While the pandemic might have altered the global landscape, Britons continue to trust companies that are more financially stable, a survey by the Global Survey of Consumers has shown.

Rolex is the number-one watchmaker in Britain and has been awarded the title of Consumer Superbrand. It also marks the twelfth consecutive year inside the top twenty.

Mercedes is also among the top ten, proving that luxury motoring continues to be a favorite. British Airways remains a favorite among travelers, even though there is less flying.

Damon Segal (CEO of Superbrands UK) commented that while there have been many changes to the British way they live and shop in 2018, we continue to rely on the comfort offered by the major brands.

Rolex’s success is evident in its sales numbers.

Rolex has been voted the UK's number one Consumer Superbrand for the second year running while marking its twelfth year in a row inside the top twenty

Rolex is voted UK’s Number One Consumer Superbrand. It also marks the twelfth consecutive year inside the Top Twenty.

As the coronavirus outbreak ended, Watches of Switzerland saw UK sales increase 43% from August to August.

Top 20 Consumer Superbrands®

1 Rolex Watch 

2 LEGO Products for Children – Toys & Education 

3 Visa Financial – General 

4 Dyson Household & Personal Care Appliances 

5 Andrex Household: Kitchen Rolls and Toilet Rolls 

6 Apple Technology – General 

7 Mercedes-Benz Automotive – Car & Bike Manufacturers 

8 British Airways Travel – Airlines 

Coca-Cola drinks – non-alcohol – carbonated soft drinks 

10 Samsung Technology – General 

11 Nike Sportswear & Equipment 

12 Kellogg’s Food – Cereals & Breakfast Foods 

13 Lindt Food – Confectionery 

14 Gillette Toxics – Men’s Grooming 

15 Microsoft Technology – General 

16 Mastercard Financial – General 

17 PayPal Financial – General 

18 Netflix Media – TV 

19 Google Search & Social Media 

20 BMW Automotive – Car & Bike Manufacturers

LEGO has moved up to number two in 2018, after falling to fifth in 2017. Visa is third in payment card companies, down one from 2017, but better than rivals Mastercard or PayPal.

Mercedes-Benz is currently the number one car manufacturer. British Airways was ranked eighth, while Mercedes-Benz was seventh. Despite the disruptions to travel in recent years, British Airways rose to eighth. Coca Cola placed 9th in the Top Twenty for the fifteenth straight year.

The Superbrands Relevancy Index is another indicator that measures whether customers believe a brand has lost or gained relevance in comparison to the past. It shows how lockdown can affect people’s perceptions of brands. Netflix, Amazon and Deliveroo are among the top 10 brands that have gained relevance due to increasing household subscriptions, online shopping, and home delivery.

1631% of the top 38 marketing professionals on the Consumer Superbrands Council evaluated 1,631 brands across 81 categories. They were judged for their quality, reliability, and distinction. The Centre for Brand Analysis (TCBA) managed the research, while Dynata was responsible for accessing consumers.

Andrew O’Connell from Dynata UK, Managing Director, said, “I would like both Rolex to be congratulated for their distinction as the UK’s Number One Consumer Superbrand” and those brands which appear on the list’s top 20; all of them exemplify adapting to consumer behaviour during another tough year.”

A significant change has come in how we regard High Street retailers, and while John Lewis and Marks & Spencer are still regarded as Superbrands, they no longer feature as favourites. 

John Lewis and M&S were both last in the top ten in 2018. Debenhams is losing its most important brand, having closed its stores in May. This metric places Debenhams at the bottom of 1,630 brands, lower than Pontins or Brylcream. 

And also in the top ten are Mercedes, showing luxury motoring remains a favourite. And despite the lack of flying, travellers still like British Airways

Mercedes also made it to the top ten, demonstrating that luxury motoring is still a popular choice. British Airways is still a favourite among travellers, despite the fact that there’s not much flying.

One other brand which has experienced a dramatic decline in public respect is BBC. They have been marginalized in the Top Twenty since 2015. Netflix was the most successful TV-brand last year.

The Superbrands Awards recognize exceptional brands around the globe. By tracking brands’ history, progress and achievements since 1995 the UK Superbrands survey provides a gauge of how brands are perceived. 

Academy of Chief Marketers holds the license to run UK’s programme. Brands are not required to pay for or submit applications in order to receive this award, unlike many others.