Driver of bus’mistook accelerator pedal at the brake’, before he killed female pedestrian 32 years old against another double-decker at Victoria station

  • Melissa Burr (32 years old) is believed to have been walking in between two electric buses 
  • It is believed that one of them ran forward, and then crashed into another.
  • Miss Bunn is declared dead upon arrival at the scene of the accident outside London Victoria station
  • Major safety inspection of electric buses in capital could be prompted by a crash investigation

Today, it was reported that a bus driver suffered from “pedal confusion” when he tried to push the brake instead of the accelerator. This caused a deadly crash in London.

Melissa Burr (32-year-old from Rainham in Kent) is believed to have been walking among two electric buses, when one shot ahead and collided into another.

Two single-decker buses collided outside London Victoria Station on the morning of August 10. Miss Burr died at the scene.

Transport for London’s Safety Committee heard that there was ‘alleged pedal confused’. It could be the catalyst for a serious safety review for electric busses.

Two buses took part on the 507 route. It was first electric bus in Central London, and the fifth in London. 

Melissa Burr, 32, from Rainham in Kent, was killed outside Victoria Railway Station on Tuesday

Melissa Burr from Rainham (Kent), 32, was found dead outside Victoria Railway Station, on Tuesday

Miss Burr, from Rainham, Kent, had been in a relationship with James Watson since May 2018

Miss Burr was originally from Rainham (Kent) and had been dating James Watson since May 2018,

Miss Burr was pronounced dead at the scene of the crash outside London Victoria in August

Miss Burr was declared dead on the spot of the collision in London Victoria in August

Louise Cheeseman (TfL director of buses) told the committee, “Pedal confusion wasn’t just one element. Supposed pedal confusion.” This was not the only human factor. Now we are taking a look at the layout of bus depot. 

“We are conducting a comprehensive investigation in order to determine if any improvements could or can be made.”

Ms Cheesman later told the Evening Standard that TfL was carrying out a probe with bus operator Go Ahead, as well as helping the Health and Safety Executive.

Eyewitnesses claimed Miss Burr was trapped underneath one of the busses, while police stated that three pedestrians were also involved in the accident at 8.25 AM. 

Metropolitan Police officers at the scene of the crash outside London Victoria in August

Metropolitan Police officers on the spot of the accident outside London Victoria, August

The area outside Victoria station was cordoned off for investigations after the crash in August

Following the August accident, police cordoned off Victoria station to conduct investigations.

Miss Burr was declared dead on the spot, while two others were taken to hospital for injuries not life-threatening.

Her family paid tribute to Miss Burr in August after her passing. They described her as an ‘intelligent and kind soul’ with a “quirky charm”.

According to the Metropolitan Police, Ms Burr’s family released the following statement: “We are devastated by this loss and the hole it has created in our lives.

Melissa was kind, thoughtful and had a great future.

The scene outside London Victoria train station after the fatal crash on August 10

After the August 10th fatal train crash, this is what was left of London Victoria station.

“As a family, we understand the tragedy that occurred. But for now, we want space and time to grieve our Melissa and to send her off to her father.

Jacob Davidson (36), a Big Issue Seller, spoke out about how people rushed to the wreckage after the accident in an effort to assist.

He stated that it was a very loud bang and the bus crashed into the front of the vehicle in front. It was completely smashed into the front. There was a sound of panic… people shouting ‘can we get help’.’