Britons all over Britain are protesting against the lack of lateral flow testing. Experts warn that they should do one before visiting family and friends.   

Stephen Reicher, professor of psychology at the University of St Andrews and a member of government advisory body the Scientific Pandemic Insights Group, told BBC Breakfast: ‘If you want a good Christmas dinner, I would say be very careful about meeting up before Christmas. 

“But, you can stack the odds to your favor if you ever meet up. The first thing you should do is make sure you do a lateral flow testing.

Furious Brits can’t get Covid test kit as Government websites continue to state they are out of stock. Some pharmacies were forced to reject customers. 

Karen Honnor stated: “Who knew that the most important Christmas gift this year was lateral flow testing?” It’s as hard as finding a cabbage patch doll to find out how we will get them.  

Luke Everitt wrote on Twitter: “Lateral flow test are more rare than hens teeth. It is surprising that this issue is not being discussed more, given the fact it is such a weakness in our response for Omicron spike. 

Martin Bright, a journalist wrote that there was not a single box of tests for lateral flow in any of the North London pharmacies. The source told me that there was only one. 

‘Hopeless shambles.’ 

Lee Adam Kent made fun of the famous inspirational phrase ‘live. laugh. love.’ He wrote: “Live. laugh. lateral flow test.”  

Irene Petersen from University College London is a professor in epidemiology. She said Omicron patients may become infectious and switch between being non-infectious within hours. 

Furious Brits are still unable to get their hands on Covid test kits as the Government website continues to say they are out of stock and pharmacies have been forced to turn customers away

Covid test kits remain unavailable for purchase in the UK, as they continue to be out of stock on Government websites. Some pharmacies were forced to cancel customers.

Britons across the country are up in arms over the shortage of lateral flow tests as the Government website continues to say they are out of stock and pharmacies have been forced to turn customers away

Britons in the UK are furious at the lack of lateral flow test stock. The Government website keeps claiming they are out of stock, and the pharmacies are forced to refuse customers.

Amid lateral flow test shortages, the UK Health Security Agency has issued pharmacies with a poster telling customers that they are out of stock and to 'try again tomorrow'

In the midst of shortages in lateral flow testing, the UK Health Security Agency sent pharmacies posters informing customers they were out of stock. They also encouraged them to try again tomorrow.

Current government guidance recommends that you take a lateral flight test “if your situation will present a high risk”

The Sunday Telegraph was told by Prof Petersen that this is unacceptable. There are many instances now of people who have failed a test the day before, and then fail it again when they go to take another one.

Omicron’s speed is extremely fast so test results can be expired very quickly. We are talking hours here. 

The UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA), according to Pharmaceutical Services Negotiating Committee(PSNC), warned that pharmacies should not be expecting more lateral flow tests to arrive over the weekend. 

The UKHSA issued posters to pharmacies advising customers they were out of stock, and that they would ‘try again tomorrow’ in the midst of the shortages. 

As another government lockdown is in place, angry Brits are taking to Twitter to vent their frustration at being forced to take a Covid test every so often by the Government but not being able to obtain one.  

Despite assurances more stock would be provided last week, most pharmacies were left unable to get any deliveries of lateral flow tests on Friday (stock image)

Although there were assurances that more stock would come last week, pharmacies couldn’t get Friday deliveries of lateral flow test kits (stock image).

UKHSA warned pharmacies not to expect LFD deliveries over the weekend, the Pharmaceutical Services Negotiating Committee said. Pictured: Boots pharmacy in Epsom, Surrey

The Pharmaceutical Services Negotiating Committee stated that the UKHSA advised pharmacies to not expect LFD deliveries during the weekend. Image: Boots, Epsom, Surrey

Paul Jaymes stated that the London Covid-19 testing system is close to being broken. They are ineffective because PCR tests take days to produce results. 

‘Lateral Flow Tests Completely Out of Stock Everywhere. 

Another said, “Nobody can take a Covid test. All the at-home tests have sold out.”  

Dominic Tinley commented: “I would like to know how Boris Johnson brown-noser Maggie Erewash discovered a trolley filled with Covid test kit kits for her rare news interview today. Because according to, the stock has been low all week.” 

Another user was annoyed and wrote, “Test every 2 days.” 

“Tried 5 pharmacies today. All out of stock …’

And as another lockdown looms over the country, disgruntled Brits trying to stay safe over the festive period have taken to Twitter to voice their irritation over being told by the Government to do a Covid test as often as possible but being unable to get their hands on any

Disgruntled Brits are trying to keep safe during the holiday season, and another lockdown has been imposed.

David Schneider (Actor) uploaded an image of the Government site showing that no PCR test is available across the country. 

He stated that the website of the National Health Service was in danger. Unfortunately, there are not lateral flow test available. There are no PCR test available at the moment.

“It almost seems as though Boris Johnson announced his plans to distract from his lies, without having any idea or plan for its consequences.”  

It comes as Boris Johnson is facing a crunch 48 hours to decide if he will impose new coronavirus curbs before Christmas as he faces a growing Cabinet revolt over a potential further crackdown to slow the spread of Omicron. 

The Prime Minister was presented with three options in order to address the problem amid increasing case numbers. The lowest level of intervention consisted of advice to keep household mix indoors to a minimum, according to The Telegraph.

Second level: Restrictions on household mixing and social distancing, and an 8pm curfew in pubs and restaurants. Third level: A return to full lockdown. 

The Covid isolation period of ten days has been reduced to one week by a new push 

Ministers are considering slashing the quarantine period for people who test positive for Covid from ten to seven days.

As reported in Saturday’s Daily Mail, health experts, MPs and business leaders have called for a change, warning that the current rules risk crippling healthcare and the economy.

Anybody infected by the virus should isolate within ten days of first becoming symptomatic or after testing positive. 

But the ‘blunt tool’ fails to account for infectiousness and is fuelling ‘lockdown by stealth’ by keeping so many people at home. 

The government’s scientific advisors have now shown it can be reduced the isolation time without affecting infection rates. If people get negative tests before being released, it will likely reduce that period.

Sources say the change in policy is ‘being looked at’ to stop the country grinding to a halt.

Even Professor Neil Ferguson of Imperial College London has backed it. His doom-laden predictions prompted earlier lockdowns.

Asked on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme on Saturday how he would feel about reducing quarantine to seven days, Professor Ferguson said: ‘All the modelling and analysis would suggest if it’s coupled with lateral- flow testing it’s not going to reduce the effectiveness of the measure that much.’

Patricia Marquis (Director, Royal College of Nursing England) urged the Government not to ignore scientific advices in order to relieve pressure on the NHS.

BBC Breakfast, she said the Government should listen ‘whatever scientific advisers have to say in both the pattern and spread Omicron and the effects that it is having on people, health and service.’ She also stated that whatever next steps are taken to safeguard the NHS against a “real collapse”, science has to be the guide.

However, Carl Heneghan stated that the country’s situation is different than it was last year. He said, “We are in deep and deep trouble of possibly talking ourselves into annual locks.”

Interview with Professor Heneghan on BBC Radio 4’s Today program.Professor Heneghan said, “The behavior of English people has changed already.”

He replied, “It has already changed in response the messages.” Greater London’s population is now down 40%. It’s as high as 60% in the City of London. People can adapt to changes in information and respond accordingly.

“People will modify their behaviour in accordance with the law.” Because that is the only viable policy, we must trust them to make this happen.

“At this time last year, over 2000 people were admitted (to the hospital). With the availability of vaccines, boosters, and antivirals, we are now in a different position. This is something you should reflect upon.

“Because this is the best it can get.

Dominic Raab, Deputy Prime Minister, stated that he can’t give any hard-and-fast guarantees about whether additional restrictions won’t be necessary before Christmas Day.

But he said the country was in a better place to enjoy Christmas with their loved ones. 

UKHSA stated Wednesday it had plans After a week of unprecedented demands, the company decided to boost its home delivery capability of lateral flow and PCR test kits to 900,000.

After delivery slots on Government website ran out, ministers blamed distribution issues for the inability to run lateral flow tests. Pharmacies were informed that they could not have additional swabs this week.

According to the PSNC (which represents all 11200 pharmacies in England), the UKHSA advised them Wednesday and Thursday orders would be cancelled. Orders placed Friday will be filled as soon as there is more stock.

Parcelforce is available for extra deliveries if necessary. 

Grant Shapps blamed 'distribution issues' on the lack of lateral flow tests after delivery slots on the Government's website run out and pharmacies were told they couldn't have extra swabs

Grant Shapps blamed “distribution problems” for the absence of lateral flow testing after the delivery slots on Government’s website ran out. After that, pharmacies were informed they could not have additional swabs.

The UKHSA’s agreement with Alliance Healthcare, which distributes healthcare products to more than 110,000 pharmacies and hospitals, sets out delivery within three working days.

COVID-19 may confer’superimmunity’ to those who have received the vaccine. 

New research has shown that people who have a COVID-19 breakthrough infection may develop’superimmunity’ to another infection.

The small study compared 26 vaccinated staff at Oregon Health & Science University who had breakthrough infections to people who were vaccinated but never got the coronavirus.

In the breakthrough group, there was a significant increase in antibody levels.

‘The increases in immunity were significant, sometimes as high as a 1000 percent and sometimes upto 2,000 percent. It’s really high,’ stated Fikadu Tafesse (a professor of molecular immunology and microbiology at OHSU Portland, Oregon). 

It’s “almost” super immunity

Alastair Bulxton, Director of NHS Services for PSNC said that it was regrettable that the UKHSA had not given us assurances earlier this week that pharmacies would not be receiving any more LFTs. This could happen on Saturday. 

The demand for pharmaceutical tests is still high, adding to the immense pressures already experienced at this hectic time of year. 

“Pharmacy departments are working hard to provide the best possible patient care, including healthcare advice, tests and medication. Some pharmacists also offer COVID boosters.  

Grant Shapps blamed “distribution problems” for the absence of lateral flow testing after the delivery slots on Government’s website ran out. After that, pharmacies were informed they could not have additional swabs.

According to Mr Shapps, there is enough lateral flow testing to get around, despite yesterday’s announcement on the Government’s website that there weren’t any tests for home delivery.

He said that the problem was getting these tests to the people. Shapps claimed that the Royal Mail, Amazon, and other delivery services were helping to send tests to people’s homes. 

He squirmed while answering a Sky New’s question. 

Covid hospital admissions have spiked by more than a third in a week in Britain's Omicron hotspot of London, official data shows. Some 199 infected patients were admitted to wards in London on Tuesday, the most recent day UKHSA figures are available for

According to official data, the number of covid hospital admissions has risen by more than three times in one week in London’s Omicron Hotspot. 

The number of confirmed cases of Omicron in England increased by 69 per cent on the previous day's total - up 9,427 to 23,168, figures from the UKHSA showed today

According to figures released by the UKHSA, Omicron cases in England rose 69% over the previous day. They went up from 9,427 to 23,168.

Mr Shapps continued by saying: “I actually noticed yesterday that at some times of the day they were available, and are now coming in.

“There are plenty of supplies in this country. What we are experiencing problems with is distribution.

“And I’m sure my colleagues from the health department work with Amazon, Royal Mail and other companies to ensure that delivery gets out to pharmacies.”