This incredible footage captures one of nature’s most fearsome predators, the frightening 1,500-pound great white shark, snapping at bait.

The 12 ft-tall terror glides effortlessly through Guadalupe Island’s water, Mexico. It then opens its jaws and snaps at everything in its path. 

Another terrifying photo showed the shark lunging for bait and with deep scars visible around its jaws.

Amazing video footage captured the great white shark, 1,500lb “Brutus”, at Guadalupe Island near Mexico.

This 12ft monster looks like something out of a Steven Spielberg movie. It glides smoothly through the water, and then opens its jaws to attack anything that is in range. 

These stunning videos were captured by Euan Rannachan (36), a London-based photographer.

The video shows Brutus, a 1,500lb great-white shark. He can be seen displaying six-inch teeth while swiping bait that was released by his photographer.

Euan described Brutus, the ‘world’s toughest great-white shark’ and explained the process of how it agitated before the photographs were taken.

He said, “We had an amazing season at Guadalupe Island with many active sharks.”

Pictured: Brutus bares the two rows of six-inch teeth for the camera as he attacks a meal

Pictured: Brutus bares his two rows six-inch front teeth to the camera while he eats a meal

Another image shows the powerful sea monster clasping his jaws onto the bail that was trailed by Euan's boat

Another photo shows Euan trailing Euan’s boat with his bail and the sea monster clutching onto it.

Brutus is regarded as the most active among them all. On this particular day, he had started out investigating the bait we had out but wasn’t that interested. 

The sealion then appeared out of the blue and began taunting him. He started swimming around him in circles while biting his caudal tip. 

“You could immediately see that his mood was changing quickly, and soon he tried to get his frustrations on the bait.

Rare close-up footage has captured 'Brutus' lunging at his prey as he swims through Guadalupe Island, Mexico

Rare footage of Brutus lunging for his prey while he swims on Guadalupe Island in Mexico has been captured.

Great white sharks, the most powerful predatory fish in the ocean, can grow to over 20 feet and weigh well above 5,000 pounds.

The Great White Shark is the world’s largest predatory fish. They can reach up to 20 feet long and weigh more than 5,000 pounds. 

While great white sharks have been stereotyped as mindless murderers, this is mainly because of blockbuster movies such as Jaws. However, they are very intelligent, sensitive animals that don’t want to be eaten by humans.

Overfishing has made the species vulnerable to the International Union for the Conservation of Nature. 

Euan from Be A Shark, his own cage diving company, shared how he pulled the astonishing footage from the feral fish.

‘I used Brutus’s frustration to my advantage and realised that I could guess when he would open his mouth and get myself into position to take the photo,’ added Euan.

‘I’m glad I did, because only seconds later, he attacked the bait right in front of me multiple times – and I had a front row seat.’

The grizzled shark's battle scars be seen on the left-hand side of its head and nose (above)

On the left-hand side, you can see its battle scars (above).

National Geographic states that great whites can be adapted to predatory situations and have up to 300 triangular, serrated teeth in their mouths. They also possess a remarkable sense of smell and are able to spot prey. 

Even their organs can detect the electromagnetic waves generated by animals. 

Sea lions are their main prey, along with small toothed and tiny whales.