Candace Owens wants conservatives not to get too hard on Trump following an interview during which Trump encouraged vaccinations, and stated that he had received a COVID booster. 

In an Instagram video, the conservative pundit reached her followers after her interview with Donald Trump. She explained that Trump only praises vaccines because he doesn’t have enough knowledge to conduct better research.  

She stated that people often forget how old Trump really is. “He is from a certain generation. Many older people have this exact perspective. They believed everything that they were reading in the newspaper they received. 

Candace Owens reached out to her followers on Instagram and told them that Trump only praised vaccines because he is not savvy enough to do better research

Candace Owens reached to her Instagram followers and said that Trump has only praise vaccines for not being savvy enough to conduct better research

Donald Trump urged Americans to get vaccinated, arguing: 'If you take the vaccine, you're protected. Look, the results of the vaccine are very good, and if you do get it, it's a very minor form. People aren't dying when they take the vaccine'

Donald Trump encouraged Americans to get vaccines, saying: “If you have the vaccine you are protected. The vaccine’s results are excellent, and even if it does happen, it is very mild. The vaccine doesn’t cause death.

The comments come after Trump responded to Owens antivaccine rhetoric in an interview that was aired earlier in the week.

Trump said to Owens that those who aren’t vaccinated against the coronavirus get’very sick’. He encouraged everyone in America to have the vaccine, while also taking credit for the creation of it.

‘I came up with a vaccine – with three vaccines,’ Trump told the Daily Wire host, referring to the development of the Moderna, Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson vaccines while he was still president. All are excellent. Three of the three were created in nine months. The process was estimated to take from five to twelve years.

Owens responded: “Yet, more people have died from COVID this past year, by and large, than under Joe Biden then under your leadership, and that more people received the vaccine in this particular year. So people are questioning how –’

Former President Donald Trump (left) was heckled in Dallas Sunday for confirming he received his COVID-19 booster shot alongside former Fox News host Bill O'Reilly (right)

Donald Trump, ex-President of the United States (left), was mocked in Dallas for confirming he got his COVID-19 booster shots with Bill O’Reilly (right). 

Owens interrupted him by saying that Owens had been wrong and that vaccines work, but there are some who don’t. The vaccine is not recommended for those who are very sick or need to be admitted to hospital. It’s their decision.

He continued, “And if the vaccine is taken, you are protected.” “Look, the effects of the vaccine have been very positive, and even if it does happen, it is a minor one. People don’t die from the vaccine.

Owens is a Conservative leader in the anti-vax movement. She has stated that she won’t ever get the COVID-19 vaccination. 

She tweeted that she had no problem with anyone who wanted to receive the vaccine on Thursday. “I will not ever allow that vaccine to enter my body.” Big Pharma is my greatest enemy. Covid-19 has never scared me. I’m healthy and young.

In an Instagram post, she said that Trump’s support for the vaccine had shocked many of his donors and supporters and they are now ‘questioning’ where it all came from. 

She said, “I don’t believe anything is evil” She said, “I believe that he really believes this and should have a discussion with someone. A lager conversation would be helpful to fully understand what is going on and the reasons so many are horrified.” 

She said Trump’s position on vaccinations was due to his limited reading of’mainstream news’ rather than conducting research on obscure websites. 

She stated that she does not believe Trump is online, but that he relies only on mainstream sources. 

Trump’s endorsement of vaccines is contrary to a substantial portion of his base. However, Owens interview revealed that he was also against increasing numbers of mandates for masking or vaccinations.

Trump said to Owens: “Forget the mandates. People must have their freedom.” The interview aired Wednesday.

“But at the exact same time, vaccine is one the greatest achievements of humanity.”

While 61.6% of Americans have received their vaccines, that doesn’t stop a holiday-related surge in the number of cases. Some states have seen an increase in the number of cases, with the spread of the Omicron virus throughout the country. 

The Christmas Eve total infection rate climbed to 261,339, a 10 percent increase over Thursday’s, according to Johns Hopkins University figures published Friday.   

Trump also showed his support for vaccines last weekend  during an appearance with Bill O’Reilly in Texas where he revealed he received his booster shot, which led to him being booed by his supporters.

A common position on vaccines was also something that Joe Biden, his ex-rival President, can agree upon. 

Trump stated Tuesday that he is’very grateful’ for President Joe Biden’s tribute to the efforts of his administration to create the vaccine earlier in this week. He also said that it was surprising to him to hear.