Katie Price’s fiancé Carl Woods is ‘furious’ after her ex-husband Kieran Hayler said she deserved to be locked up after her drink and drug-fuelled car crash. 

Kieran (34), said that Katie (43), – on Wednesday, she was sentenced to a suspended sentence for the incident – needed to be behind bars. A custodial sentence would have sent a clear message about their relationship to their children.

Katie recently completed her court assigned rehab order following the car accident on September 28, after which she tested positive for alcohol and Class A drug cocaine.  

Angry: Katie Price's fiancé Carl Woods is fuming after her ex-husband Kieran Hayler said she deserved to be locked up after her drink and drug-fuelled car crash (Katie and Carl are pictured)

Angry: Katie Price’s fiancé Carl Woods is fuming after her ex-husband Kieran Hayler said she deserved to be locked up after her drink and drug-fuelled car crash (Katie and Carl are pictured)

Kieran stated that the decision was one of the worst things that could be done on the roads, other than killing somebody. This decision is extremely serious. Katie should not be allowed to continue living her life as she does. She was arrested. I felt bad. There is always drama. There is so much drama.

MailOnline has now revealed that Carl has called the comments “low” and accused Kieran’s of kicking Katie while she is down.

Carl was present at Katie’s court appearance earlier in the week and a source close to him said that he was angry when he read those remarks. Katie is aware of her terrible behavior and has publicly apologized for it. 

Opinions: In an explosive interview Kieran, 34, (pictured) said Katie, 43, needed to be behind bars and that a custodial sentence would send a clear message to their two kids


‘Carl asks what type of man would publicly call for his mother to be jailed. When they meet, he will let her know what he thinks of the way he is continuing to act. It’s obvious that he is kicking her when she’s on the ground, but it’s not right.

MailOnline reached out to Katie’s representative in order for her to comment.  

Katie apologized for failing to go to jail after her drunken and drug-fueled car crash.

She expressed her deepest regret and said that she was committed to addressing her mental health problems.

Accident: Katie flipped her BMW on its side on a country lane near her home in West Sussex on September 28 at 6.20am

Accident: Katie accidentally flipped her BMW onto its side in a country lane close to her West Sussex home on September 28, at 6.20am

She stated, “It was a very difficult time. I am deeply sorry. I am grateful that nobody was hurt.”

Mother-of-5 added, “I spend time getting better. Mental health is a hidden disease and can strike any time.”

Campaigners furious at the mother of five walked away from court on Wednesday. This despite her having crashed her Range Rover close to her Sussex home in September, during her fifth driving ban.

On the spot, she said to police that she had taken drugs. She should not have been driving. It is all true.

Having her say: Katie released a statement via her Instagram page in which she apologised for the incident and said she was 'sincerely grateful nobody was hurt'

Katie has her words: Katie posted a statement on her Instagram account, in which she apologized for the incident. She also said that she is sincerely grateful to everyone who was hurt.

Apology: She said she is now working to understand the 'triggers that cause my anxiety and behaviour'

Statement: The TV star also said she will now surround herself with 'loving family and friends' on her Instagram story

Apologies for her behavior: She stated that she’s now trying to identify the “triggers” behind my anxiety and behaviors.

Katie (43), was released with a 16 week suspended sentence for drink driving after she entered rehab.

MailOnline has also learned that Katie intends to do a detox in the New Year to purge her life.

She’s a booze addict and determined to make the most of her life. Katie is grateful that she has been granted a second chance. Katie is going to try her hardest to make the most out of this opportunity.

After an emotional reunion with her family, we shared this story earlier in the week.

Family: Katie pictured with her children, with whom she shared an emotional reunion on Wednesday night hours after being handed a suspended prison sentence for drink driving

Katie with her kids after she was handed a suspended sentence in prison for drinking driving

Yesterday, the former glamour model was released from jail and will now be free to celebrate Christmas with her family.

Katie is said to be ‘terrified’ by the close call she made to getting banged up. Katie has since expressed her desire to make this a positive experience in order to change her life.

Our source told us that Katie knew she was lucky to not be in jail this morning.

«When she came home last night, she broke down. The tears came quickly. The emotion was overwhelming. These last days were difficult. Although everyone seemed to believe she’d escape from jail, Katie was not sure. She stood in the dock holding her breath and poured her heart out.

“She is determined to take the lessons from her mistakes and make things right in 2022.”

MailOnline understood that Katie’s family is still concerned.

Our source said that they are relieved that she was not sent to jail. “But, there are concerns that Katie left rehab too early and has not given herself sufficient time to heal.

Katie is loved by all who love her.

“Carl assured everyone that he’d step up. He would stand beside Katie, no matter what the outcome of court. Carl is limited in his ability to help Katie. Katie can only help Katie. Katie needs to take this chance and give it a try. She is determined, but it is Katie. Time will show.

Big day: Katie leaves Crawley Magistrates' Court on Wednesday with her fiancé Carl (left) and her stepfather Paul (right)

Big day: Katie leaves Crawley Magistrates’ Court on Wednesday with her fiancé Carl (left) and her stepfather Paul (right)