“Looks like cereal for Christmas dinner”: Britons who are made to live in isolation for this festive period find it difficult to receive last-minute delivery slots from major supermarkets.

  • Self-isolating people have difficulty getting food delivery before December 25 
  • Mom stays home to care for her nine-month-old child. She says that the slots she has available are “sold out for days”.
  • Other people believe that the first delivery slots won’t be available until they get out of isolation.

Britons are trapped in self-isolation and despair for Christmas. They can’t get any last-minute delivery slots at the supermarkets. Some joke that they’ll be eating cereal. 

People stuck inside took to social media to report having trouble getting slots before December 25 at the likes of Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury’s, Waitrose and Marks & Spencer.

According to one Scottish primary school teacher, all Asda slots had been sold and the mother was left at home alone with her baby girl of nine months.

Hol, a London-based user on Twitter said that there weren’t any delivery slots online for grocery orders. Guess what? Naomi and I will be eating cereal at Christmas.

Oxford third said, “Just tested positive to Covid. First available Tesco slot for delivery is January 4th. By that time I’ll have been out of isolation.” I need you to get me from this miserable island.

Others had better luck with Amazon Fresh. It offers same-day Morrisons grocery delivery, Co-Op, and Express Groceries such as Gorillas.

Some people who managed to receive a delivery even though they were isolated also had problems. Abi Williams, Cheshire tweeted: “Brilliant!” 

‘Order an Asda delivery for Christmas as I’m now isolating and don’t finish until Christmas Day and the turkey was cancelled! It looks like I will have chicken nuggets for Christmas dinner. Thanks, Asda.’

Later, however, she added that her turkey issue was solved and Asda had sent flowers to her saying, “Massive thanks to Asda!” 

It was a simple mistake, particularly during Christmas. However, it was rectified quickly by Vince at head office and Abi in Asda Birchwood. I really appreciate your kindness and that the flowers turned out beautifully. We are grateful.  

Rich Grove, a Londoner, said that Tesco is so reliable throughout the year, they fail to deliver the Christmas Turkey in time.

“They have replaced it with chicken. It is an unacceptable substitute. I will be out looking for a Turkey that meets my standards before anyone else. 

John Robertson, a Glasgow resident added that he had received his shopping delivery for the first and final time. [frpm] Sainsbury’s. 

‘No turkey. The shelf life of Xmas Day staples is too limited. And I don’t think they want me to take certain items. Christmas Day dinner is cancelled

Britons plunged in self-isolation for Christmas are struggling to get last-minute supermarket delivery slots (file picture)

File picture: Christmas is coming up fast for Britons who are forced to live in isolation.

But some Britons may not even need a delivery anymore, after it was revealed that more than 280,000 people infected with coronavirus and facing Christmas alone can now safely enjoy festivities with their families after a change in isolation rules.

According to health officials, those who are positive for HIV can be released in seven days instead of 10, provided they have taken two lateral flow exams at the conclusion.

Patients infected can have their tests done 24 hours apart, on days six and seven during the isolation period. If negative they may be allowed to stop quarantining. 

The new rules will allow the people who were positive for the virus to celebrate Christmas with their loved ones. 

MailOnline has contacted Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury’s, Waitrose and Marks & Spencer for comment.