Jason Alexander tried to break into Britney’s bedroom when she was there during the wedding of his friend earlier this month. 

Britney’s ex-security guard (aged 40) testified in a preliminary hearing on Monday Jason tried to unlock her bedroom door but it was closed, according to reports TMZ. Britney was in the room when the incident occurred.

Alexander said repeatedly that he needed Britney’s help and that he would search for him, even though the guard was not on his guest list.

Jason Alexander allegedly attempted to enter Britney Spears' bedroom while she was in it during his wedding crashing earlier this month

Jason Alexander tried to break into Britney’s bedroom when she was there during the wedding.

Alexander repeatedly said he needed to speak with Britney and was searching for her, despite not being on the guest list, according to the guard who testified on Monday

Alexander stated repeatedly that he wanted to talk to Britney, even though he wasn’t on the guest list. According to the guard, Monday’s testimony was not recorded. 

Britney’s guard claims Jason went directly to the bedroom of the pop star after sneaking on her property and getting into the main residence.

A guard said that Jason had been seen several times before the nuptials.

Jason was also alleged to have been present the day prior to the wedding. He had been warned not go near the property.

Witnesses were also provided by a Ventura County Sheriff detective who testified Britney called Alexander “scary” during an interview with Cade Hudson, her longtime agent.

Alexander and Spears were married for just 55 hours after a 4am wedding at A Little White Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas in 2004

Alexander and Spears got married in just 55 hours following a Las Vegas 4am wedding in A Little White Wedding Chapel. 

Jason pleaded not guilty to four charges when he was arraigned at a court in Ventura, California earlier this month, accused of trying to gatecrash the pop idol’s wedding last week while armed with a knife. 

Dressed in blue prison overalls over an orange undershirt, Alexander, who livestreamed his efforts to crash the wedding, denied one count of felony stalking, one of battery, one of vandalism and one of trespassing and refusing to leave Spears’ $7.4 million Thousand Oaks estate where she married longtime fiance Sam Asghari that day.

The wedding was successful despite Alexander’s intrusion. Alexander got a temporary restraining or order on the wedding day of June 10th. He was required to be at least 100 meters from their house and property. Britney was granted a three-year restraining order by a judge against Jason on June 13. 

At the 15-minute hearing, Ventura County Superior Court Judge Catherine Voelker set bail at $100,000 and ordered Alexander to appear again for ‘pre-trial risk assessment.’

Newlyweds: Spears married her longtime boyfriend Sam Asghari earlier this month

Spears marries Sam Asghari, her longtime partner.

The judge told Alexander – who appeared in court via video hookup from the local jail – that if he managed to raised the $100,000 bail, because of the felony stalking charge, he would not be allowed ‘to contact, annoy, harass,’ Britney and her new husband, and not to come within 100 yards of them for three years.

Alexander, her childhood best friend, was married to Spears in Las Vegas, January 2004. Spears’ lawyer claimed that Alexander did not understand her actions and annulled the marriage 55 hours later.

Spears had previously been married to Kevin Federline in 2004 and 2007. She has two sons with Federline, aged 15-16.

Asghari met her in 2016 while filming the video of Slumber Party.

Britney and Jason's marriage was annulled 55 hours later with Spears' lawyers claiming the singer 'lacked understanding of her action'; pictured 2005

Britney and Jason were divorced 55 hours later. Spears’ attorneys claimed that Britney did not understand her actions.

According to Ventura County Sheriff’s deputies, just a few hours before the fairytale ceremony, Alexander scaled a fence and climbed down a rocky slope to get on to the blonde singer’s 20-acre property inside an exclusive gated community.

Running toward Spears’ 12,464-square-foot Italian-style villa, he reportedly screamed: ‘I’m Jason Alexander. He was the first husband. I am here to attend the wedding.

According to deputies, he entered the tent in which 40-year-old Spears was soon getting married, and shouted: “She’s mine first wife. She’s my sole wife.”

After allegedly fighting with Britney’s security guards, he was wrestled to the ground and later arrested on suspicion of misdemeanor battery, vandalism and trespassing. On Monday, the felony stalking charges were added.

Alexander was granted a restraining warrant against one of the security officers involved in the incident.

Spears and Asghari (28) claimed Alexander, who was 28 at the time of his arrest, was in possession of a knife.

Britney fired security guards present at the crash and has now hired a new team according to TMZ. 

Alexander was released on bail at $100,000. According to TMZ, he will appear again in court July 12th.  Since June 9th, Alexander was in custody.