Britney Spears has said her parents should be in jail for controlling her life and finances for more than a decade, following a judge’s ruling terminating her 13-year conservatorship.

Spears, 39 years old, joked that she might follow Meghan Markle or Adele to sit down with Oprah and do a “tell-all” interview.

Video posted by the Grammy-winning singer days after she was freed from conservatorship in California. This legal arrangement, which controlled large parts of her medical decisions and finances, had been illegal. 

‘I’m not even mentioning all the bad things they did to me which they should all be in jail for … yes including my church going mother !!!!’ Spears wrote the caption.

The 39-year-old singer wore a floral print crop top and black jean shorts as she swayed back and forth and addressed the camera. In the caption, she hinted at a tell-all with Oprah Winfrey

As she moved backwards and forwards, the 39-year old singer was wearing a crop top with floral prints and black jeans shorts. She hinted in the caption that she was going to tell Oprah Winfrey.

Spears said her father James, who controlled her 13-year conservatorship, and her 'church going mother' Lynne 'should be in jail' in an Instagram post Tuesday (both pictured in 2012)

Spears claimed that James her father, the 13-year-old conservator of her life, and Lynne her “churchgoing mother” should be jail in an Instagram message Tuesday. Both were pictured in 2012. 

In the video, Spears shared what makes her happy now that Los Angeles County Probate Judge Brenda Penny gave her back full control of her personal and professional decisions on Friday.

Rumours circulated that she might be retiring completely, but she has since dispelled those rumors.

“I’ve been under conservatorship since 13 years.” That’s a really long time to be in a situation you don’t wanna be in,’ Spears said.

Supporters of the FreeBritney movement rally in support of musician Britney Spears for a conservatorship court hearing, outside the Stanley Mosk courthouse

The Stanley Mosk courthouse is where supporters of FreeBritney rallied in support Britney Spers, as they attend a conservatorship court hearing.

‘I’m just grateful honestly for each day and being able to have the keys to my car and being able to be independent and feel like a woman.

Britney sings is now ‘thinking of having another baby’ after just 7 days.

Britney Spears is already ‘thinking about having another baby’ just days after her long-standing conservatorship was successfully terminated by a judge.

In an Instagram post, the singer, who is currently sharing sons Jayden James (15) and Sean Preston (16 (16), with ex Kevin Federline, made the announcement.

‘I wonder if this one is a girl … she’s on her toes reaching for something … that’s for sure !!!!⁣’ mused the star, who posted sepia snapshots of a little girl standing on her tiptoes with her mom.

In June, Spears told the court that she would like to marry her boyfriend. [Sam Asghari]I would like to have a baby, but my ‘conservatorship said it couldn’t be done.

Britney, currently engaged to Sam. She met Sam on the sets of a music videos in 2017.  

Britney claimed an intrauterine contraceptive implant (IUD), was placed against her will.

“Owning an ATM Card, seeing cash for first time, and being able to purchase candles. For women it’s all the little things, but they make a difference.

Spears has announced her engagement to Sam Asghari (27-year-old boyfriend). She stated that she will use her case to advocate against unjust guardianship and conservatorships of people with real disabilities or illnesses.

She further criticized her parent in the video, saying, ‘I lived with victims my whole life as a child that’s why I got out of my house and I worked for 20 years and worked my a** off.’ 

She wore a black crop top and floral printed shorts while she danced to the camera.

Oprah also suggested she might sit down and tell Oprah her entire story.

‘I mean who knows … I do know how embarrassing it is to share the fact I’ve never seen cash or wasn’t able to drive my car. It still amazes me every day that my family and conservatorship are able to accomplish what they did,’ Spears stated.

After a string of setbacks including the loss of custody and her children, the ‘Oops !…I did It Again’ singer was placed under conservatorship. 

Jamie Spears was her father and shared the management of his company with Lou Taylor. 

This arrangement is usually reserved for elderly or severely disabled people. It has come under scrutiny by her followers who have raised concerns about the matter on social media.

Spears stated that her father and her management refused to allow her to remove an intrauterine contraceptive device. They don’t want her having children.  

Spears previously suggested that jail time be given to her family.

In June, she told the judge: ‘Ma’am, my dad, and anyone involved in this conservatorship, and my management, who played a huge role in punishing me when I said no—Ma’am, they should be in jail.’

Spears previously criticised her mom, saying that conservatorships were her idea as her father was ‘not intelligent enough to even consider a conservatorship’.

Maybe a girl? 'I wonder if this one is a girl ... she's on her toes reaching for something … that's for sure !!!!⁣' mused the star, who included a sepia snapshots of a little girl standing on her tiptoes beside her mother

Perhaps a girl. ‘I wonder if this one is a girl … she’s on her toes reaching for something … that’s for sure !!!!⁣’ mused the star, who included a sepia snapshots of a little girl standing on her tiptoes beside her mother

On Tuesday, the pop singer thanked her supporters and the #FreeBritney Movement for all their help in addressing her legal issues.

You guys really rock. Because my voice had been muted for so many minutes, I couldn’t speak or do anything.

“Because of your guys, the awareness of kinda knowing what was up and delivering it to the people for so many years, you made it all aware to them,” she stated. 

“I believe that you saved my life. You saved my life in a very special way. She added 100 percent,” appearing to be in tears. 

‘I know there’s a lot of jokes about the Free Britney movement: “We’re not free we’re expensive.” OK, Birdies. She said, “I’m also expensive.”

‘Let’s move forward. God Bless You All.

Britney Spears has refused to visit mother Lynne, and she even “turned her away” from her LA home ‘…. After the singer accused her of being the real mastermind behind conservatorship, Britney said that it was her fault. 

Britney Spears is refusing to see her mother Lynne Spears after she flew from Louisiana to Los Angeles in a bid to make amends with her daughter, it has been claimed. 

PageSix reports Lynne, the 39-year old Toxic singer, is reported to have refused Lynne, aged 66, access to her home weeks prior to her conservatorship being ended by a Judge. 

Britney had accused Lynne in an Instagram posting earlier this month of orchestrating her 13-year conservatorship that her father managed. 

Britney put it bluntly: “My father isn’t smart enough to think about a conservatorship.” Lynne added, in an angry post.

Don't Go Knockin' on My Door: Britney Spears has turned her mother Lynne Spears away from her LA home and is refusing to see her after a judge terminated her conservatorship

Do not knock on my door: Britney has moved Lynne Spears from Los Angeles and refuses to visit her since a judge ended her conservatorship 

PageSix was informed by a source that Lynne had been turned away. Lynne traveled to Los Angeles to reconnect with Britney a few weeks prior to the end of her conservatorship. 

Britney refused to let Lynne enter her house. She’s furious at her. Lynne attempted to contact Britney for a few days, but she just stopped.

Britney accused her mother Lynne of ‘ruining’ her life in a since-deleted Instagram post this month, writing: ‘My dad may have started the conservatorship 13 years ago … but what people don’t know is that my mom is the one who gave him the idea.

“I’ll never get these years back.”

‘She secretly ruined my life … and yes I will call her and Lou Taylor out on it … so take your whole ‘I have NO IDEA what’s going on’ attitude and go f*** yourself!!!!’

Taylor was Taylor’s ex-business manager.

She continued: ‘You know exactly what you did … my dad is not smart enough to ever think of a conservatorship.’

Lynne Spears, in July, made a sworn declaration in support of Lynne’s daughter’s attempt to remove her father.

She stated that James P. Spears was unable to put my daughter’s best interests above his own, both professionally and personally. 

Jamie responded by accusing Lynne, accusing her of being absent-mom and alleging that Britney had paid $150,000 per annum for her Louisiana home.

Jamie Spears stated that Lynne was the only one who seems incapable of prioritizing her daughter’s best interests over her own.

Lynne is not involved in the life of her daughter for most twelve years.

“Despite their separation, the Conservatorship Estate has continued to pay and continue to pay the Conservatorship Estate for Lynne’s Louisiana mansion, which includes all her utilities, weekly maid service and maintenance. This totals upwards to $150,000 annually and nearly $2,000,000 to date.

Mathew Rosengart, attorney for Britney Spears, is seen on Friday outside the courthouse on Friday

Mathew Rosengart (an attorney representing Britney Spores) is seen Friday morning outside the courthouse

Britney made the accusations against her mother just weeks before a judge ended her conservatorship. 

Judge Penny has decided to disband the highly-criticized legal arrangement two months after firing Jamie Spears’ dad as conservatorship boss at $16,000 per month. He was the one who controlled his daughter’s welfare and career. 

Britney’s lawyer Mathew Rosengart stated to Judge Penny during Friday’s 30 minute hearing that Britney had testified repeatedly and said in court filings, that she wanted her life back. She also requested that this conservatorship be ended.

Rosengart noted that Jamie, her father, had also stated in court documents that the conservatorship should be ended without any exceptions or reservations.

Rosengart said that the conservatorship must end immediately. It is not possible to delay another minute.

Rosengart informed the court that Zabel, the temporary conservator, had earlier filed a “termination care plan” under seal before the court. It outlined how Zabel would tie up all administrative matters of conservatorship over the coming weeks and then transfer assets to Britney’s trust.

Britney was divided into two parts of her conservatorship: the estate, and the individual. Zabel is closing down the estate section of the conservatorship. 

Jodi Montgomery, her long-time caregiver and conservator, was in total agreement with the decision to dissolve the conservatorship.

According to Montgomery’s lawyer, Laurianne Wright, there is no reason Britney shouldn’t be able to live a fulfilled, happy life following the end of this conservatorship.

Jamie now faces a civil suit or possible criminal charges. This is after Rosengart accuses him of “mismanaging” her finances.

Jamie was seen Friday at a Louisiana lumber yard.

The 69 year-old man was dressed in long-sleeved tee-shirts, baseball caps, cargo pants and a baseball cap at Kentwood, which is where he was born.