The Christmas themed brainteaser will challenge you to uncover three bells within a cozy festive scene. 

Gergely Dudas (Hungarian cartoonist, more commonly known as Dudolf) created this illustration. It shows three animals, a bear, and a rabbit, all enjoying a warm fire. They are surrounded by a sparkling Christmas tree with ornaments and beautifully wrapped gifts. 

On the mantlepiece, four stockings are displayed. The wall is decorated by framed artwork and bookshelves. 

However, there is also a third bell in this beautiful picture. You have the skills to discover them. 

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Created by Hungarian cartoonist Gergely Dudas, better known as Dudolf , the illustration shows a fox, a rabbit and a bear relaxing by a roaring fire. Next to them is a glittering Christmas tree, complete with decorations and neatly wrapped presents. But can you see three bells?

Gergely Dudas, also known as Dudolf, was a Hungarian cartoonist. The illustration depicts a bear, a rabbit, and a Fox relaxing in front of a glowing fire. The Christmas tree glitters next to the animals, and is decorated with ornaments. Can you actually see the three bells?

Dudolf’s seek-and–find puzzles have many details that can distract you from the goal. 

Sweets and toys are scattered all over the floor. Your eye may be drawn to the ornaments and baubles at the tree. 

Try looking at one of your stockings if you are having trouble finding them. You might also find something in a picture frame. 

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The bells are hidden on a stocking, on the tree and tucked away on part of a picture frame

You can hide the bells on a stocking or on the tree, and then tuck them away in a part of a frame.

It comes after a tricky puzzle tasked players to find the only puppy wearing a Santa hat in a busy Christmas scene. designed the puzzle in an attempt to bring attention to the problems that may be causing pets unnecessary distress during this festive season.

There are many dogs scattered around this crowded area, but one of them has a Santa Hat on his head. 

Do you believe you will be able find the hidden hound of the wolf? Try it out and test your observation skills. 

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Hidden in the crowded festive scene is a dog wearing a Santa hat - but he's surprisingly difficult to spot

In the crowd of festive scenes is hiding a Santa-hat-wearing dog. It’s surprising how difficult it is to identify him. 

In an attempt to educate people about the dangers of certain activities, pet insurance comparison sites created this brainteaser. 

Salman Haqqi (personal finance expert at said, “Good planning is essential for a dog’s long-term wellbeing. It all starts with identifying what your dog enjoys, and then building a family around it. Then you need to ensure that the right care and insurance for your pet are in place. 

“This will allow you to rest assured that your pet and yourself will be able to live the best possible lives. 

Did you spot that hidden dog? Scroll down to find the solution if you are still having trouble. 

So, have you been able to spot the hidden pooch? If you're still struggling take a look at the bottom right of the scene

Did you spot that hidden dog? You can still see the hidden pooch at the bottom of the picture if you are struggling. 

Another baffling festive seek-and-find puzzle has tasked challengers to find the diamond ring amongst the Christmas presents in a festive scene.

Ramsdens Jewellery, a UK-based jewellery has created the vexing problem to help Britons embrace Christmas spirit. 

Only one symbol is required to locate the ring, so puzzlers need to be more attentive to identify it. 

You have a record of 35 seconds to beat to be the fastest to finish the challenge. 

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Can YOU find the diamond ring in this Christmas scene? UK-based store Ramsdens Jewellery has created a baffling new seek-and-find puzzle

Is this the Christmas scene where you can find the perfect diamond ring? Ramsdens Jewellery, a UK-based jeweller has devised a new puzzle that will require you to search and find the diamond ring.

It can be difficult to spot the hidden ring among the many Christmas gifts. 

The 35 second record will only be broken by the sharpest of eyes.  

You can find it in the middle of the right-hand side of the Christmas scene if you are having trouble finding the ring. 

Scroll down for the secret to spotting the pesky, diamond-ringed ogre.  

Found it yet? The diamond ring is located in the middle of the right side of the festive scene

Are you still looking for it? It is situated in the middle right corner of the festive scene.

Puzzlers will have to solve a tricky puzzle in order to locate Santa Claus and his evil elf.

Grand Central, a UK railway operator, created the Christmas graphic to spread joy during this holiday season. 

It takes an average of 27 seconds for the characters to be found in the winter scene. Is it possible to find them quicker?   

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A tricky new brainteaser, created by UK train operator Grand Central, is challenging Brits to find Santa and his naughty elf, who’ve hidden themselves in amongst the trains

Grand Central UK Train Operator has devised a clever new puzzle that challenges Brits to locate Santa Claus and his evil elf.

You need a clue? You might not find them together so it’s possible to spot one of them before the other.

Perhaps you’re struggling. Maybe you just give up. 

The answer is below.

While Father Christmas can be found to his right, the mischievous elf is hidden towards the bottom left.   

The mischievous elf can be seen hiding towards the bottom left-hand side of the image, while Father Christmas is residing to the right

You can see the mischievous Elf hiding in the lower left corner of the picture, and Father Christmas is to the right.

The nation is challenged to discover the secret toilet roll within a bustling bathroom scene. Another brainteaser. 

The seek-and-find puzzle, created by British plumbing and heating supplier PlumbNation, features lots of usual items you’d find in a bathroom. 

But, they are all not where they need to be. So it’s best to just look at the nearest toilet.  

Are you confident that you will find your desired item even in a messy restroom? This will test your observation abilities.

British plumbing and heating supplier PlumbNation has put together a seek-and-find puzzle where players have to find the toilet paper roll in a busy bathroo

PlumbNation is a British plumber and heating company. This puzzle requires that players find the right toilet paper roll while in busy bathrooms.

Examine the entire image and identify which items are in each bathroom. 

Struggling? The easiest way to find it  is by focusing on the white items. 

You still have no luck? Pay attention to the right-hand side of this picture. 

Do you feel like giving up? Scroll down to find the answer 

The loo roll is hiding by the soap bottles on the bathtub (pictured), but did you get the answer right?

However, the loo roll can be found hiding behind the soap bottles at the bath (pictured). Did you know the correct answer?

Want more brainteasing fun? Seek-and-finds Puzzles are available below.  

This seek-and-find brainteaser is packed with clues to 10 popular Christmas songs and the artists who sing them. 

The puzzle, created by subscription service, features cartoon depictions of singers and bands as seen in the music videos for their biggest festive hits. 

Some clues are obvious, while others require an in-depth knowledge of music videos.   

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Subscription service has put together this Christmas-themed brainteaser. So, do you think you can name all 10 hit music videos?, a subscription service, has created this Christmas brainteaser. Do you believe you could name the 10 most popular music videos of all time?

Creators say there’s an 2 min 25 second record. Are you sure you’ve got what it takes to break the record?   

Struggling? Think of the bestselling songs by artists including Mariah Carey and Michael Bublé. 

Are you looking for another clue or hint? Look at the areas near the top of this image to find the clues.

Do you think that you are able to answer the questions? To see if you are correct, scroll down to the picture below.  

The ten music videos include Michael Buble's Santa Claus Is Coming To Town and Mariah Carey's All I Want For Christmas Is You

There are ten music videos, including Michael Buble’s Santa Claus Comes To Town by Michael Buble and Mariah carey’s All You Want For Christmas is You. 


1. Michael Buble- Santa Claus Comes to Town

2. Spice Girls: When 2 Become 1.

3. The Christmas Band Aid: Do they know it’s Christmas?

4.The Pogues-Fairytale of New York

5.Mariah Carey: All I Want For Christmas is You

 6.Wizzard wishes it could be Christmas every day

7. Merry Christmas to everyone from Shakin Stevens

8. East 17 – Come Back Another Day

9. Last Christmas – Wham

10. Peter Auty- Walking In The Air

A tricky game of seek-and-find is also available. Players must spot the hedgehog hiding among this lush scene. is an online casino that has created this fall brainteaser.

This idyllic scene shows a hedgehog peering through the crisp, orange-red and brown leaves. 

Are you able to see the adorable critter hiding in plain sight?

British Online gaming site, have put together this autumnal brainteaser. Do you think you can spot the hedgehog hiding among the autumn leaves?

This autumn brainteaser was created by, a British Online Gaming site. Is it possible to identify the hedgehog among autumn leaves, do you think?

To spot an animal in the vibrant autumn scene, you will need to concentrate.

Struggling? You might be having trouble spotting the hedgehog if you focus your attention to the right.

You still have no luck?  You are still not having luck? 

Are you giving up? Scroll down for the solution. 

Gotcha! The animal was hiding under the leaves in the bottom right corner of the picture, in the circled area

Gotcha! You’re right!

This autumnal quiz will test your ability to locate the hidden hedgehog. 

British blinds retailer 247 Blinds has created this brainteaser that tests your ability to pay attention and focuses on seasonal themes. 

This tricky game involves a hedgehog who hides in a lush scene of leaves, pine cones, and acorns.

Can you find the tiny hedgehog hiding in this leafy scene for a brainteaser created by British blinds retailer 247 Blinds?

Is this the hedgehog that is hiding amongst the leafy foliage? This brainteaser was created by 247 Blinds in Britain.

It’s even more difficult because the hedgehog has been shaped like his surroundings. To locate him you will need to take a good look at the photo.  

Are you struggling to locate the little creature? The bottom portion of the photo is the most important. 

Do you feel discouraged? Scroll down to find the answer.

You can find more brainteasers here if you’re looking for more!

The small hedgehog was hiding at the very bottom of the picture. It was hard to locate, because it was shaped like a pine cone

It was hidden at the bottom of the photo. The shape of the pine cone made it difficult to spot. 

Are you a good observer and able to spot mistakes quickly? You can test your knowledge with this brainteaser for the beat the tub.

Nuie Bathrooms from the UK has created a busy graphic showing a hidden rubber Duck amongst all of the soap suds.

But with the average person taking 28 seconds to spot the classic bathtub accessory – how long will it take you?  

The average person take 28 seconds to spot the hidden duck - but how long did it take you?

An average person takes 28 seconds to locate the hidden duck. How long did it take for you?

It’s not in the usual bright yellow color, which makes it more challenging. 

Do you find it difficult? Concentrate your attention to the bottom of the image. 

You still haven’t succeeded? Continue scrolling to find the solution. 

Do you want to take on more difficult search-and-find challenges? Femail shares his selection of the hardest. 

The little bath toy can be seen hiding in a left hand bubble at the bottom of the bath (pictured)

You can see the little bath toy hiding under a left-hand bubble in the bathtub (pictured).