Jamie, Britney’s father was removed from the conservatorship of his daughter Britney by a judge. He is asking that his daughter continue to cover his legal fees. This move has been called an “abomination” by his daughter’s lawyer.

According to Variety on Monday, Jamie had petitioned to seek the court’s ‘confirmation, authorization and direction’ for his daughter’s estate to pay the lawyers who are ‘participating in proceedings concerning Jamie’s ongoing fiduciary duties relating to winding up’ the conservatorship.

Britney had to cover all her dad’s legal costs for the 13 years of her conservatorship. Britney also had to pay her legal fees in order to represent herself in court.

Variety reports that Spears’ father charges $1,200 an hour for his attorney.

Ongoing: Britney Spears' father Jamie - who was suspended by a judge from his pop star daughter's conservatorship - is now requesting that she continue to pay for his legal fees according to Variety in a move which his famous daughter's attorney has called an 'abomination'

In progress: Britney sings’ father Jamie, who was expelled from Britney’s conservatorship by a judge for violating her pop star daughter’s wishes, is asking that his daughter continue to cover his legal fees. Variety reported that this move was called an ‘abomination’ by Britney’s lawyer.

The legal documents the publication obtained state: ‘Prompt payment on account of Jamie’s attorneys’ fees is necessary to ensure the Conservatorship can be wound up quickly and efficiently to allow Britney to take control of her life as she and Jamie desire.’ 

Britney’s lawyer responded to this request with a statement sent to DailyMail.com. It read, “Mr. Spears reaped many millions of dollars from Britney as a conservator, while paying his lawyers millions more, all from Britney’s work and hard earned money. 

“The conservatorship was terminated, and Mr. Spears’ suspension was imposed inaffluently. His petition, under these circumstances, is legally null and void. This is what a father who truly loves his daughter would not do.

It was claimed that this is just hours after Britney’s ex-business manager Lou Taylor was revealed to have made millions from taking over the finances of Britney. This deal was made in 2008 while Britney was involuntary on psychiatric holds. 

According to an investigation from the New York Times, the pop star’s father Jamie Spears had also Lou’s management firm provided a $40,000 loan before Britney’s Estate was administered to them. 

Jamie (69) allegedly got the money from Tri Star Sports & Entertainment Group – owned by Lou –  less than a month before he filed to have Britney placed under a conservatorship in 2008.

According to the report, Jamie and Lou made the agreement. Britney was 40 when she suffered a well-publicized meltdown. Jamie then filed a California court petition to take over his daughter’s affairs.

Jamie hired Tri Star to take care of Britney’s estate after the judge granted the conservatorship request.

Jamie Spears allegedly secured funds from Tri Star Sports & Entertainment Group - which is owned by his daughter's former manager, Lou Taylor - while the Toxic singer was hospitalised on an involuntary psychiatric hold in 2008; Taylor pictured in 2018

Under surveillance: Britney Spores’ ex-manager Lou Taylor made millions managing Britney’s finances. Taylor borrowed $40,000 from her dad Jamie.

Jamie made an approximate $6million in 13 years of conservatorship. Tri Star, however, has not disclosed how much. The report however estimates that the amount is in the millions. 

Anthony Palmieri, the National Guardianship Association’s incoming president, told The New York Times that it’reeks conflict of interests’. 

He continued, “It makes my wonder where allegiance lies.” Do conservators make decisions that are in the best interests of their conservatee or those who owe them a debt? 

Lou (56 years old) resigned as singer’s business manger in November last year. The star’s conservatorship officially ended last month. 

Jamie got a loan from Tri Star of at least $40,000 when he started working with them. 

Alex Weingarten was an attorney representing Jamie Spears. He initially claimed that Jamie had never received a loan from Tri Star, but then he confirmed this. 

Britney pictured with her father and mother Lynne Spears

Britney is pictured here with Lynne and her dad Lynne Spears 

Charles Harder Lou’s lawyer insisted Jamie repay the loan. It also denied any effect on Tri Star and the conservatorship.

An email was sent by him stating that the small loan, which was later repaid later, did not have any effect on Tri Star’s later work.

New report details also how Stonebridge Wealth Management accounts were opened for Taylor, who cofounded the firm and was co-owned by Taylor, just after the conservatorship began. 

Although the firm denied receiving fees for many of its services, it stated that Ms. Taylor received’multiple other maneuvers’. 

Britney’s father allegedly paid for Britney’s estate to hire a security firm to monitor ‘Free Britney’ protestors who criticized Taylor. One former employee claims Britney also surveil Britney and pay some of Taylor’s legal fees.

The conservatorship saw Britney’s charity foundation go to an organization that provided Christian counseling services to conservative Christians with connections to Taylor. 

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Attack mode: Her father  accused Britney and her team of releasing 'statements with no other purpose than to attack' him and trying to depict him as a 'disgraced, suspended conservator'

Attack mode: Her father  accused Britney and her team of releasing ‘statements with no other purpose than to attack’ him and trying to depict him as a ‘disgraced, suspended conservator’

Jamie Spears has donated 10% of her earnings at times [income derived from Britney]A financial document that The Times reviewed found the Taylors’ church was run. 

Jamie brought a complaint to Los Angeles Superior Court earlier in the month against his daughter, Jamie.

Britney’s conservatorship had been officially disbanded. The patriarch, 69 years old, claimed that he was ready to move on and tie up all loose ends. However, he blasted Britney’s temporary conservators for slowing down the process.

Britney, he claimed, released’statements without any other purpose but to attack’ him. He tried to paint him as an ‘disgraced suspended conservator’.

It comes a month since Britney’s conservatorship ended. She regained legal control earlier in the month.

Britney was granted the authority to execute documents by Judge Brenda Penny during a procedural hearing. 

Spreading her wings: Another image shared on December 20 showed Britney standing against a wall with golden wings as she thanked her followers and fans for their support by saying 'this little angel's heart beats for all of you'

Spreading her wings. Another photo shared December 20, showed Britney against a wall sporting golden wings. She thanked all her fans and followers for their support, saying “This little angel’s heart beats to you all” 

The hearing was missed by the pop superstar, but she is now allowed to sign her paperwork.

 Inside the courtroom, Spears’ attorney Mathew Rosengart said to Penny that ‘Ms Spears, as an independent woman, not under conservatorship,’ should be able to execute documents herself.

After the verdict was announced, he praised the decision outside of court by saying that Britney Spears had become an independent woman for the first 13 years. Judge Penny also acknowledged this today and said she can do what she pleases. 

This ruling was issued before Spears had to resolve a minor accounting issue, though details are still private.

The incident occurred at a much more calm hearing with Spears’ fans chanting for their freedom in the aftermath of her conservatorship closing last month.

Celebration: The report comes over a month after Britney's long-standing conservatorship was terminated after 13 years

Celebration: Britney’s conservatorship ended after thirteen years. The news comes a month later. 

Rosengart was at Los Angeles Superior Courthouse to represent his client. This hearing came as the singer is continuing his legal fight.

Jamie was accused of spending up to $4million from the state of his daughter. He appeared via phone, and Alex Weingarten (his attorney) was also present at the courtroom.

Although Britney was officially out of conservatorship, John Zabel, the accountant, was authorized to execute Britney’s estate trust as well as transfer assets until the next hearing.

 The hearing is expected to deal with accounting matters, as well as the petition for substituted judgment.

The petition will be sealed, as Judge Penny stated earlier in the month. She said she granted the motion “in the interests of protecting the conservatee’s privacy right.”

Starting a new life: Meanwhile, Britney, who recently became engaged to her long-time boyfriend Sam Asghari, reportedly has no plans of inviting any of her family to her wedding

A new beginning: Britney is currently engaged to Sam Asghari. However, she reportedly does not plan on inviting her entire family to the wedding

Weingarten requested that Jamie Spears’s judge have access to the estate plan. This was swiftly opposed by Zabel’s attorney who stated, “In a normal circumstance, a normal individual would never need to show their estate planning’ to their relatives or friends, or to anyone else.”

Britney recently got engaged to Sam Asghari, her long-term boyfriend. She reportedly doesn’t plan on inviting her entire family to the wedding. 

According to Us Weekly, a source said that Britney was eager to be married and begin her new life. They’re already planning for the wedding, so she’s happy to be able to finalize these plans.

The source said that no one from her immediate family is being invited to the wedding as of right now.

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Formal  outing: The couple pictured attending the Daytime Beauty Awards in 2019