A woman shared how she quit her nutritious diet of goulash, soup and porridge to have only raw, unseasoned meat. 

Butcher and chef, Nikolett Kiss, 25, from Vecsés, Swabian city, Hungary, made the switch to a primal diet last year, and has consisted primarily of raw meat ever since.

Nikolett spends around 70 euros (£60) a week on the freshest raw meat to suit her unique tastes.

This woman claims the diet helped with her digestive problems and has cleared up her PCOS, despite being warned by doctors that it could be dangerous. 

Butcher and chef, Nikolett Kiss, 25, from Vecsés, Swabian city, Hungary, made the switch to a primal diet last year, and has consisted primarily of raw meat ever since

Butcher and chef, Nikolett Kiss, 25, from Vecsés, Swabian city, Hungary, made the switch to a primal diet last year, and has consisted primarily of raw meat ever since

Nikolett spends around 70 euros (£60) a week on the freshest raw meat to suit her unique tastes

Nikolett spends around 70 euros (£60) a week on the freshest raw meat to suit her unique tastes

She eats raw meat, eggs, and lamb every day. Sometimes she will indulge in brisket.

She explained that raw meat makes her feel great.

“After eating, I feel less bloated. Since then, my physical and mental health have improved dramatically.

“It’s much easier to digest and it tastes great.”

“I enjoy many meats, including liver, brain, and bone marrow.

“I enjoy having many options for food as I don’t want to limit myself to one or two choices.” 

Every day she eats raw beef, lamb and eggs and occasionally opts for treats like brisket. Pictured with a cow tongue

Each day, she eats fresh beef, lamb and eggs. She occasionally indulges in treats such as brisket. Photo of a cow tongue

A brisket is her favorite raw meat, which she can enjoy for up to two weeks.

Nikolett stated that dry, aged beef bristket was a wonderful dish to enjoy, as the flavor combinations are bold.

“I like fatty steak meat. But, I make sure that it’s organic and grass-fed. This ensures better flavour and animal welfare.

“The fat melts in your mouth just like butter.”

Nikolett said that despite scientific evidence suggesting the danger of eating raw meat, she doesn’t worry about food poisoning from ingestion.  

Nikolett diet before 

Breakfast: Toast or oatmeal with some fruit

Lunch: Sandwiches with salami and cheese.

Goulash and soups, or Schnitzel and Fries for dinner

Snacks : Homemade Hungarian Cakes

Nikolett diet now

Get breakfast: Coffee, Tea, or Water

Lunch: A large portion of Fatty Beef and Raw Eggs

Dinner: Similar to dinner but with meat substituted for lamb and liver

Snacks: Pate or sausages

It has not been something that I have ever worried about since beginning this diet.

The stomach acid that we humans produce is stronger than the acid made by many predators in the wild.

“I have never had to get sick eating raw meat. I do not think that I will, as long I am eating well-sourced and fresh food.

She loves raw meat and insists that it is difficult to describe the taste of this delicious food to people who are not vegetarians.

She replied, “I get it all the way and it’s so difficult to answer it because even the same cut of an animal can have very different tastes depending on their diet, gender and age and how they are treated.”

Nikolett's meal of two raw steaks and a raw egg with butter. She says she feels better than ever

Two raw steaks with butter and one raw egg were Nikolett’s dinner. Nikolett says that she is feeling better than ever.

Raw beef is sweetened with milk if fed to grass-fed cows, however cows who are raised on grain can make their meat taste almost metallic.

“I like to think of grass-fed, local beef as a combination of all the flavors of fresh forest. Because you must be able taste the plants and herbs in their diet, it should taste good.”

“The best part about the fat is it, because it seriously tastes just like buttery-cream.”

To preserve as many of the original flavours, Nikolett prefers her meat to be unseasoned.

Can you eat uncooked meat safely? Frankie Phillips, a dietitian warns you against dangerous food trends

Frankie Phillips from the British Dietetic Association stressed that chicken is more at risk than some meat cuts.

She stated that eating raw meat or light cooked cuts can be dangerous for your health. However, the risk is low if you properly butcher, handle and store it in clean conditions.

Although a ‘blue steak’ or steak tartare may be safe, it cannot be guaranteed to be free from harmful pathogens. Cooking meat at a high heat for long enough can reduce the likelihood of food poisoning.

“Eggs with a UK-lion stamp indicate that they are free of salmonella. It is safe to consume raw eggs or those already cooked. Unpasteurized milk can cause milk to be less transparent, so pregnant women and the elderly should avoid unpasteurised raw milk.

Raw chicken should not be eaten. Food hygiene rules must always be followed. As there are too many risks of food poisoning, we don’t recommend that you eat chicken raw.

She said, “In the beginning, we tried everything to make our meat taste as it does after it was cooked.

“Nowadays, I don’t use salt and pepper as much anymore because the meats have their own distinct flavours that are based on how they were treated.

“It is no surprise that dry-aged beef makes the best steaks. It is richer in natural flavours and provides a much more satisfying meal.

All of her meat comes from local small businesses.

She explained that she was a butcher and has the advantage of being able to know all the top suppliers. 

“We try to find the best meats for our customers, and all products are from local slaughterhouses.

“We do not handle any industrially processed meats in any way, and that is something I would never eat.”

After suffering from polycystic Ovary Syndrome, Nikolett studied the carnivore diet.

According to her, “I have diabetes and digestive problems as well as a PCOS. So I sought out a doctor for dietary advice that was more suitable to my condition.”

“The recommended diet by my doctor included 160g carbohydrates per day, which had very little or no impact on the symptoms. 

“Before I knew it, I felt worse. But since switching to raw meat, I feel better.

The majority of her daily meals consist of two meals, and breakfast is usually skipped.

Nikolett said, “On most days, I won’t be hungry for breakfast. But I try to get water and hot beverages without sugar or sweetener.

“My main meal is lunch. I eat fatty beef and eggs with something similar in the evening. Sometimes, the beef can be substituted for raw bacon or pork.

“But no day is the same. I try to be as present and listen to my body. Sometimes, that means skipping dinner.

Nikolett will sometimes eat smaller fruits and vegetables when she craves something sweeter or more flavorful.

Cuts of steak Nikolett purchases to eat. Every day she eats raw beef, lamb and eggs and occasionally opts for treats like brisket.

For her dinner, she purchases cuts of steak. She eats raw beef and lamb every day, and sometimes brisket.

Raw steak, egg and butter for a meal. Despite scientific evidence suggesting earing raw meat is harmful, Nikolett says she is not worried about the potential risk of food poisoning from ingesting uncooked meat

For a complete meal, you will need to have raw steak, eggs and butter. Nikolett denies that eating raw meat causes food poisoning.

Nikolett holding raw brains - she happily eats any part of the animal, including organs

Raw brains of Nikolett – She happily eats all parts of an animal including the organs

Nikolett's packed lunch of raw mince beef and raw egg. Despite the diet only beginning last year, Nikolett has been prone to the taste of raw meat in the past

Nikolett packed a lunch with raw mince beef, raw egg and raw meat. Nikolett was averse to raw meat, even though the diet began last year.

What exactly is PCOS? How to treat PCOS: Causes and symptoms

PCOS is polycystic-ovary syndrome.

PCOS, a hormonal disorder that causes enlarged ovaries and small cysts at the edges of the uterus, is known as PCOS.

PCOS women may experience irregular menstrual cycles or high levels of male hormones (androgen). 

These symptoms include irregular menstruation, excessive hair growth, acne and obesity.

You may experience problems with fertility.

While the exact cause of PCOS isn’t known, insulin resistance caused by a highly refined and processed diet is believed to be one of the biggest triggers.

PCOS can also be controlled with diet and oral contraceptive pills.

Mayo Clinic 

“I like to eat raw garlic and onions if they have a strong flavour and blueberries, raspberries or strawberries for sweetness.

“I only use this method when my body is craving it. All other times, I eat primal food.

Roland Kiss (Nikolett’s International truck driver husband), is supportive of Nikolett’s unique diet.

“My husband supports all I do and is completely fine with me eating what I eat, even though he doesn’t eat raw.” She stated.

“It doesn’t mean he gets lots of steak that I cook rare, but it does mean he loves steak everyday.

“I am horrified at the comments of some of my friends. I also have seen a lot of bad feedback from online. But my best friends and my family support me. They have accepted that I am an oddo.”  

Even though the diet began last year, Nikolett was able to enjoy the flavor of raw meat even in the past.

She shared, “My family are butchers. So throughout my childhood, I was always around raw meat.”

«I loved to eat raw sausage meat when I was growing up. It is still something that I enjoy.

“I’ve also had a lot steak tartare and carpaccio throughout my life so this was always a part of me before I switched to full-time.