The wife of a soldier was found guilty of killing her infant child after the’snapping. This happened because of fears about her immigration status, and pressure to support her family.

Silipa Keresi was found guilty of leaving son Maliki to die while wrapped in a towel at the foot of a tree in the New Forest.

The prosecution outlined how CCTV captured the heavily pregnant Mrs Keresi, carrying the blanket from the Fountain Court Hotel in Hythe, Hampshire – where she was living at the time – towards woodland, just before 5am on March 5 2020 

He was 38 years old and had four other children. However, the court heard that he requested an abortion before his birth.

She told social workers that she felt under pressure since her husband had left the army and was concerned about her immigration status after she was arrested.

Prosecutors stated that although she attempted to be a great mother, she had “snapped”.

The Fijian national, who had previously denied the charges of murder and infanticide, was today found guilty after a unanimous jury.

Silipa Keresi, (pictured), was found guilty in the murder of Maliki. Maliki was discovered at the base of a tree by Silipa Keresi after she was wrapped in a towel.

Jurors were shown CCTV of Ms Keresi before the body of her newborn baby was found as she left the Fountain Court Hotel in Hythe early on March 4 last year. Ms Kerry Maylin, prosecuting, said: 'What we see is a figure with a white item over their shoulder at 04:51am. About 20 minutes later a figure walks past the farm gate with no white item over their shoulder'

The CCTV footage of Ms Keresi was shown to jurors before her body, which had been born prematurely at Fountain Court Hotel in Hythe on March 4, 2013, was discovered. Prosecutor Ms Kerry Maylin stated that she saw a person with a white object over their shoulders at 04:51 AM. The farm gate is approached by a person who walks with no white items on their shoulder. It takes about twenty minutes for the figure to pass.

Winchester Crown Court had previously heard that Maliki was found in woodlands nearby Hythe last March by a dog walker.

Kerry Maylin (prosecutor) opened the case by saying: “On Thursday, March 5, the police were called by Michael Dorsett.

He found a baby wrapped with a blanket. The New Forest’s Hythe woodland was where he had taken his dog for a walk.

“As the he walked” [at about two o’clock]He saw something near the root of a tree.

“Initially, he believed it to be an animal. But when he reached the base of the tree, he found a towel that was covered in blood.

“He saw the baby’s face eventually and realized it was his child. He thought baby Maliki’s cheek was too cold and there was no reaction.

Police forensics at the scene back in March 2020 where the baby was found dead in woodlands in Hythe, near Southampton, Hampshire

The scene was searched by police forensics back in March 2020. It is believed that the infant had been found dead in Hythe woodlands, Hampshire, close to Southampton.

A court was informed that Mr Dorsett had returned to his home, and called the police. They led him through the forest, where he found the baby with his umbilical chord attached.

Ms Maylin explained that she had seen the white towel and also observed two feet clearly visible on (the police officer),

Maliki said, “There was blood on Maliki’s feet. The baby was wrapped well and was leaning towards the tree’s base.

‘[The baby had]No visible injuries were sustained and the umbilical chord was not removed.

The court was informed that Keresi had attempted to reach her through several service providers, including Keresi’s GP and midwives during her pregnancy.

Ms Maylin stated that all of the agencies tried to reach Mrs Keresi.

She had an appointment with a midwife in order to talk about possible terminations.

“She thought she had been about 12 weeks pregnant, but the results showed that she was in fact 26 weeks and five weeks pregnant. That’s more than what is required for legal termination.

‘[Mrs Keresi]Felt shocked and uncomfortable and wanted to get out.

Keresi stated that she was under increased pressure after her husband’s departure from the Army in a conversation with a social worker shortly following her arrest.

Keresi was married to Dharma Keresi. He used to beat Keresi and hit her with an army belt. It was her concern about her immigration status that she raised.

Ms Maylin said, “During the course the interview.” [on March 13]Selipa Keresi was distraught and weeping.

The court heard Maliki's body was found by Michael Dorsett, who called police, before leading officers through the forest to Maliki, who was wrapped 'carefully' in the towel with his umbilical cord still attached

The court heard Maliki’s body was found by Michael Dorsett, who called police, before leading officers through the forest to Maliki, who was wrapped ‘carefully’ in the towel with his umbilical cord still attached

She said that she was struggling to cope with her situation.

She said that she had done her best to care for her family and felt pressured after her husband’s departure from the army.

“She was also unable to complete an immigration form correctly. [in the UK]The fine was too high for her budget.

She said that she had tried her best to be a good mom, but it was not enough. When she was asked about her meaning, she replied that God understood.

“Police discovered, in the early hours March 4, a 30-32 hour delay before Maliki was located – Selipa Keresi saw her leaving her lodging.

“A camera is taken at a nearby farm, and what we see are a person with a white piece of clothing over their shoulders at 4:51 AM.

“About 20 minutes later, an individual walks past the farm gate carrying no white object over their shoulder.

According to the court, a post-mortem found that the baby was able to exhale and inhale after giving birth. The child would likely have experienced hypothermia.

An autopsy revealed that Maliki was healthy and had not suffered any injuries or abnormalities. The cause of his death was ruled as accidental.

After the body was discovered, a police appeal was made to locate the mother. The defendant was located after an interview with a midwife.

Judge Justice Garnham adjourned Thursday’s case to sendencing. Keresi was remanded into custody.

He said to her, “There’s only one sentence that the court can give you and it’s life imprisonment.”