A friend invites her to her home with her boyfriend, then she secretly watches them have sex via the webcam that he has set up in their bedroom.

  • A lady who had slept in her bed with her husband while she was at a friend’s house discovered a webcam 
  • He confessed to having been following the couple after confronting his friend.
  • Although he claimed that he hadn’t recorded it, the woman requested legal guidance. 

One woman shared her shock at finding out that a friend set up a camera to watch her having sex with her boyfriend.

The anonymous British woman posted to Reddit to explain how the friend had invited her and her boyfriend to stay, then set-up a webcam in their room so he could watch them from his laptop in another room. 

She explained: ‘B had a computer system of two monitors and a webcam in the room we were using. 

“One screen was ON and one was OFF. N and I had sex after that. He asked me if the reason why the webcam was illuminated. The light turned on when he approached the webcam.  

A woman has shockingly revealed her friend watched her via a webcam while she had intercourse with her partner in his home (stock photo)

Surprisingly, a woman revealed that her friend watched her through a webcam as she interacted with her husband in her home. (stock photo

The anonymous British woman posted to Reddit (pictured) asking for advice after discovering the private, intimate moment she had shared with her partner had actually been viewed by her friend

An anonymous British woman asked for help on Reddit after realizing that the private and intimate moments she shared with her partner were being viewed online by her friend 

“He claimed he noticed the issue halfway through, but decided not to interrupt the moment. B was questioned and admitted that he watched us via his webcam. He denied any recording.

“Obviously, it was a huge violation. But has he violated the law by monitoring us?” As we were on his land, I am unsure. We appreciate any help. 

Reddit friends were quick to encourage the woman to file a lawsuit, explaining that it was illegal. 

One individual mentioned the 2003 UK Government’s “Sexual Offences Act” and stated: “This is Voyeurism, which is covered by section 67. Yes this is illegal!” 

Section 205 criminalizes “offenders who capture an image under another person’s clothes (without the consent of that person or a reasonable belief in them consenting). 

Reaction: Social media users were outraged at her friend's actions and strongly advised the woman to contact the police

Reaction: The woman was strongly advised by social media users to report the police and express outrage at the actions of her friend.

One person said that another individual agreed and added: ‘It looks like your “friend” set this up in order to use the webcam to observe you having sex.

“The webcam couldn’t be turned on by the user without being on.” It would be rude to turn your webcam on before someone comes in and has sex.

Another person said: “You must immediately report it to police. The laptop will be confiscated by police along with any electronic communication equipment (phones or tablets etc.). The laptop and any other electronic communications equipment (phones, tablets, etc.) will likely be confiscated by police. It is not common for people to know how illicit recordings can be hidden beyond the simple statement, “I need to delete it from my computer.”

Others said it was very unlikely the friend hadn't recorded the sex session he watched on webcam

Some others said that it was unlikely his friend had not recorded the sex session.

Another stated that the man clearly had planned and probably recorded this event. It is my strong recommendation to report the person to police. They can search the hard drive of the suspect to determine if they have a copy.

Others believed the friend had videotaped the sexual encounter despite the denial of his friends. 

One commented: “He clearly planned and nearly certainly recorded this event. I strongly suggest you report him back to the police. They can search his harddrive to determine if there was a copy.”