Captain Sir Tom Moore’s family is preparing to celebrate their first Christmas apart from him. 

A loving family lost the fundraiser champion in February. They will remember the impressions he left on them and the Christmas snow when he pretended that Santa Claus was there. 

Hannah Ingram-Moore, Hannah’s daughter, spoke out to The Mirror. She revealed the humorous tradition that grew as her kids grew up. 

“Back in his day he’d don his wellies, create an impression in fake snow and run down the hall to get from the chimney to our Christmas tree. 

Tom Moore with daughter Hannah Ingram-Moore and grandchildren Benji and Georgia

Tom Moore and Hannah Ingram Moore (daughter) and Benji, Georgia (grandchildren).

‘Now my children do it. It is completely absurd.

The first year without Sir Tom will be this one. He lived 13 years with Hannah and their family. 

Hannah, 49, now runs The Captain Tom Foundation, which was set up after Sir Tom raised an incredible £33m for NHS Charities Together by walking in his garden in Marston, Moretaine, Bedfordshire, 100 times – one lap for every year of his life.    

Sir Tom, who was afflicted with pneumonia and the coronavirus and died, brought together the nation during lockdown. The Queen knighted him for this effort.  

Boris Johnson, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, previously called Sir Tom “a point of light in our lives” and thanked him for bringing the country together during the coronavirus epidemic. 

Captain Tom's family are preparing to spend their first Christmas without him

The Captain Tom family is preparing for their first Christmas without Tom 

Prime Minister Boris Johnson previously called Sir Tom a 'point of light in our lives' as he thanked him for pulling the nation together through the coronavirus pandemic

Boris Johnson, the Prime Minister, had previously called Sir Tom an “point of lights in our lives” and thanked his efforts to bring the nation together after the coronavirus pandemic.

Her Majesty beamed as she bestowed the honour upon the 100-year-old veteran last year

The 100-year old veteran was honoured by Her Majesty last year. 

Hannah and Colin, along with their daughters Georgia (13 and 17 years old), have worked hard to keep the foundation running in the 10 months that have passed since his passing.  

Hannah stated that Hannah was unable to forget her pure, unadulterated grieving. Hannah said, “I still turn like I’m going in his room to catchup.” 

‘Benji’s grandmother still has a fixing shed. Because of their close relationship, he is studying A-level Design Technology.

They had a great time celebrating what was their last Christmas in Barbados. 

It will be tough this Christmas. He would have sat in a chair that was empty. We will make up for that.

Sir Tom died in February after contracting pneumonia and coronavirus

After contracting coronavirus and pneumonia, Sir Tom passed away in February.

The family spent their final Christmas with Captain Tom in Barbados

Barbados, Captain Tom and his family celebrated their last Christmas together 

The family have been grieving the loss of Captain Tom for the last 10 months

Since the death of Captain Tom, the family has been mourning for 10 months 

Hannah believes Sir Tom would urge people to have vaccinations

Hannah thinks Sir Tom would encourage people to get vaccines 

Hannah stated that Sir Tom would advise people to receive vaccinations due to the coronavirus epidemic. 

She said that while Dad would say he understands people’s anxieties about the pace of vaccine rollouts, she suggested that we should look inward and reflect on it, as well as treat it with a sense of social responsibility. 

The Foundation plans to unveil its future direction in a major overhaul next week.  

Hannah said that her dad, Hannah’s late father, is still discussing the Foundation’s direction with Hannah at the graveside in Yorkshire where he is buried along other family members. 

She said, “It’s wonderful that he was buried alongside other relatives I have never known,”    

“I told him that I hoped you were all happy together. Do you feel connected to the world by Young Tom? He has done it. 

From Yorkshire to India: The career of Colonel Tom Moore in the military

Colonel Tom pictured during the Second World War. Boris Johnson described him as a national treasure during the Covid-19 crisis after raising almost £33million for the NHS

Photograph of Colonel Tom during the Second World War. Boris Johnson described him as a national treasure during the Covid-19 crisis after raising almost £33million for the NHS

He was 20 years old when Captain Tom Moore, along all the men from 20 to 35 was conscripted in the British Army.  

His military career began in Otley (West Yorkshire), where he joined 8th Battalion of the Duke of Wellington’s Regiment, Lieutenant Lord George Saville.

The Regiment was dispatched to Wadebridge, Cornwall in order to be trained. They were assigned coastal defense against a possible invasion by the Germans.

The young Captain Moore was quickly promoted to Corporal. He was then sent to Droitwich Spa to join the officer cadets training unit.

He celebrated his 21st year of service as Second Lieutenant.

He was assigned to Halifax DWR headquarters, where he joined 9th Battalion Winchcombe in August 1941.  

The infantry battalion was then transformed into an armoured regiment 146th Royal Armoured Corp. However, the The majority of soldiers couldn’t drive.

It was moved to Bombay in India, which is now Mumbai. The journey took six weeks by sea, with a four-day delay in Freetown, Sierra Leone and a four-day stop in Cape Town.

Captain Moore then took a train from Bombay to Poona, before arriving at Kirkee, a town now known as Khadki.

Under Brigadier Schreiber’s command, the 9th DWR created the 50th Indian Tank Brigade.

Captain Moore was then asked by the Brigadier to start a motorcycling course for the Brigade due to his expertise for the sport.    

The Brigade was directed to then move to Calcutta. This was done in the midst of a monsoon, and it took almost three weeks. 

His Battalion was stationed in the Lohardaga district near Ranchi.

Then, they took part in 2 exercises at the Arakan and then moved further east to Rangoon.

Captain Moore was then sent on a course at the approved vehicle depot in Bovington, England.

He was an instructor at the school until its closing.