

Akram insisted that he would die, even though it was becoming clearer to him that he wasn’t going to surrender.

Gulbar abruptly calls him, just minutes before his passing.  

MailOnline learned that he called his family to warn them of the dangers of hostage taking and also said ‘I have many bullets’.

Blackburn’s 44-year-old man can be seen in this new photo with his young family members. He could also be heard complaining about American involvement and Afghanistan during calls back.

After the 911 calls to Lancashire, he was killed by an FBI SWAT Team police officer.

Malik Akram, his father, revealed his distressing telephone calls to friends and family and stated that his son was a jihadist and had also ‘destroyed himself and his families’.

Speaking in Urdu, his father spoke in Blackburn to express grief.

“It shocked me to hear that he was visiting America from a synagogue.

Malik Faisal Akram (pictured), 44, could be heard ranting about American involvement in Afghanistan in calls home as he held hostages in a Texas synagogue

Malik Faisal Akram (pictured), 44, could be heard ranting about American involvement in Afghanistan in calls home as he held hostages in a Texas synagogue

The FBI believe he bought a gun on the streets and armed himself with it when he entered the Congregation Beth Israel synagogue (pictured) in Colleyville, Texas last Saturday

FBI believes he purchased a gun from the streets, and was armed with it as he entered Congregation Beth Israel in Colleyville Texas (pictured).

“When I heard that, I assumed somebody was making a joke.”

“He destroyed himself, and he destroyed us.” My wife cannot stop crying.

According to him, his son phoned home multiple times throughout the siege. During those calls, he rant about the US war on Afghanistan. He threatened that he would be armed with “hundreds and bullets”.

In the months leading to the Texas terrorist bid, Akram was a bit irritated with many of his relatives.

Farzana was the victim of his extremist views and his marriage collapsed to Farzana. Farzana had complained to him about his controllable behavior, according to a family friend.

According to a family source, he was a controlling husband. His mental health deteriorated with the breakdown of his marriage and his extreme views on Islam.

According to them, he was controlling toward his wife whom he got married in Jhelum Pakistan between 2004 and 2005. The husband made his wife wear the Purdah, and he wouldn’t let her go to her GP unless she requested it.

“He had a heated argument with his family about their lifestyles, and that men’s beards were not in accordance with Islamic standards. He desired a Caliphate Britain.

He said, “He didn’t have a regular income or job.” The burning question is how did he become such a radical man?

A Texas Synagogue hostage flees, watched by a SWAT team officer perched in an armoured car

The hostage at Texas Synagogue flees under the watchful eye of a SWAT officer riding in an armored car.

“He was a critic of anyone who did not live up to his Islamic faith. He felt that wives should be at home with their husbands and shouldn’t leave.

He stated that his father, who was well respected in the community and maintained close ties to the mosques, had once been involved with trouble with the police. “But his son was a troublemaker when it came down to his religious beliefs and desire for Caliphate Britain.

American officials should release Mr Akram’s body to allow him to have his remains buried at a Blackburn cemetery, which is where an American son who died of Covid-related problems a few weeks ago was laid to to rest.

“I arrived in this country in 1963. Everything I did here was work hard to support my family.

“I would never think of hurting anyone or taking someone’s life.

After his death from Covid-19 last October, the father of six was present at the funeral of his son, Gulzameer. Although they were close for over two years, the terrorist had lost touch.

His parents will bury their son alongside Gulzameer in Pleasington Cemetery.

Their dad, a Lancashire-based mill worker before his retirement, added that they had lost their son.

“Now, we have lost another boy. Can you picture our pain?

The terrorist said he had moved around Lancashire between addresses following his divorce, but he has kept close to his two sons, who would visit him at mosques.

Two teenagers were taken into custody by British police investigating extremists’ backgrounds, but they have been released.

He slept on the ground at one place he stayed last year for several months.

Malik Akram stated that he did not know the origin of his son’s arrival in America, and that his family is still searching for answers.

The standoff ended when the last of the hostages ran out of the synagogue, and an FBI SWAT team rushed in 10 hours into the standoff and shot Akram dead. All four hostages were unharmed. Pictured: The scene outside Congregation Beth Israel Synagogue in Colleyville

When the last hostages left the synagogue after a standoff, an FBI SWAT Team rushed to Akram’s aid and shot him dead. The hostages did not suffer any injuries. Photo: Congregation Beth Israel Synagogue Colleyville.

The White House press secretary said the federal government had no 'derogatory information' on Akram before he landed in the United States

White House press secretary stated that Akram had not been given any “derogatory” information before landing in America.

After he had spent six months in Pakistan, 2020, MI5 began to probe his past.

His links to Syria were also evident. It was claimed that he told his family about his visit to Dubai.

Malik Akram was convicted of a number of crimes and once called a menace for his rantings about the World Trade Centre attack more than twenty years ago.

Blackburn magistrates court issued a rare Exclusion Order to the terror suspect for abusing staff members about the September 11th attack, which claimed over 2,750 lives.

It was reported that he had convictions for drug deals, violent disorder, and driving offenses.

Six months in jail for an attack with a baseball bat on his mother, and one year later was sentenced to six months imprisonment for property destruction.

However, he was able bypass US strict entry regulations for convicted felons. He arrived in New York City on January 2nd and stayed at a Queens hotel.

Synagogue terrorist Malik Faisal Akram is arrested outside his Blackburn home and bundled into a police van in 2018

Malik Faisal Akram was a synagogue terrorist and is being held outside of his Blackburn house. He was bundled in a police van by 2018

He traveled to Dallas Texas where he spoke out about meeting a Mexican bride while living in shelters.

According to the FBI, he may have bought a gun from the street and then armed himself when he went into the synagogue at Colleyville in Texas.

Sky News heard from Gulbar his brother, who said that the terrorist suffered from mental illness and that he would not have done it if offered additional help in the UK.

According to him, he traveled across the Atlantic in order to call for the release of Aafia Siddiqui, a female terrorist.

Gulbar stated that ‘he felt strongly about her imprisonment, he believes it is an injustice. But he didn’t do this alone’.