The clever idea of sharing their Christmas displays with neighbors was to make it as simple and easy as possible.   

Auryn Kucheran’s Christmas display in Warman, Saskatchewan City, Canada, leaves neighbors breathless every year. Next-door neighbours Chris Boechler (and Mandie Scrivens), came within inches of upsetting their neighbor by building a simple sign reading ‘Ditto’ with a yellow pin pointing to the door. 

They explained their plan by saying that although they could not keep up with them, they wanted to have fun.  

Kucheran uses 15,000 lights to decorate his home. He also has a special screen that he shows favorite films. Residents can make suggestions via Facebook.   

Boechler and Scriven are delighted to pay tribute to their hard work with clever, complimentary displays. 

Auryn Kucheran's Christmas display in Warman, Saskatchewan City, Canada , leaves neighbors breathless every year. But for 2021, next-door neighbors Chris Boechler and partner Mandie Scrivens came close to upstaging their friend by erecting a simple sign saying 'Ditto', with a yellow arrow pointing next door

Each year neighbors find themselves breathless at Auryn Kucheran’s christmas display in Warman (Saskatchewan City), Canada. For 2021 however, Chris Boechler, Mandie Scrivens, and their next-door neighbor, came very close to upsetting Auryn Kucheran by creating a sign that said ‘Ditto,’ with a yellow star pointing the next door.

Auryn Kucheran's Christmas display in Warman, Saskatchewan City, leaves neighbors breathless every year

Every year, neighbors are left breathless by Auryn Kucheran’s Christmas display at Warman (Saskatchewan City).

'I think I am lucky to have a neighbor like that. There is a lot of people who don't get into the Christmas spirit and it's nice to have someone who does,' Chris (left) said

 ‘I think I am lucky to have a neighbor like that. It’s not easy to get in the Christmas spirit for many people, so it is nice to have someone like that. Chris (left) 

“It is a winter wonderland.” Chris shared his enthusiasm with CBC News. “He works tirelessly on it, and just brightens everybody’s mood around town,” Chris explained. 

“I consider myself lucky to be surrounded by such a kind of neighbor,” he said. It’s not easy for many people to get in the Christmas spirit. 

Chris and Mandie initially were concerned that Auryn wouldn’t find the clever decorations funny.  

Auryn, however, found the decor truly funny and was very grateful to his neighbors for their sense of humor. 

“Thanks for our great neighbors, I made NATIONAL headlines!” Auryn wrote on Facebook. 

Chris stated that Chris loved it. It’s a great way to have fun and everyone seems to enjoy it. 

Black 600-watt yellow lights are used to paint the base of Ditto’s plywood sign. Pre-drilled holes have been made and all lights are glued.   

Auryn said he's been running his display for a while, but felt motivated to put up even more decorations after the pandemic hit

Auryn explained that although he had been operating his display for awhile, he felt the need to make more decorations in response to the pandemic.

The plywood base of the Ditto sign is painted black with 600 yellow lights. The holes are pre-drilled and the lights are perfectly glued

With 600 yellow light bulbs, the plywood base of Ditto signs is blacked. Pre-drilled holes have been made and all lights are glued together.

This is because the sign serves as the main decoration for the entire house. 

Chris explained, “When we made this sign, everything else was in the basement. We just wanted it to shine all by itself.”

Chris and Mandie described Auryn as Warman’s local Clark Griswold, the sparky Christmas-obsessed character from National Lampoon’s Vacation portrayed by Chevy Chase in the 1989 film.  

Chris explained that Auryn starts decorating in fall early and that it gets better every year.

Auryn said that he had been operating his display for a while and felt inspired to add more decorations when the pandemic struck.  

“Everyone deserves a reason smile, particularly at Christmas.” It’s what I do, and it will always be my reason,’ he explained to the outlet.  

Mandie explained that Mandie had built a 4-by-8 projector screen this fall, which he projected the movies with a sidebar at each end.   

Auryn already plays Christmas classics, such as Home Alone or Elf.