Boris Johnson’s 7th child, a girl named Carrie by the wife of Carrie Johnson has been born today.

At 7.40 AM, the couple entered a London hospital. This was approximately two hours after Carrie and Carrie had arrived.

Masked 33-year-old Mrs Johnson was led into the side entrance of the building by a guard carrying an overnight bag. The husband was wearing a wooly hat and mask. Two officers accompanied him as he walked alongside her with a backpack and what looked to be a Bluetooth speaker.

This is their younger child, Wilf. Wilf was also born in April 2020 at the exact same time in the same maternity warning.

Boris’ happy news came amid more tough times at work where he is struggling to contain a Tory revolt today amid fury at ‘non-sensical’ new Covid restrictions and his handling of the No10 Christmas party debacle.

At a press conference, the PM reaffirmed ‘Plan B’ to combat the Omicron strain. There are fears that Omicron infections could double every day and threaten the NHS. 

Criticisms say that the restrictions are “mental” as he encouraged 66 million Britons, who make up a majority of Omicron’s victims, to remain at home to help slow its spread. But they still need to go into the city for festive drinks and meals.

Boris Johnson 's wife Carrie has given birth to the Prime Minister's seventh child today - a baby girl, pictured arriving this morning

Boris Johnson’s spouse Carrie gave birth today to his seventh child – a baby boy.

The PM, wearing a mask and a trademark wooly hat, was flanked by two policemen as he followed her in carrying a suitcase and what appeared to be a bluetooth speaker

As the PM wore a mask, a trademark wooly cap, and was accompanied by two officers, he walked alongside her carrying both a bag and what looked to be a Bluetooth speaker.

The PM has a son, Wilfred, with third wife Carrie Johnson (above at the G7 in Cornwall) and four with his second wife Marina Wheeler. He also has a daughter from an affair in 2009.

Wilfred Johnson, the third wife of PM, has one son with Carrie Johnson, and four with Marina Wheeler, his second wife. A daughter was also born to him in 2009 after an affair.

Millions of office workers will be asked to work remotely from Monday. Masks will need to be worn in cinemas and theatres. Covid passports for big venues and nightclubs will also be introduced.

Johnson said that the office christmas parties must go ahead and drew ire from his critics. Desperate companies have complained that different venue requirements ‘don’t make sense.

Dozens and dozens of Conservative MPs have threatened to resist the measures during the Commons vote that will be held next week. However, Labour support means they will pass.

In September Boris Johnson finally admitted that he is the father of six children after years of speculation.

Although the Prime Minister has a reputation for being reluctant to talk about his private, often colorful life, he is not afraid to speak out on American television.

NBC’s New York Trip interview saw Mr Johnson admit that he is the father of six children, from three separate relationships. There has also been speculation that there could be a seventh. Johnson may have even eight after the birth his second child.

He now has four children and two with Carrie Johnson (his third wife) while he also has four with Marina Wheeler, his second wife. The PM also has a daughter from an unrelated affair with Helen Macintyre in 2009. However, the court case of 2013 suggested there could be a second.

Boris never before put a number on his family’s size. When asked by Today’s host if he is a father to six children, Boris replied, “yes”. He said, “It’s wonderful being a dad to young children while I’m in power.” You’ll find it hard work.  It’s a great job, and I really love it. It’s a common practice to change many nappies.

Boris, Carrie and Wilf on holiday in Scotland when the little boy in a sling was just five months old

Boris, Carrie, and Wilf were on vacation in Scotland with the baby boy in a sling when he was only five months old

Boris, pictured with his four children from his marriage to Marina, right, pictured together in London when she became a QC in 2016

Boris (right) is shown with his children, from his marriage, Marina.

Boris Johnson has seven or eight …. How Many Children Does he Really Have? 

The prime minister and Marina Wheeler separated in 2018. They have four children: Lara Lettice (26), Milo Arthur (24) Cassia Peaches (22), and Theodore Apollo (20).

A fifth child was also his, Stephanie Macintyre. He is married to Helen Macintyre. His daughter, Ms. Macintyre is said to be one of two children that he could have fathered through an affair. 

The Appeal Court in 2013 ruled that the public has a right of information about the father of his daughter, who was born during an adulterous relationship while he was Mayor of London in 2009. 

Lara attended Bedales school – which costs £33,000-a-year – in Hampshire and went on to read Latin at St Andrews University.

She reportedly branded her father a ‘selfish b******’ after his split with her mother. 

Milo went to £27,000-a-year Westminster School and can speak Arabic, Russian and French, The Mirror reports. Cassia went to Highgate School – which costs £18,000 per year – and Theodore went to Cambridge University. 

Boris’ son Wilf, born on April 29, 2020,  is from his relationship with new wife Carrie, who lives with him in Downing Street.  

He was a father to his second and seventh children, Carrie.

Mr Johnson has wed three times, with both previous marriages ending in divorce after he had an affair with his future wife.

The PM  – who once dismissed reports of his cheating as ‘an inverted pyramid of piffle’ – married Oxford University sweetheart Allegra Mostyn-Owen in 1987, but they divorced in 1993 after he cheated on her with Wheeler.

The four-year relationship he had with Petronella Wyatt a journalist and writer for society, was revealed in 2004. Wyatt is the son of Labour king Lord Wyatt. Later, she revealed that she was pregnant and had a miscarriage.

Michael Howard, then leader of the Tory Party, fired Mr Johnson from his position as shadow arts minister for lying about their relationship.

After having a son with Helen Macintyre (art consultant), he again fell in love with his ex-wife.  After his affair with Carrie was revealed, he and Helen announced their intention to divorce in 2019.

Boris Johnson’s second spouse Marina was said to be ‘crushed,’ with their four children being ‘furious at the news that he was going to have his first child together with Carrie in March 2020.

Ms Wheeler divorced Mr Johnson after throwing him out in 2018 amid claims he was having an affair with Ms Symonds.

Boris got engaged to her while she was divorcing and attempted to have a child with her. 

It is believed that Mr Johnson attempted to explain to their four children Lara Lettice (26) and Milo Arthur (24) Cassia Peaches (22) and Theodore Apollo (20/20) in person that they were expecting a child. The baby was born later that same year.

However, not all his children attended the announcement. They are said to be furious because they think Carrie and Boris got together following an affair.

On discovering his relationship with with Carrie, who is 24 years Boris’ junior, Lara told friends he was a ‘selfish b*****d’ and all the children are said to have been supporting their mother through the divorce. 

Boris was involved in an affair with Helen Macintyre, an art consultant. He had a fifth child. 

He initially denied that he was her father. In fact, he sought an injunction from the High Court in 2013, to stop her existence being made public. He lost, and also the case led to claims there was another secret love child.  

This confusion resulted from his judgment that he could have fathered two children through an affair with Ms Macintyre.

It said: “What was of material importance was the fact that two instances occurred where the infidelities of the father resulted into the conceptions.”            

Boris Johnson poses with his wife Carrie in the garden of 10 Downing Street following their wedding at Westminster Cathedral on May 29 in London

After their May 29th wedding, Boris Johnson and Carrie Johnson pose in the gardens of 10 Downing Street with Carrie.

Boris Johnson's second wife Marina (pictured together in 2015) was reportedly 'crushed' and their four children 'furious' about his decision to marry again and have more children

Boris Johnson was photographed with Marina Johnson, his second wife (pictured together in 2015.) He was said to be ‘crushed and furious’ by the decision of their four children to mar again.

Petronella Wyatt, Boris’s vivacious deputy when he was editor of The Spectator – at that time dubbed the ‘Sextator’ because of the numerous affairs between staff, including her relationship with Boris. Pictured together at the Spectator Magazine summer party in 2006

Petronella Wyatt, Boris’s vivacious deputy when he was editor of The Spectator – at that time dubbed the ‘Sextator’ because of the numerous affairs between staff, including her relationship with Boris. They are pictured together at The Spectator Magazine summer party 2006.

Boris Johnson and Allegra Mostyn-Owen, pictured together in 1987. They divorced after six years after he had an affair

Boris Johnson and Allegra Someyn-Owen, as they were pictured in 1987. After six years of an affair, they divorced.

Boris' daughter Lara (together in 2012) reportedly branded her father a 'selfish b*****d' after allegations he had an affair with Carrie surfaced in 2018

Boris’ daughter Lara (together in 2012) reportedly branded her father a ‘selfish b*****d’ after allegations he had an affair with Carrie surfaced in 2018

Boris and Carrie announced their engagement just eleven days after Marina Wheeler’s divorce settlement was finalized in court. 

The couple had been married for 27 years and have four children, with Ms Wheeler – a successful barrister – reportedly in line to receive £4million from her husband.