A 12-hour, 50-mile walking route will help you burn off Christmas dinner. Expert estimates how many steps are required to recover from a Christmas blowout

  • The average person needs to walk for 12 hours on Boxing Day to burn all the excesses from Christmas dinner.
  • An approximately 50-mile hike would eliminate the unpleasant 3,475 calories from turkey and all of its trimmings.
  • People who want to trim their waistlines can also go on a 6-hour jog  

If you have overindulged on port and mince pies, it’s unlikely you will feel the need to do this.

The average person will need to walk 12+ hours to burn the extra calories from Christmas dinner.

The 3,475 calories in turkey with all its trimmings would be eliminated by a hike of approximately 50 miles.

Amanda Daley from Loughborough University, professor of behavioral medicine, suggests that people who are watching their waistlines can go for a six hour jog.

A 46-minute walk is required to get the two glasses of prosecco you have before your lunch. It would take 72 minutes for you to get rid of 360 calories from two turkey slices plus the pigs in blankets.

Just two glasses of prosecco before lunch add up to 230 calories, requiring a 46-minute walk. And two slices of turkey plus pigs in blankets come to 360 calories, which would take 72 minutes of walking to offset

Two glasses of Prosecco can be enough to provide 230 calories for a walk of 46 minutes. Two slices of turkey and pigs wrapped in blankets are 360 calories. This would require 72 minutes to walk to offset.

A typical menu item, the yulelog, is extremely calorific and would take more than 2 hours to walk. It takes 695 minutes to walk the whole meal including nibbles, soup starter, and post-dinner port.

 For those who refuse to go for even a short stroll, and collapse in front of the television for the rest of Christmas Day, the single meal could mean up to 2lbs of weight gain. 

Professor Daley, who calculated the calories for The Conversation website, said: ‘It is important that people understand the true energy cost of food to encourage some restraint in their eating, and perhaps make them think twice about something like the yule log – or reduce the size of the piece they cut.’

To burn the Christmas dinner of an adult who is 13st 3lb, it takes almost 12 hours to walk at 4mph.

If they eliminated the appetizers and pre-dinner snacks, and had a simple dessert of yule log and two glasses each of wine for dessert, it could be reduced to six and a half hours.

It could mean that Christmas dinner will be reduced to 220 calories.

During the holiday break, an average adult can gain up to 3lb and 5oz. 

The British Dietetic Association has warned people can consume 6,000 calories over Christmas Day alone – three times the recommended daily total for women and more than double the calorie allowance for men.

Meanwhile, the average adult gains up to 3lb 5oz over the festive break (stock image)

During the holiday break, an average adult can gain up to 3lb and 5oz (stock photo)