26-year-old care worker who abandoned the baby girl to her paedophile boyfriend of 45 years in order for him to abuse it is arrested

  • Shannon Vicary, a care worker, admitted to luring her child so that boyfriend could abuse her
  • Court was told she was anxious to help her older boyfriend Michael Colmer with his abuse 
  • Vicary received seven-and a-half years in prison for arranging abuse.
  • Colmer, her boyfriend was sentenced to 17 years in prison and 4 months imprisonment for his sick attack. 
  • Vicary was removed from the register of social workers for abuse. 

For helping her lover, a paedophile, abuse a toddler, a twisty care worker was fired.

Shannon Vicary (24), plotted to have the couple be together with the girl, so that her boyfriend Michael Colmer (45), could execute the attack. 

Vicary claimed that Vicary had lured the child away from her mother in a Fitness to Practise hearing. 

A judge had heard her previously that she was “anxious” to support Colmer in his sexual abuse fantasies and “encouraged” him with a string of offensive Whatsapp messages. 

Colmer filmed two attacks on his iPad and was only caught after police found he accessed child sex abuse sites on his computer. 

Vicary received a seven and a half year sentence extension at Cardiff Crown Court after admitting to arranging child sex. 

Colmer, her boyfriend was sentenced to 17 years and 4 months in prison for inciting a child in sexual activities and taking indecent photographs of children. 

Vicary, who was given a removal order, has been removed from the Social Care Workers Register. 

Michael Colmer and Shannon Vicary (pictured) admitted child sex abuse offences at Cardiff Crown Court after Vicary helped Colmer carry out horrific attacks on a toddler

After Vicary assisted Colmer in carrying out horrendous attacks on a child, Shannon Vicary and Michael Colmer (pictured) were both convicted of child sex abuse at Cardiff Crown Court.

Michael Colmer and Shannon Vicary

Michael Colmer

Colmer (right), was imprisoned for 17 and 4 months, while Vicary (left), was in jail for 7 and 1/2 years. Her sentence has been lifted.

A National Crime Agency email address found at the home of the couple had allowed access to inappropriate images, prompting an investigation.

After learning about the abuse, the mother of her child said that she was left feeling ‘devastated.

Vicary worked for Cardiff Homecare Services in Cardiff for 10 months, when her alarm was raised to police by her bosses.

Vicary assisted police in locating images showing Colmer abusing the child two times.

Colmer, who was under the 18-month mark at the time of his arrest, had 600+ images of abuse of children stored on his device. 

When the disturbing crimes were revealed, Vicary was deemed to have ’caused severe harm to her mother’ by the Social Care Wales panel.

According to the mother, “What happened has had a significant impact on me.”

“I felt like a terrible parent, because I didn’t know the truth and couldn’t protect my daughter.

“I cannot understand why these individuals did the things they did to my child. They should never do that to another person. My family and I have been devastated by this.

Previously, a court heard she was 'anxious to assist' Colmer's sex abuse desires and 'encouraged' him in a series of vile Whatsapp messages

A previous court found that she had been ‘anxious’ to support Colmer in his sexual abuse and encouraged him with a number of offensive Whatsapp messages 

In a statement read to Cardiff Crown Court (pictured), the victim's mother said the crimes had 'devastated' family and made her feel like a bad parent as she was unable to protect her child

A statement was read at Cardiff Crown Court by the victim’s mom (pictured). She stated that her son had been raped and her mother felt like she wasn’t able to care for her child.

Vicary, who was given a removal order, has been removed from the Social Care Workers Register.

Byron Davies, chair of the panel, stated that Vicary had ‘failed in her ability to demonstrate insight about her conduct’ which had damaged confidence among the public.

“We’ve decided to issue a temporary order of removal to safeguard members of our public, and protect public confidence due to the seriousness of these offenses,” he stated.

“Ms Vicary caused severe harm to her child’s mother and is still not clear what kind of damage she has done to her child.”

“Ms Vicary shows blatant disregard of the standards established in the practice and administration of social care.”

Vicary is currently registered as a serial sex-offender.