Paramedics treated ‘a lot of patients’ at the scene when a bus crashes into an east London building

After a bus in London collided with a north-east London building, London Ambulance Service LAS stated that paramedics were treating a ‘number of’ people.  

A spokesperson from LAS said that the LAS was on scene and treating a lot of patients after an accident on Broadway in #HighamsPark (E4) where a bus collided against a building.

We will be sharing more information with our partner agencies as Crews collaborate closely with them.

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Paramedics are treating a 'number' of people after a bus collided with a building in north-east London, London Ambulance Service (LAS) said

A bus that collided in the north-east London area with a building caused paramedics to treat a ‘number’ of victims, London Ambulance Service said.